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My personal pedagogical beliefs and practices are strongly underpinned by Constructivist theories of learning. I believe that learning is inherently social and is an active process in which learners construct new knowledge based on prior knowledge. Learning programs designed for children and adults alike, therefore, should be experiential, learner-centered, and must honor them as self-directed, creative, collaborative and critical thinkers. Additionally, I strongly believe that well-designed learning experiences address the needs of a diversity of learners, and that no two learners are completely alike. A wide variety of instructional tools and strategies are required to meet this diversity.

I strongly believe assessment is an integral part of the learning process as it determines whether the desired outcomes of education are being met and affects decisions regarding instruction needs, curriculum, interventions, placement, and resource allocation. Assessment and instruction should be intimately connected.


Aug 2008Aug 2010

Master of Educational Technology

University of British Columbia

Academic Average: 91.5%

Research Interests: Constructivist-based teaching and learning; Technology-Enhanced Instruction; Social Software and Participatory Media in Education

Capstone Research Project: All I Ever Really Need to Know About Educational Technology I Learned in Kindergarten.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Teaching/Instruction using Learning Technologies
  • Planning and Management of Learning Technologies
  • Design and Development of Learning Technologies
Aug 1995Aug 2000

Bachelor of Education

University of Regina

Program: Elementary Education - Primary

Internship Placement - McDermid School, Regina

Internship Rating: Outstanding

Work Experience

Dec 2018Present

Supervisor of Assessment (Acting)

Regina Public Schools

Responsible for coordinating and supporting both large-scale assessments and division-wide grading and progress reporting processes.

-Establishing, maintaining, analyzing, and presenting perceptual and achievement data.

-Supporting the school divisions strategic plan and school improvement plans.

-Designing, coordinating, overseeing, and delivering professional learning

-Representing the Student Achievement Team as a Project Lead in USIS Migration.

-Maintaining and supporting technology resources in support of Assessment portfolio (Dossier, Seesaw, Help Me Tell My Story, Successmaker, Gradebook, EYE, ProSchool)


Aug 20132018

Coordinator of Assessment and Education Technology

Regina Public Schools

Supported and worked collaboratively with schools, teachers, administrators, and Student Achievement Teams by providing advisory, consultative, and direct division-based services, including:

  • Providing leadership and support in analyzing school achievement data to inform instruction and the Continuous Improvement Plan accountability.
  • Working as part of a divisional support team for grading and reporting and provide leadership for assessing in ways that maximize learning for all students.
  • Working collaboratively with Information Technology Services to support student instruction and assessment.
  • Strategic planning, implementation, and support of technology in teaching and learning across the division.
Mar 2015Jun 2015


Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • Provided instruction in the subject area of Child Guidance (HUMD 183).
  • Managed the classroom to ensure an optimal learning environment for adult learners.
  • Planned and delivered learning experiences that reflected the values, beliefs, needs, and contributions of a culturally diverse community.
  • Provided appropriate assessment, evaluation, and feedback to learners
  • Followed policies and regulations
Aug 2010Jun 2013

Instructional Consultant

Regina Public Schools

As a member of a Student Achievement Team, I support teachers and administrators in the provision of advisory, consultative, and direct in-class and school-based services including:

  • School Inquiry and Action Research
  • Intervention First
  • Division and Provincial Initiatives
  • Research-based Instructional and Assessment Practices
  • Learning Improvement Plans
Sep 2000Jun 2010


Regina Public Schools

Preformed curricular and extra-curricular duties for Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Grades Seven and Eight.

Teaching Assignments:

• Rosemont – Kindergarten - 2000-2001

• Dr. George Ferguson & Haultain – Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten - 2001-2005

• Dr. A. E. Perry – Grades Seven and Eight - 2005-2010


Starla Nistor


Regina Public Schools

[email protected]



Awards and Honours

UBC Global Minds Winner - International learning design competition for pedagogically significantuses of learning technologies. 2010

• STF Kirkpatrick Travel Award – site visitation to The MET School in Providence, Rhode Island. 2009

• Myrtle A. Magee Prize - University of Regina Faculty of Education's most outstanding intern (nomination). 2000

