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Work experience

Dec 2010Present

Medical Support Assistant

VA Central Iowa Health Care System

Works in a clinical setting with a patient aligned care team (PACT) for a primary care provider. Participates in PACT team meetings, helping providers manage and plan patient care, setting priorities and deadlines, and meeting the needs of the Veterans and providers. Processes Veteran information with regard to accuracy and privacy as well as acting on text orders for lab work and procedures from medical personnel. Manages workload by setting up appointments for future visits and keeps abreast of delinquent appointment reminders and actions required insure proper workload credit is given to the department. Work week is 40 hours. My immediate supervisor is Jennifer Clarke.

Jun 1998Present

Public Affairs Operations non-commissioned officer

U.S. Army Reserve

The public affairs operations non-commissioned officer is the senior enlisted public affairs advisor for the commanding general and approximately 280 assigned soldiers and civilians. Develops press kits and preps the commander for potential interviews and press conferences.

Answers to media queries and collects information to answer them. Acts as intermediary between commanders and civilian media, escorting reporters in the field and arranges interviews with key leaders as well as other service members. Develops talking points with the public affairs officer based on current world and local events.

Manages social media and marketing program to tell the Army story. Coordinates travel, lodging and contacts for news features. Acts as a print and broadcast journalist and layout editor. Pitches and projects story ideas from subordinate units as well as making edits for security, accuracy, propriety and policies.

Deployed experience includes tours in Bosnia (2001), Iraq (2005), and Kuwait (2011/2012) and stateside missions while in reserve status.

Broadcast Journalist, 366th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Des Moines, IA (1998-2006)

Broadcast Journalist, 203rd Public Affairs Detachment, Des Moines, IA (2006)

Public Affairs NCO, 103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, Des Moines, IA (2006-2010)

Public Affairs Operations NCO, 364th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, Seattle, WA (2010-2012)

Biographical summary of detailed military service record available upon request.

Jun 2007Dec 2010

Lawn Care Manager

Ted Lare Design/Build, Inc.

The lawn service manager is responsible for chemical and mowing programs, managing up to five employees to keep client properties in pristine condition. Responsible for maintaining all field equipment to keep in good operating order. The lawn service manager is required to keep detailed records of all chemicals applied to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. Acts as liaison between clients, landscape architects, and landscape maintenance manager. Work week exceeded 50 hours per week as needed to complete workload. Supervised directly by Ted Lare.



Des Moines Area Community College

I earned 44 credit hours between the Commercial Horticulture and Photography programs, beginning September 1995 after high school graduation, then later for business and photography classes. Emphasis in the photography program was on black-and-white film shooting and processing and has done nothing but added to my skill set as a photographer by going back to the fundamentals and learning to see "art" in everyday objects.

Apr 2009Feb 2011

Bachelor of Business Arts

William Penn University

I earned 58 Semester hours in the Bachelor of Business Arts program studying business math and algebra,  interpersonal communication classes, and leadership.

I began attending William Penn in 2009 and was in my 3rd year of study when I was deployed to Kuwait in July 2011 and plan to resume classes in early 2013.


I want to be the public affairs specialist, vacancy announcement CIH-12-744695-ERL, at Veterans Affairs Central Iowa Health Care System in Des Moines, IA.


I am deeply committed to my growing family, who share my interests such as photography, working on my old trucks, landscaping, gardening, and staying abreast of news and social issues.


I am a project-oriented individual who is motivated by unique end results. My personality is injected into everything I take on, which makes work more enjoyable. Currently, I work at Veterans Affairs Central Iowa Heath Care System as a Medical Support Assistant working with fellow veterans. I draw on my experience as a veteran and patient at the Des Moines VA hospital to help veterans get the best care anywhere.Building on my experience in the journalism/visual arts field, I would like to work in public affairs or a new media job.

I am fascinated by people of varying backgrounds, nature, and everything mechanical. I am an avid gardener, classic car enthusiast, and a traveled Army journalist.


Digital and film photography, creative writing, with extensive experience in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere CS5. Familiar with green industry and classic automotive work with a strong interest in architecture, landscapes and action photography.


Foreign Language
I can speak Spanish well enough to communicate basic instructions and read proficiently.
Print Journalism
Many years of experience seeking unique story ideas, gathering information and interviews, and editing stories for accuracy, AP style and clarity. Security, accurracy, propriety and policy are guiding principles for military writing with tracks into civilian journalism. I dig for the sidebar stories that accompany routine assignments to keep them interesting.
Video Journalism
Advanced shooter with digital video using standard and high-definition camera equipment for b-roll and broadcast news packages. Able to edit proficiently and write scripts for voicing over.
Expert photographer in both film and digital photography. I shoot Nikon models D200, D300, and D5000 SLR digital cameras. Experienced with action, low-light, and long exposure images. Initial emphasis was on photography for print journalism and has expanded into art shots and experimenting with ISO, shutter speed, and focus points. I prefer to shoot with all manual settings or shutter priority mode.    


US Army Reserve