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Your Fake Interview With Me

Austin,why an online portfolio?

The short answer is, I'm hoping to make my own personal website eventually with all my work featured on it, but in the meantime I need something quick for the droves of people who say "Austin, you're so interesting! Is there anywhere in cyberspace I can go to view all of your creative endeavours in one convient location?"

But Austin, you're not going to show this to important people, right? Like...for jobs?

No, no, no, no, no. Believe me, I realize this website is a bit clunky, and does not at all have the sex appeal of a fancy shmancy Flash site (which again, I will hopefully construct). However,  I have friends and family who don't judge me too harshlyand just want to see why I've been paying VCU to teach me to make pretty pictures.

Speaking of jobs, what's the plan? You're not gonna end up one of them coffee brewing art kids are you?

I hate coffee! C'mon, you're supposed to know me better than that.  Actually, I really want to head out to Nashville. I'm applying other places like Richmond to be on the safe side, but I really fell in love with it out there, and I want to head back so I can give this songwriting gig a good shot.

I knew you wrote songs, but you're serious, aren't you?

Yep. If you want to hear some of my handywork, visit I co-wrote most of the ones featured on the player (as of this writing)

But you just spent four years in college doing advertising!

I know, and I love it. Fortunately, I can do both, and honestly, getting better at one helps with the other.

Sounds like you've got your head on straight. Good luck, you extremely attractive individual.

Thanks! Its really nice of you to say that.


Aug 2006May 2008

B.S. Mass Communications

I transferred here after doing my freshman year at CNU.  It was a nice place, but there just wasn't anything there for me.  The move to Richmond is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.

For anyone considering anything artsy: Theatre, Photography, Advertising, Art (of any kind) or even Glassblowing, this is a great place to be.  Don't let the city frighten you, fear is a terrible reason not to go to the school you want.  Besides, I'll take the streets of Richmond over your standard college frat party any day of the week.

Just Click The PIctures.


You know, I really wish I could put the Rockstar proficiency at this, but until I actually get a song published, I don't think that would be a fair assessment.  I will say though that is easily the most frustrating and difficult thing to do in the whole world. But it is also my favorite.
I Play Guitar
I would by no means consider myself "a guitarist", but I do play. I think it would be most accurate to say that some people write songs so they can play guitar, whereas I play guitar so I can write songs.
Microsoft Word
That's right girls, I am a Microsoft Word Rockstar.  Why? Because every single one of my songs were written in there, so I owe it quite a bit. A lot of people don't like writing on the computer, but I love the instant gratification of being able to immediatly erase anything that sucks. Which isabout 75% of the time.
It's a layout program. It's the ugly cousin in the Creative Suite family. But you know what? I can use it.
I love Illustrator for creating original images.  Unfortunately for me, I am a pretty bad artist. My talent lies in writing, both copy and music.  I really am trying to get better though, because I am a sucker for cool vector art.
I know enough to do the standard stuff on Photoshop.  Most of the ads in my portfolio were made in that program, but if we're being honest, they aren't that complicated.