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I am a skilled Software Engineer with over five years of professional experience. My main focus for each project I undertake, is apart from providing the best results, also to read behind the lines and find out hidden requirements that could make the provided software better. I am also very happy for making my hobby (programming), my work.

Technical Skills

Javascript, jQuery
Database Management
jQuery Mobile, Apache Cordova
Java, JDBC
RESTful, WSDL Web Services
Algorithms, Complexity and Data Structures
Moodle LMS
Microsoft Azure

Work experience

Apr 2012Present

Senior Software Engineer

University of the Aegean, IT Department

Providing web and software development services for the University of the Aegean. The services vary from building interoperability(APIs) between existing software, planning database schemes and developing new applications that could help the University to increase the provided quality of service from the Internet.

The technologies used were HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, jQuery, javascript and I was also responsible for developing the software and managing of the team that undertook the project.

Among the provided services / tools were:

  1. Planning of the main software system and subsystems that could undertake and support the project "The University of the Aegean, a key factor for economic and social development of the Aegean area". Also developed the website that provided the required documentation for the project (
  2. Complete software support in terms of planning and developing software for the structure of distant learning and administration of the University of the Aegean ( support includes the development and support of the website that sells the distant learning products, the database planning and maintenance, the administrative tools, reporting tools etc. All developed tools can be presented upon request.
  3. Complete support in terms of planning and development for the Summer School Structure of the University of the Aegean ( The support includes the development and support of the website that provides information and enables the registration for each Summer School, database maintenance,  administrative tools, reporting tools etc. All tools can be presented upon request.
  4. A tool that enables online communication with the cooperating bank of the University of the Aegean(Alpha Bank) and enables the fetching of incoming financial transactions. Fetching triggers a mechanism that finds out which was the individual that performed that transaction and triggers all the necessary procedures in order the individual gains access to the required service. Also the tool acts as a financial assistant in terms of showing sums, charts and reporting about transactions over specified dates.
  5. Many other administrative tools and automations regarding the desired procedure and documentation, than can be presented upon request.
Jan 2012Present

Founder and CEO

Cyber PlanNet

During the last four years I have established a personal company in Lesvos, Greece that aims to provide software solutions to individuals and companies. At those years several applications were developed including websites, eshops, desktop applications, web applications and applications for smart devices. Among the applications that were provided are:

  1. A custom website / eshop that acts as an online marketplace for companies and individuals in Lesvos. That marketplace now has over 150 companies in a yearly membership plan and also has applications for Google Play and Apple Store. The application was developed using a combination of php, mysql, jquery and javascript and mobile applcations were developed using jQuery Mobile and Apache Cordova.
  2. Custom desktop applications using Java and interactions with mysql. Among those applications are a custom ERP solution for small companies and a personalized ERP (Dent Assistant) for a dentist.
  3. Several websites/eshops using Wordpress as CMS and creating custom themes or plugins when required. Some examples are:

Complete list of the developed software applications can be found in

Technologies used for the developing of the provided software were: PHP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, jQuery Mobile. JSON, MySQL, WordPress, Java.

Mar 2015Aug 2015

Software Engineer

University of the Aegean, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Structure

Design and developed the information system that would support the innovation contest named Aegean Startups. Among my responsibilies were:

  1. To provide a submission system for the proposed ideas from the contestants.
  2. To provide a two-stage evaluation system for the evaluators.
  3. To provide the contest website (

Skills used during that contract were MySQL, PHP and WordPress.

May 2014Sep 2014

Software Engineer

University of the Aegean, Geography of Natural Disaster Laboratory

Designed and developed the information system that would support the Wildfire Prevention and Management System. Among my responsibilies were:

  1. To design, develop and maintain the project database.
  2. To provide a report about the type and provided data of each meteorological station all over Greece that exists in
  3. Using the upper report, to provide a methodology and a chronologically triggered automation that is able to fetch data provided by meteorological stations all over Greece.
  4. To design and develop a website about the related project (

Skills used during that contract were PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and WordPress.

