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Eric Wallaert

Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, international growth strategy, consumer goods, multichannels, premium brands

Work experience

Feb 2013Nov 2014

On-Trade Business Unit International Director


Syrups and Spirits
Turnover: 60 M€
Board Member - Managing 15 p.

Built and implemented the international sales strategy to strongly develop "1883", a Brand of Premium Syrups dedicated to the On-Trade channel, Bartenders and Barista

- ranked countries (Top 5, keys, growth relays) and priorities: countries, customers, actions
- recruited the US Team, opened the Office in Asia, redeployed the EMEA Team

Result: Turnover growth of 25%; Export share: 90%

Oct 2008Dec 2012

International Sales and Marketing Director

LDC Traiteur

Chilled Products
Turnover: 120 M€
Board Member - Managing 10 p.

Built and achieved the sales strategy for the Brands and the Private Labels on various product families (pizzas, snacks, doughs, tarts, crepes and pancakes), sold in SM and HD channels.
International Sales Director for all LDC Traiteur Subsidiaries, all Distribution channels (Retail, HD, Horeca), both for PL and Brands : MARIE, REGALETTE, TRADITIONS d’ASIE

- deeply reorganized the Team, further to MARIE’s integration
- built and achieved the Export sales strategy

- maintained the activity on highly competitive markets
- relaunched the innovation

Dec 2005Dec 2008



Chilled Products

Created, produced, sold and distributed a real ground-breaking innovation : vegetables, tagliatelli-shaped, including more than 65% of vegetables, heated in microwavable trays.
Status of Innovative New Company ("J.E.I." in France)

Awards & supports:
- SIAL - Grand Prize of Innovation ADICT 2007
- #3 World Food Innovation (Mexico)
- Prize Winner 2006 in the National Contest of the Ministry of Research
- financial Support for Innovation by OSEO
- Master 2007 of Company Founding,
- status of Innovative New Company (J.E.I. in France)
- Prize Winner 2006 Champagne-Ardenne Entrepreneurship

Result: successful test-market in supermarkets during 15 months

Aug 2001Nov 2005

Sales and Marketing Director


Chilled Products
Turnover: 130 M€
Board Member - Managing 40 p.

Set the strategic plans fo the Brand and the Private Labels on 2 markets: convenience salads, and leafy and side salads.
Defined and implemented the A & P budgets
Designed and achieved the sales policies and trade terms for supermarket chains
Managed the field sales force and the Team of Key Account Managers

- reorganized the Teams while splitting the 2 activities in July 2003
- developed and launched innovative concepts (fresh soups, market segmentation)
- Project Leader to create a new strategic activity (raw vegetables) with 4 external Operators

Result: financial recovery of the Subsidiary as from the 1st year onwards

Feb 1998Jul 2001

France, then France and Export Sales Director


Champagne and Wines
Turnover: 80 M€
Board Member - Managing 70 p.

Deployed, managed and motivated the sales Teams, on the French and Export markets.
Extended to the Export network the methods initiated on the French market during the first 2 years

- canvassed markets, negotiated with the Importers, and opened the Asian markets
- reinforced the Export Team, set up abroad 3 among the 7 Area Managers
- rewrote the Trade-Terms, and negotiated with Key Accounts
- managed Sales Teams (Agents and exclusive Sales Reps), organizing and training them for all Channels: On-Trade, Off-Trade, Wholesalers, Catering, B to B / B to C, 2 wine shops

- Brand growth of 63% in volume and 92% in value
- #7 Brand worldwide

Feb 1990Jun 1997

Sales Director


Champagne and Spirits

Held alternatively :
Export responsibilities:
- European, American and Asian Continents
- worldwide coordination of the Airlines and the Travel Retail markets
for PIPER and Charles Heidsieck Champagne, Reims Area
Turnover: 90M€

Sales management responsibilities
- South-East Regional Sales Manager, Marseille Area, managing 25 p.
- National Sales Director, Paris Area ; Board Member, managing 80 p.
for REMY DISTRIBUTION France (supermarkets, traditional channels, B to B)
Turnover: 50M€

- negotiated with Key Accounts and harmonized the Trade-Terms (Galland Act)
- reorganized the structure, saving 30%
- changed the travel expenses system (20% saved)
- shortened the Customer credit terms (-11days, > 600K� unpaid were saved)

Result : improved Net Margin by 8%, with a stable volume => back to financial balance

May 1987Jan 1990

Brand Manager


FRALIB - Food and Beverages
Turnover: 140M€

In charge of 3 Tea Brands : Lipton, Eléphant and Compagnie Coloniale
Directly reported to the Marketing Director, without Marketing Services (research, promo)
=> high level of autonomy to implement the budgeted means: research, product development, A & P investments

Achievements :
- built and implemented strategic plans, by segmenting the market with the 3 Brands

Results :
- managed Turnover went up to 55 M€ with a Trading Result of 17 M� (30%)
- Market Share raised by 2 pts (from 60 to 62%)

Oct 1983Apr 1987

Management Consultant


Scoti - Unilever France Services

Missions of organization, mainly for consumer goods and food industries:

- Sales: organized Sales Forces, rewrote Trade-Terms
       Customers : Astra-Calvé, Olida, Spontex, Biscuiterie Nantaise BN

- Logistics: improved productivity and service rate (warehousing, handling, transport)
       Customers : La Roche aux Fées, Iglo-Motta, Olida, Caby, Kronenbourg, EDF

- Administration: improved information and activity monitoring systems
       Customers : Française de Soins et Parfums, Courte-Paille (ACCOR Group)


Sep 1979Jun 1982





International Marketing & Sales, France and Export domestic and duty-free markets

> Added value, strategic and operational skills: innovate and conquer new international markets to raise the value

Marketing and Sales to generate growth:
- strengthen a Brand, create and launch innovative concepts
- conquer distribution channels: Retail, On-Trade, B to B
- negotiate strong and long-term Agreements with Key Accounts
- fix priorities, build a network and open new markets

- organize, train and motivate for a higher performance
- manage a project and multidisciplinary Teams

- recover the profitability, build a Plan and a Budget,
- pilot the KPI, the Customers and Products P&L

> Specialties and human assets:
High-level negotiation, project management, profitability development
Team leadership and spirit
Creative, enthusiast, anticipative, proactive

> Languages: French, English, Italian, German, Spanish


Sports : tennis, golf (competition) ; ski

Antiques and Design