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Work History

Nov 2017Present

Head of C&B Division

Sheremetyevo Airport, Sector - Transportation, Logistics, Warehousing

 Headcount - 4 500 empl.

Compensations and org development:

• Analyze and develop compensation and benefits policies within the overall company strategy
• Develop annual performance evaluation policy
• Manage the process of goal setting and performance evaluation
• Participate in the salary reviews and prepare analytics, monitor market trends and make suggestion for improving
• Systematization and analysis of the effectiveness of existing policies and procedures, development of regulatory policies and procedures
• Consulting support of the Company's employees, line managers, top management on issues of labor remuneration, compensation and benefits system
• Participation in salary surveys (E&Y, PWC). Salary bands development
• Advising managers on labor relations and labor remuneration. Internal communications to employees for internal employer branding strengthening.
• Staff list controlling, changes calculating, argumentation for board members (positions input/output)
• Org management, labor norming, business processes description, analysis and redesign.

• Position responsibilities description creation process automation.

Budgeting, reporting:

• Budgeting procedure methodology development
• Supervise HR budget (full HR expenses scope: C&B, Recruitment, L&D, Labor) preparation and recommend strategies for efficiency improvements
• Plan-actual analysis of personnel expenses on monthly, quarterly basis
• Budget process automation (based on VBA, Access)
• Shape reports system, monitors and analyzes reports on human resources headcount and expenses
• Research, develop and implement HR metrics and analytics, internal and external benchmarking

Incentives, benefits:

• KPIs developing and cascading in line with business strategy
• Development and implementation of bonus systems.
• Calculation of bonuses based on the results of staff assessment and KPI implementation.
• Analysis of bonus systems effectiveness, process automation.
• Tenders coordination of VMI and life insurance. Contracts negotiation with further administration.
• Compensation package update with new benefits inclusion.

Team development:

• C&B structure establishment (4 departments in direct coordination, total assignees amount - 11 people), recruiting / trainings for employees, KPIs and goals setting.
• High level of optimism and a "can do" orientation.
• High standards of work establishment with concrete business results.

Main achievements:

• 4 C&B policies creation from the zero base with board management approvals.
• KPIs for board members were developed, top down KPIs for the company were established.
• Budgeting process and new principles approach establishment, company’s target setting with HR expertise involvement.
• Company’s budget creation with board management approvals (2017 forecast, 2018 budget, 2018 - 2026 strategy budget).
• Personnel expenses budgeting optimization and automation (reduce time spending on this activity up to 70%), ERP systems integration: 1C, Access management.
• Accruals calculation (for bonuses, unused vacations, insurance) process creation with further tracking act vs plan 1:1
• Business processes changes project lead, regrading current headcount - 1300 positions with their responsibilities update.

• Position responsibilities description creation process automation (based on Business Studio).
• Full C&B headcount was recruited (3 employees were hired).

Oct 2016Oct 2017

Rewards Manager

Diageo; Sector - FMCG

Headcount - 500 empl.


• Remuneration system evaluation and development.

• Lead a wide range of C&B initiatives and annual processes on a global scale such as the collection and analysis of market data and benchmark material, salary reviews, bonus pay-outs, etc.
• Developing the pay structure and reward guideline.
• Management and coordination of the annual review cycles across multiple divisions - working in partnership with the Global Reward team, country HR BPs and Line managers.
• Conduct in-depth data analysis to draw business insights and identify trends that help make informed business decisions.
• Job evaluations using Hay group, Mercer methodology and conduct benchmarks across the business.
• Complete annual salary surveys (Mercer, Hay Group).
• Manage and perform total rewards market analysis including competitive market position for current plans including budget recommendations.
• C&B policies development and implementation.
• Helping to manage the timely and effective delivery of programs on a regional and global basis.
• Ensure the HR systems and analytics are developed to meet the needs of pay and remuneration requirements.
• Tight cross functional work with global HQ in rewards cases.

• Organisational effectiveness project coordination (efficiency proposals with further calculations, orgstructures mapping).
• Develop and conduct reward communications and workshops for employees and line managers.

•Pay for performance culture pro-active development, with C&B, critical and project roles, career development, talent map and recruitment aspects.
•Provide day-to-day guidance to Human Resources and business leaders on C&B related matters and/or decision making where policies and principles do not give a clear answer.

•Internal & external HR employer brand ambassador, EVP concept establishment.

• 2 direct report coordination.

Budgeting, Reporting:

• Developing the budget recommendation and HR planning guidelines.
• Plan and monitor staff (incl. internal, outsource) and staff related costs (training; recruitment; car – leasing costs, repair, fluids, fuel; mobile; gifts for employees).
• Strategic planning/Budgeting/Forecasting (on monthly, quarterly, yearly basis) as full support in short and long term planning and budget process, act vs plan deviations explanation.
• Collaboration and negotiation with Finance function in establishing budgeting guidelines.

