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Evan Wright

Avid Editor for Television and Motion Pictures

Sample Videos

           Bar Rescue   (Spike)                        Patron XO Racing                    EcoChallenge  Borneo  (USA)

Reality: Competition

  • The Short Game                      Esquire TV       Goodbye Pictures
  • House vs. House                      FYI                      Relativity Television
  • Are You The One?                    MTV                    Lighthearted Entertainment
  • Storage Hunters                      truTV                  TGroup Productions
  • Container Wars                        truTV                  TGroup Productions
  • Dancing Fools                           ABC Family      Gurin Company
  • American Ninja Warrior      NBC/G4             A. Smith Productions
  • Combat Missions                    USA                     Mark Burnett Productions
  • EcoChallenge Borneo           USA                     Mark Burnett Productions

reality: Docu-follow

  • Abby's Studio Rescue           Lifetime               Collins Avenue Productions
  • Killer Kids                                    LMN                      44Blue Productions
  • Bar Rescue                                  Spike                    Eyeworks USA
  • Outback Hunters                     History                Original Media
  • My Ghost Story                         BioChannel       Mark Phillips Philms & TV
  • Extreme Dating                        Syndicated        Fox Television Stations


  • Varga Girl: The Esquire Pinup Girl                 arte  channel (Europe)
  • Where Are They Now?                                           CBS                     
  • Games of the XXIII Olympiad                            Television New Zealand
  • American Originals                                                 CBS 
  • Great Sports Vacations- India                          Travel Channel
  • New Attitudes                                                            Lifetime  
  • Tournament of Roses Parade  (inserts)         CBS
  • Miss USA Pageant   (inserts)                                 CBS
  • AXN: Action TV                                                          Sony Entertainment
  • Bluetorch                                                                      Fox Sports Networks
  • Worst Case Scenario                                              TBS
  • Most Fascinating Women of 1997                   CBS


  • Celebrities Undercover                Oxygen                TGroup Productions
  • Excused                                                 Syndicated        Renegade83
  • Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher   WB Network     Warren-Rinsler Prods.
  • Fast Food Films                                 FX                         Gold Coast Prods.
  • The Bonnie Hunt Show                 CBS                      Worldwide Pants
  • Carol Burnett: Special Years      CBS                      Whacko Productions

Pilots & Sizzle Reels

  • Digitally Destroyed             Pilot                        Next Entertainment
  • Breaking Bees                       Sizzle                      Tremendous! Entertainment
  • American Craftsman          Pilot/History        Payupsucker Productions
  • Human Safari                         Pilot/Travel          7ate9 Productions
  • Outrageous 911                    Pilot/TLC               Mike Mathis Productions
  • Alexis DeJoria Racing        YouTube/PR        Payupsucker Productions