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After 22 years in the Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) industry, Evan Malik has developed a proven record of leadership, management, and team building. He has inaugurated MBS platforms at two separate firms. In addition, Evan Malik has consistently achieved high sales and built strong connections with institutional investors. Evan Malik joined Braver Stern Securities, LLC, in 2008. Working with three partners, he developed the firm’s Mortgage Broker/Dealer platform to sell MBS, Asset-Backed Securities (ABS), and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) to institutional clients.By December 2010, Malik had expanded the platform to include 50 brokers. In 2009, the platform created $80 million in revenue. 

After he successfully built an MBS platform for Braver Stern, Evan Malik moved to MF Global Holdings, where he had been recruited to build an MBS sales and trading group. He recruited and hired 25 senior-level staff members and directly managed 15 employees while managing the accounts of Tier 1 clients such as asset managers, real estate investment trusts, banks, and hedge funds.

Evan Malik left MF Global for CRT Capital Group in early 2012. The Stamford, Connecticut, firm focuses on treasuries and securities. CRT Capital currently employs 270 professionals and serves more than 1,200 institutional clients.

In his spare time, Evan Malik enjoys gourmet cooking and fine wines. He competes in triathlons, hikes, skis, and plays tennis. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Bernadotte Foundation for Children’s Eyecare. The foundation supports international research on eye defects and diseases.

Work experience


Co-Head of MBS and Head of MBS Sales

BNP Paribas



Bachelor of Arts

Colgate University