Jul 2013Sep 2014

Software Engineer

University of Crete, Ediamme

Designed and developed several automations based on the interaction of the Moodle LMS with the user. I was also responsible for integrating flash animations with existing moodle content and enable the connection between the moodle database, an external mysql database and flash objects in order to enhance and improve students' experience.

Skills used during that contract were Moodle LMS, MySQL, PHP and Flash.

May 2012Apr 2014

Senior Software Engineer

University of the Aegean, Employment and Career Structure

Acted as the senior software engineer that planned and developed the database and the cooperating websites for the relating substructures of the structure. Among my responsibilities were:

  1. to plan the process that could enable the integration between already implemented applications (Student Registry, Payroll Application) and the new application. 
  2. to design the database that could support the requirements of each underlying structure.
  3. to build a website for each underlying structure with specific roles and actions for each user role. The websites build for each structure are:
    • Central Structure (
    • Undergraduate Student Employment Structure (
    • Career Structure (
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Structure (

Skills used during that contract were PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and WordPress.

May 2013Sep 2013

Book Chapter Writer

University of the Aegean

I was the author of the chapter that was related to the case of small IT companies, regarding how a small IT company could be established in the Aegean/Crete/Cyprus. The concept was to present the opportunities that an IT company has when it makes the decision to aim to customers from other countries by selling its products (Website Templates, Software, Apps for smart phones etc) from online marketplaces.

Jun 2010Apr 2011

Web Developer


Developed several websites and applications for the customers of the company. The contract was terminated as I had to serve my duty in the Greek Army. I developed over 15 websites and eshops during that period, using WordPress as CMS for each site and enchancing each one with the desired operations.

Aug 2007Mar 2011

Research Assistant

Transformation Services Laboratory
  1. Developed a tool that enabled the transformation of a value network to a business process. That tool was developed using Java and the provided outcome of the process was able to be imported and used in WBI Modeller of IBM.
  2. Researched the possible connection of e-government services and social networks and provided a specific tool that enabled the use of a social network account to provide and receive specific government services using the SOAP Protocol. The outcome of that research was my MSc and the tool was developed using php, javascript, jquery and mysql


Mar 20132017

PhD Candidate

Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean

My main research interest is eGovernment systems, cloud computing, value networks and business modelling. 

Sep 2008Mar 2011

MSc in Computer Science (83.6/100)

Computer Science Department, University of Crete

The science sectors I got specialized was e-commence and information systems. The theme of my master thesis was the creation and development of an eGovernment services framework through social networking platforms.

Sep 2003Jun 2008

Computer Science (72.4/100)

Computer Science Department, University of Crete

In the duration of my studies in the department of Computer Science I mainly focused on the fields of e-commence and information systems. I developed various team projects with my teammates, usually being the team manager. I mainly recognize as the best the development of an encrypted web messenger using java, including various aspects as black lists, certificates and several encoding algorithms. Another great project was the development in ASP. NET of an electronic tax collection office in which the citizens could get specific services over the web. My student thesis was to develop an application for the transformation of a value network into a business process under a specific theory with was developed in the Transformation Services Laboratory.


Jul 2014Jul 2014

IPICS2014 - Intensive Programme on Information & Communication Security

 Department of Information and Communication Sytems Engineering, University of the Aegean
Jul 2010Jul 2010

4th Summer School on Service and Software Architectures, Infrastructures and Engineering

Transformation Services Laboratory, ICS-FORTH, S-Cube

Participation in the summer school and took part in all sessions

Jun 2009Jun 2009

The Service and Software Architectures. Infrastructures and Engineering (SSAIE) Summer School

Transformation Services Laboratory, ICS-FORTH, S-Cube

Participation in the summer school and took part in all sessions

Mar 2005Mar 2005

Certificate of Proficiency in English

University of Michigan


Requirements identification for migrating egovernment applications to the cloud, ICT-EurAsia 2014 Information & Communication Technology-EurAsia Conference 2014, Gongolidis Evangelos, Kavakli Evangelia, Kalloniatis Christos


Can be presented upon request.