Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2005 - Apr 2009

Latin America Product Manager


Qualifications developed: - Yellow Belt Certification (6 sigma). - A strong sense of professionalism. - Leadership and Ownership of products. - Good communication and an easy contact with other people. - Creative problem solving skills. - Risk Assessment skills. - High level of understanding and explain technical issues. - Anticipate upcoming issues to avoid project delays. - Establishes realistic plans and work schedules. - Maintains a consistent, high level of productivity. - Promotes "can-do" spirit, a sense of optimism and commitment.

Aug 2003 - Jan 2005



- Honors and Award in PMI project during internal period.

Jan 1998 - Aug 2003


Unicamp University

Industrial Automation, Computer engineer, Automation of Websites.


1996 - 1998


ETEC - Technical School at Campinas - SP



Beginer in Italy

I am just starting classes in Italy, I have a plan to live minimum 4 months in Italy to get expertise in this language. (Family Tradition)

Fluence in Spanish

Private Classes and using in Latin America last 3 years.

Fluence in English

Belitz Course, all Business levels



I currently live in Brazil with my family and my lovely fiancee (future wife). Alessandra is working in her Master degree, working part time in company and part time given classes. I would like to work again at a regular white color job full time and I continue pushing my MBA studies at night.


I grew up on a entrepreneur family in Dalben’s company.  My dad and old brother still manage the company. So I still give them ideas about company future and trade a few times per year.  So, I’m a part, part, part time entrepreneur.


I enjoy motorcycles (I currently own a Yahamara 2009 XT660), video games, and all things mechanical which of course includes cars.


Couses at Motorola

·“Quality Essentials Sales & Marketing”- 2007

·“Apples and Oranges (Manager skills)” – 11/2007

·“Essentials for Emerging Leaders” – 10/2007

·“Motorola's Approach to Quality – Yellow Belt” – 05/2006

·“3G CDMA2000 1xRTT, GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS” - 11/2005

·“Primavera Enterprise - Basic” – 04/2005


My career objectives are to work in a multi-national company in the telecommunications, personal computers or webserver areas, to use my industry expertise.

I have developed my career in the areas related to Telecommunications, Mechatronics, Science of Computation with projects related of Processes Automation, Product Management on Mobile Devices (at Motorola), Web programming, Web Servers, Advanced web tools (at University of Campinas - UNICAMP) I have extensive technical knowledge, computer skills and a quick ability to learn. I am currently pursuing a MBA degree in Business Administration at UNICAMP by FGV. I have been pursuing an entrepreneur course at Babson College located in great area of Boston in July 2008. Looking for a course “Vision of Future” in Stanford on Nov 2009 and 4 months course in Italy on April 2010.

International Business

·Venezuela Client Regional Support to launch key product  in November 2008

·Taiwan Desing Review by Motorola in Taipei in November 2006

·EUA Design Review by Motorola in Chicago in November 2005

·México Business Summit to align company goal in Acapulco in March 2003


Manage the Technical Product Introduction in Latin America. Align closely with Product Marketing, Technical Marketing, Development, and Program Management teams to support consistently the Latin America PFE Regional teams on the product approval process with the customers. Publish Strategic Product Introduction Plan in Latin America showing the timeframes and the milestones to be accomplished by LA PFE Regional teams and teams related to LA PFE. Technically support the LA PFE Regional teams in order to provide the best Technical Solutions to the customers in the appropriated timeframe given by the organization. Responsible for the launch of the CDMA/GSM models in All Brazilian carriers, Movilnet and Movistar Venezuela, Comcel Colombia, Movicom Argentina, Telcel Mexico and other Latin American carriers. Decision-making support to High Management, providing executive reports and product statistic information. Current focused on Telecommunication with six years of experience managing multidisciplinary teams and leading key / complex projects using the best practices of PMI and 6sigma process at Motorola. Five years of experience as web/network administrator in multi-platform environment systems using technologies such as Solaris, Unix, Freebsd, Linux and Microsoft at Unicamp.


May 2006 - Present

Yellow Belt Certification by Motorola

6 sigma