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Born in São Paulo Brazil . Pastor "E", the way he was called at New Life Worship Center where he was a co-pastor.

He attended the Fluminense Baptist Seminary in RJ and by the 4th year he started his first ministry. After graduation he attended Law School, a 5 years degree. He started practicing family law  and at the same time he taught Greek and NT in the seminary. Soon he became the vice-principal of the local High School, a minister for a 400 member's church and twice elected president of the local churches association.

In the 90's he went back to São Paulo, to the city of Taubaté to assume a new ministry , practice Law and to teach at UNITAU (Taubate University).

In 1993 He went to USA, to the peaceful city of Burlington NC. 2012 he is back to Taubate SP.