Evyatar Shoresh

Evyatar Shoresh

Few words about Evyatar

I am a technological veteran with many years experience mainly with java based technologies, both client side (Classic Web, Flex and Java Swing) and server side.

I am fascinated by the digital culture in both the internet and mobile worlds, and love to define and start projects in their early days. I am great with establishing various kinds of teams, creating a great, productive atmosphere and leverage a good Karma to great products.

Short Summary

  • Over 12 years in developing projects. 
  • Many client side (Rich client) projects (Flex based, Java based, web based)
  • A lot of experience server side architectures and projects (both applicative and infrastructure layers)

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2008 - Present


Shoreshsoft, Consultant group

The group focus on the following subjects:

  • Web development of both content (e.g. Joomla based) and SaaS projects (e.g. SugarCRM based)
  • Mobile application (J2ME, mobile video)
  • Cloud computing consultant
Sep 2006 - Present


Creative Calls

Creative Calls produced a breaking thorough technology in online live assistance, the most advanced and holistic co-browsing technology of its time.

Vendor of the largest insurance, finance and retail companies in the US & Israel.

  • I lead the RnD group in closing v1.0, and managed the delivery of the 1st instalattions.
  • I raised funds from Yossi Vardi and few other private angels.
  • I established relations with few potential customers such as AIG Israel, "Bituah-Yashir" - the largest direct insurance company in Israel and retail, e-commerce, sites.
  • I established relations with few potential partners: call center vendor & ad networks.
Feb 2006 - Mar 2007

Chief Architect


Amobee is the first company to deliver a unified, Telco-grade system for funding mobile content and communications through advertising revenues. As an architect i was responsible for defining the system with both our marketing group and potential customers as well as aligning them with RnD plans and capabilities. 

Oct 2001 - Feb 2006

RnD Group Manager


Comverse is the world’s leading provider of software and systems enabling network-based messaging and content value-added services, converged billing and IP communications. 

I started in Comverse as a junior team leader with a humble task to establish a new messaging infrastructure in Comverse.

Today the platform runs as the infrastructure of 3 Comverse divisions (SMS, MMS and IM) with install base through out the world and sales of over 100M$ / yr