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I am currently at Liverpool John Moores University studying pharmacy with the hope to become a qualified pharmacist in the future. I feel that I am highly motivated and pay attention to detail. I am flexible and keen to learn from others. I am able to take on the responsibility of the position immediately, and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it.

Work experience

Aug 2016Current

Customer Assistant

Tesco, Bidston Moss

I have worked as a customer assistant for the past year in a busy clothing department of my local Tesco store. Over these twelve months I feel my confi

May 2015Sep 2015

Fake-it Hair and Beauty Bromborough

During my summer holidays of year 11, I spent a few days a week working in a busy hair and beauty salon. My main roles included following instructions and carrying out tasks for the more senior members of staff and catering to any problems that any client may have had. I enjoyed my time at the salon because each day was very different. Clients came to me with issues and queries both in the salon and on the phone giving me experience in not only dealing with problems but adjusting my response depending on the situation. 

Oct 2014

Work experience

Tesco pharmacy 

Whenever possible, I work extra hours in the pharmacy department of my current Tesco store. I feel that these few hours every few weeks are invaluable as it allows me to build on my current pharmacy knowledge by putting it into practice. Although, I also feel that during the time I spend in the pharmacy I am able to build on my customer service skills as




Liverpool John Moores University 

I am currently studying in my first year of a pharmacy (MPharm) degree at Liverpool John Moores. 

Sep 2010Jun 2017

GCSE's & A-levels

Upton Hall School

I attended Upton Hall School to complete my GCSE's where I achieved 11 GCSE's grade A*-B. I also completed my levels at Upton Hall achieving BBC in Biology, Chemistry and Geography and a B in ICT AS. 


Chemistry mentoring

Throughout sixth form, I spent one hour each week with a GCSE student offering support with her chemistry studies. I feel that this role was also beneficial to be as it allowed me to consolidate my basic chemistry knowledge. 

Sports Leader

During year 11 I completed a Sports Leader qualification that required me and a group of 4 of my friends to prepare a 40 minute sports session for 10 4-5 year olds. It was very beneficial to me because it taught me how important patience is in difficult situations and I thoroughly enjoyed completing the programme.