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Throughout high school I took a multitude of shop classes which included various auto, welding, and woods classes. As school was a very important part in my life, I still maintained a part time job at the Toyota dealership in which I worked after school hours. While I took several shop classes and maintained a steady part time job as a teenager, I still met all the requirements for my core classes in order to walk away with a high school diploma. I graduated high school in the year of 2014 with an average GPA and dove straight into the full time work force. Road and underground construction are two areas that I have become very familiar with in the last two years that I have been employed at James Peterson Sons LLC. I have also had experience with light machinery operation, pipe fitting and level and transit at James Petersons. While I have learned a lot throughout my years at Petersons, I would prefer to be closer to home and not have to commute as far.

Work experience

Jun 2014Oct 2015


James Peterson Sons

Daily construction duties.

Jan 2014Jun 2014

Quick Lube Technition

Rhinelander Toyota

Vehicle maintenance and inspection.



High School Diploma

Rhinelander High School

Basic education of one who graduates high school.


Apr 2015

Hazardous Waste Worker

Liuna Training School

General knowledge on how to deal with hazardous materials and chemicals.

Mar 2015

Mason Tending

Liuna Training School

Trained to attend to a masoner and their needs.

Mar 2015

Concrete Construction

Liuna Training School

Basic concrete work.



Available generally at any time if needed.


Great at working with others.

Tending to peoples needs

Willing to help others and get each person what is needed to do their task, as well as doing my own task.