Invited Presentations

  • Wrestling with Assessment in the Digital Age - SPDU
  • Hot or Not? Newest Innovations in Education Technology- RPSTA Convnetion
  • Everything I Ever Need to Know About Student Engagement I Learned in Kindergarten - RPSTA Convention
  • Web 2.0 Tools for Teacher Librarians - Regina Public, Regina Catholic, Prairie Valley
  • Blogging in Education - Judge Bryant School
  • Inquiry-based Teaching and Learning - Thom Collegiate
  • Creating a Culture of Teacher Collaboration and Sharing - Winston Knoll Collegiate
  • Blogging in Education - Douglas Park School
  • The Teen Second Life Culture Project - University of Saskatchewan
  • The Teen Second Life Culture Project - University of Regina
  • Teaching in Virtual Worlds - Saskatchewan IT Summit
  • Using Technology to Support Structural Innovation - Dr. A.E Perry School

Recent Technology Project Management

Seesaw Electronic Learning Journals

  • Worked with reporting working groups to evaluate, select, and trial the Seesaw App
  • Negotiated vendor product and terms of service
  • Provided training and support to teachers and staff
  • Gathered feedback and assessed impact of project on student learning and community engagement.

Technology in Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan 2014-Present

  • Worked with stakeholders to develop Regina Public Schools' educational technology strategic plan.
  • Presented the plan to senior administrators for approval and funding.
  • Presently carrying out actions recommended to refresh student technology and strengthen Ed Tech use in the division.


Thom Technology Catalyst Team 2012

  • Led purposeful change to maximize the achievement of learning through the appropriate use of technology.
  • Inspired and encouraged personnel to join a team committed to innovative applications of learning technology.
  • Developed a mission statement, co-constructed a shared vision, and communicated an aligned strategic plan.
  • Modeled and promoted research-based effective uses of learning technologies.
  • Wrote a formal application requesting additional technology resources to support team goals.
  • View the project website here:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 2012

  • Cultivated and leveraged strategic partnerships to support systemic change and improvement.
  • Progressed toward equitable access to digital tools and resources to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to develop specific BYOD policies.
  • Researched learning networks to investigate best practices in BYOD implementation.

iTeach 2012

  • Coached a team of teachers in and modeled design of 20 high school course resources, which address curricular outcomes.
  • Provided technical support and guidance to end-users representative of a wide range of digital fluency levels.
  • Maintained the learning management system and proactively planned for security, compliance, and disaster recovery.
  • Assisted in the recruitment and training of project staff.

Professional Committees

  • High School Assessment Working Group 2018
  • Parent Engagement Project Team
  • Assessment Project Team
  • Professional Development Review Working Group 2017
  • Grade 9 Reporting Working Group 2015
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Learning: Digital Citizenship in Schools Working Group - 2014
  • Regina Public Schools: Director's Technology Advisory Group - 2012
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Education: Information Management Advisory Group - 2012
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Education: Digital Fluency Working Group - 2012
  • Regina Public Schools: Professional Learning Working Group - 2012
  • Regina Public Schools: Technology Enhanced Learning Working Group - 2010


• Regina Public Schools Technology Demonstration Site Grant. 2010• Regina Public Schools Innovative Grant for Aboriginal Education. 2004• Regina Public Schools Innovative Grant for Home-Based Early Literacy. 2003



I am digitally fluent and comfortable working with many technologies, including hardware, software, systems, databases, and security. Below is a short list of some of the technologies I use most.  

Productivity Tools - Microsoft Office Suite and Google Apps for Education

Operating Systems -Windows and OS X

Web Browsers - Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

Course Management Systems - Moodle and WebCT Content Management

Web 2.0 - Websites, Blogs, RSS, Wikis, Podcasts, and Social Sharing

Multimedia Design - iLife and Adobe Digital Schools Suite

Assistive and Augmentative Technologies

 Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, Mobile Communication Devices, and  Peripherals.

  • Courageously modeled and became an advocate for Regina Public Schools' Structural Innovation.
  • Organized, planned for, and led a school professional learning community.
  • Offered and delivered professional learning sessions for educators inside and outside of my school division.
  • Represented school staff at community meetings and school board meetings.
  • Served as principal in an acting capacity.
  • Helped develop, implement, and assess school learning improvement plans.
  • Developed online solutions to support resource sharing and teacher collaboration.
Instructional and Training
  • Rich instructional repertoire including cooperative learning, explicit instruction, differentiated practice,inquiry-based learning, and project-based learning.
  • Focused on learner engagement building on learners’ prior knowledge, life experiences, and interests.
  • Use of learning outcomes and indicators to plan for effective student learning.
  • Plan, facilitate and actively guide and model meaningful conversation with particular learning outcomes in view.
  • Use of a variety of assessment processes and tools continuously for the purpose of making instructional decisions, to provide feedback to learners, and for reporting purposes. Experience providing instruction to learners ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to adult learners.