•Zero based budgeting market category ownership (Staff-related focus).
• Simulation tools development for internal clients.
• HR Productivity lead, HR metrics benchmark (internal & external), development, tracking.
• HR processes optimization, strong collaboration with IT.
• Project manager of different IT systems integration (SAP FI, 1C, Anaplan, Workday, etc.)

Incentives, Benefits:

• Work alongside the HR team and wider organization to standardize variable pay schemes (incl. short-term, long-term).
• Manage bonus calculation and automation process for Commercial and Supply employees.
• Review and redesign benefits package with a view to reduce costs without devaluing the quality of the benefits.
• Review/redesign current bonus plans, KPIs setting due to business needs (LTI, STI).
• Tenders pending, support with HR expertise (Insurance, Agency staff).

Main achievements:

• Full methodology circle for HR budget creation and implementation, H1, H2 2017 budget forecast, 2018 budget (plan-actual analysis with 1:1 results).
• HR metrics developing with further tracking at board meetings.
• Staff and staff-related expenses cost efficiency proposals (30% of HR budget savings 2018 vs 2017 year).
• Performance evaluation full circle coordination, annual salary review process resizing and redesign (15% of salary budget economy in line with rational merit increase allocation).
• Salary bands creation with
• Negotiations and contract agreement with 2nd salary survey (Hay in addition to Mercer).
• Grading evaluation for current structure, org structures redesign proposals (150 positions were graded with improvements, span of control was improved from 6.3 to 4.9, number of layers was improved from 7 to 6, severance payments were tracked with 20% savings).
• 3 projects based on automation creation (Anaplan, Workday, 1C), business plans approvals with global IT colleagues.

Sept 2015Sept 2016

Budgeting and Reporting Manager

Metro Cash and Carry; Sector - Retail

Headcount - 20 000 empl.

Budgeting, Reporting:

• Strategic planning/Budgeting/Forecasting (on monthly, quarterly, yearly basis) as full support in short and long term planning and budget process, act vs plan deviations explanation.
• FTE&PEX (FTE - full time employee, headcount meaning, PEX - personnel expenses) calculation, business target setting with Operations (Store Operations, Commercial) and Controlling.
• HQ and Stores panels actual PEX control.
• Simulation tools development for internal clients.
• Accruals calculation and tracking (for bonuses, unused vacations, overtimes, insurance, taxes), IFRS standards implementation and alignment with HR data.
• Reporting – internal & external: ad-hoc, monthly, quarterly, etc.
• Big 4 Audit supervision in C&B topics.
• IT systems super user and integrator.
• Implement and work with a Business Intelligence Tool and Dashboard reports.
• Develop financial dashboards for analysis to support Management.
• Complex financial information and reports analysis to provide accurate and timely financial recommendations to management for decision making purposes
• Collaboration and participation in negotiation with Finance function in establishing annual C&B budgeting guidelines and Business Plan calendar deadlines.
• Preparing the Board of Directors financial presentations.
• HR executor in financial aspects, trainings conduction for non-financial departments.
• 2 direct reports coordination.

Incentives, Benefits:

• Accruals calculation process update with further tracking act vs plan 1:1 (for bonuses, insurance).
• Deep understanding of incentive policy and guidelines, annual bonus calculation with further payroll administration as a project work.
• Coordination of corporate events expenses, medical examinations, gifts for employees, cash aid.


• Manage and coordinate annual review cycle percentage alignment with external market data, negotiating with internal finance to confirm reserves, approval from board members.
• Complex market surveys based on compensation packages, rotation, competitor’s analysis. 
• C&B department topics coordination in terms of head of department absence.

Main achievements:

• HQ FTE&PEX planning portal develop and launch (headcount is more than 1500 employees).
• Stores FTE&PEX planning simulation develop and launch (headcount is more than 15000 employees).
• HQ personnel expenses budgeting optimization and automation (reduce time spending on this activity up to 80%), ERP systems integration: SAP HR, FI, BW.
• Budgeting process and new principles approach establishment with Finance and Sales teams, target setting HR expertise involvement.
• Personnel expenses report automation (ability to business of actual expenses pro-active tracking).
• Data quality in corporate financial informational system.
• HR metrics update, in addition with analytical notes.
• Financial training conduction for non-financials.

Jul 2014Aug 2015

Compensation and Benefits Analyst

Metro Cash and Carry; Sector - Retail

Headcount - 20 000 empl.


