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Work experience

Jul 2014Apr 2015

Customer Service /Public Relation

JW Marriott Marquis

Work in Customer Service in 5 star Hotel.  Responsible for maintaning contacts with clients and building a relationship.,contact with people of various walks of life. Working as a part of team and the leader. Active marketing and , promotion during events.

Apr 2011Jun 2013

Archaeologist -An independent specialist in medieval monuments

Archaeological Museum

The creation of the new catalogue of monuments with photo and drawing documentation. Chronological and generic inventory unspecified items. Find and collect information about the monument. Working on the field during exavation.

Mar 2010Apr 2011

Customer Service, Supervisor

Bollywood Lounge

The training of the crew in accordance with the standards. Perfect contact with the customer.Thanks to me the level of support in restaurants have increased substantially. Increase sales and customer satisfaction, after  I started to use active marketing.

Jun 2005Nov 2010

Students practise and internship

Uniwersiti of Nicolai Copernici

The layout and installation of research grid and mounting of the water ejector under the research field is first think i have learned during practice. Recognition of the area and underwater scout in various aquatic environments and at various visibility before start the excavation. Collecingt a sample using drilling probes. Anthropological analysis of human and animal bones. Analysis of macroscopic and microscopic samples. Create a presentation of the results of research and other sources. Using power point to present my reaserch. Underwater exavation , documentation , and exploration, THe last months of my internship i spend managing a team of diver and prepering myself to conduct separate excavation

Jul 2003May 2007

Student practice and internship

Naval Academy

started the commercial diving courses as wellI worked as part of Operating personel for diving table service. Familiar with the operation of decompression Chambers and decompresion bells. To checking working diving equipment. I was using hydraulic underwater cutting method for cutting metal underwater. I have gained a wide knowldege about other underwater works and about technical and operational organization of this works. I completed training at the Navy training center for scuba and comercial diving technology . My specialization was saturation diving , exploration and underwater rescue diving. During my practise at the sea i workend in the Harbour for 2 mounths as deck cadet on tug ship.

started the commercial diving courses as well

Apr 2003Dec 2005

Waitress/Bartender/Assistent Manager

Thai Hut

Independent driving small restaurant as an Assistant Manager, creating a new image of the restaurant. The creation of a new bar menu in accordance with the new trends and my own creativity.Organize fun activities for both children and adults. Active marketing to promote new products. Contact with representatives of the press


Oct 2013May 2014

Offshore Technologies

Maritime University

I have gained a wide knowledge of offshore technolies and safaty. I study how oils and gass company is workin ,I was study the technical and organisational aspects of oil and gass industry.

Oct 2003Jun 2007

Navigation and Underwater Works - the diploma of the engineer

Naval Academy

Thesis defence with saturation diving. SCUBA diving course under the guidance of an instructor of special forces, the development of unusual skill to handle underwater. During my students practis on the rescue worship.I have gained a wide knowledge of navigation , and about underwater works , with a lot of practice. I was helping to my mentor with running the course about handling diving equipemnt . I went through the course about safety of life and property at sea .

Oct 2005May 2007

Underwater Archaeology and Environmenatl - Master degree diploma

University of Nicolaus Copernicus

Thesis defence about prahistoric bridges. During this study i spend planty of time of students practice and tranings . Most of them was on European lakes, wher visibilty is very low, some practis was Lowlands , during this practis i have learned how to take laboratory samplings from the ground. Work on the archaeological site can learn how to manage work becouse everythink need to be done on time and in specific order.THe most important part of underwater excvation is underwater reconnaissance and research, i have learnd how to recognize and which method are best for specific case. last knowledhe i have gained , is how to write the scientific papers on the basis of the results of research


Working on different positions in various environments and conditions-helped me acquire the skills to adapt to changes in the nature of the work.So far, the work performed, I treat as permanent education through experience which i can use this knowledge later in my careers.

Working as a member of the dive team while performing work underwater, I learned how to evaluate risk and predict the effects of the action, and watch other people shall be saved. Well I check as an individual but also as a team member and Team leader



Comercial and not-comersial Diving .


Power Points presentation, MIcrosoft Word, Internet , Social media ,

  1. cataloging and archiving data, a description of items, inventory
  2. technical documentation, manual dexterity

  3. development of the test results,presentations and reports
  4. diving equipment and compressors, , scout underwater, navigation, boat control, suport for water ejector

  5. organization of work (planning), creativity, training new employees, organisation of events, promotion

  1. easy interpersonal relationships, communication skills, knowledge of customer needs
  2. constructive thinking
  3. strategic thinking
  4. patience when performing demanding classes
  5. rapid assimilation of knowledge

  6. patient and working uder stress


Feb 2015Feb 2015

Emergency First Responder

EMR instructor
Jan 2013Feb 2013

Basic Safety Training Certificate

Maritime Office In Gdynia Poland
  1. Personal Survival Techiques
  2. Fire Prevention
  3. Elementary First Aid
  4. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

Jun 2011Jun 2011

Diving Certificate


2 stars diver

Jul 2004Jul 2004

Seaman's Book

Maritime Office in Gdynia