Evan Loring

  • Pembroke, MA US
Evan Loring

MSDI Senior Cloud Solutions Manager Evan Loring

 About Evan Loring

As a student of business and political science at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), Evan Loring competed for six seasons as part of the varsity football team. While working toward his master of business administration, he served the nationally ranked UNH football program as an assistant coach. Specializing in receiver positions, Evan Loring also coached and recruited for the Harvard University football team.

Mr. Loring currently serves as a senior manager for MSDI in Pembroke, Massachusetts. In addition to optimizing general information technology (IT) infrastructure, MSDI offers specific IT solutions in the areas of virtualization, data storage, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Outside of professional environment, Evan Loring works out five days a week and regularly plays football and basketball. He has also authored three coming-of-age screenplays that combine romance and comedy. An avid automotive enthusiast, he holds membership in the Sports Car Club of America, the Automobile Racing Club of America, and the BMW Car Club of America.

Work History

Work History
Jan 2013 - Present

Senior Manager

Jun 2008 - Apr 2010

Receivers Coach

Harvard University


Aug 2002 - May 2006


University of New Hampshire