• Work extremely closely with business leaders and provide effective C&B/ HR solutions that are in line with overall guiding HR principles; also work closely with HR Business Partners team.
• Relocation conditions adjustment.
• Employees’ salaries analysis in comparison to labor market.
• Salary review (process support, internal/external communication, results evaluation).
• Participation in salary surveys, monitoring changes in the labor market related to compensations and benefits (Hay, Mercer, Ernst & Young).
• Support of existing corporate grading system.
• Evaluate new and existing positions by investigating and analyzing position duties and responsibilities to determine appropriate classification and salary levels.
• Develop salary ranges, merit budgets and merit increase as well as promotion guidelines, market salary adjustments wherever needed.

Incentives, Benefits:

• Ownership of the incentive calculation spreadsheet and ensure that model derives correct amounts due in line with current incentive schemes.
• Automation project participation (annual bonus plan, incentives for sales department).

Budgeting, Reporting:

• Reporting – internal & external: ad-hoc, monthly, quarterly, etc.
• Statistics preparation related to key HR metrics.

Main achievements:

• Organization of effective cooperation with internal clients (HR BPs, Regional HR team, Function Heads, etc.) and C&B operations support for them (accurate, in time).
• Developing compensation survey analyses for all Business Units, benchmark different job roles’ compensation, individual Salary Review support, Job offers calculations preparation.
• Full leadership on 3 market surveys fulfillment, results analysis, summary communication.
• I Place Certificate, Business game "Metro Business Simulation 2014"; Dusseldorf, Germany.

Jul 2013Oct 2013

HR specialist

Promsvyazbank; Sector - Finance, Banks

Headcount - 15 000 empl.


• Prepare data for compensation and benefits analyses.
• Provide support to HR Business Partners with data.
• Calculates the variable pay for employees under a supervision of Senior specialist.
• Approve compensation changes using defined rules (salary changes, variable pay changes, incentive plan change/relocations).
• Advise other members of HR team on basic C&B topics.
• Analyze the compensation data against the compensation policies.
• Preparation of date and fulfilling salary surveys.

Budgeting, Reporting:

• Monthly and weekly reports in Excel, exported from SAP; participation in budget process, statistics preparation related to staff turnover, active\dismissed.
• Clean reported data and checks the quality of data.
• Participation in the evaluation and testing of internal business processes.

Main achievements:

• HQ Job evaluation portal launch (online collaboration platform between HR and Business).
• Effective cooperation with internal clients (HR BPs, Regional HR team, Function Heads, etc.) and C&B operations support for them (accurate, in time)

Sep 2011Jun 2014

HR Specialist

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI); Sector - Governmental institutions, Education

Headcount - 1 000 empl.

• Preparation and control archive of the personnel documentation, business correspondence, document management
• Advise colleagues on the all needed topics.
• Organization of business trips for employees.
• Preparing monthly and weekly reports.
• Negotiating with internal and external departments and organizations.
• Execute internal/external audit with a strong involvement in successfully passed accreditation commission.
• Cross functional co-working within the organization.


Sep 2015Jun 2017

Master of Strategic HR Management

Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Successfully passed entering exams at 110 points (max 110). GPA: 4.7 (max. 5.0 at russian educational system).

Labor Economics and HR Management Department.

Diploma project theme: Personnel expenses analysis and optimization on the example of Diageo PLC.

Sep 2010Jun 2015

Master of Compensation and Benefits

Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI), Moscow, Russia

Diploma with Honours. GPA: 5.0 (max. 5.0 at russian educational system).

Human resources Department.

Diploma project theme: Headcount planning and optimization in crisis period on the example of METRO Cash and Carry LLC.

May 2015May 2015

Representative and speaker from Russia

ASEM Workshop on fostering entrepreneurship in higher education, Brunei Darussalam, UBD.
Sep 2013Sep 2014

Course attendee

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW), Hamburg, Gorlitz, Germany

BUP Summer Course on Sustainability and Waste Management.  

BUP Summer Course on Energy Efficiency.

Sep 2000Jun 2010


Lyceum 4, Ryazan, Russia
Apr 2007Jun 2007


Pro and Pro School of English&Computing. London, UK

Scientific achievements:

Was one of the 20 best students of 2013 year; Diploma: “MESI Rector Gratitude”

International Student Olympiad “Business and Management”; Diploma, I place (session Open Debate Game), II place (individual classification).

Global Management Challenge; the captain of the team; finalist of Moscow Cup.

4th International scientific conference “European Applied Sciences: modern approaches in scientific researches”, Stuttgart, Germany; publication of two science articles.

The grant of RGNF: "The analysis of the effects to labor market after the transition to double system of higher education"; perfomer.

Certificate in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and contribution into Business Case for students development as an expert; METRO Cash and Carry.