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I am an transdisciplinary scholar with peer-reviewed publications and teaching experience in gender and women's studies, European history, sociology of violence against women, and anthropology. My doctoral work focused on intersections of sexuality, class, gender and race in early nineteenth-century Europe. My research interests and practices are grounded primarily in queer women's history, indigenous history, and a gendered and intersectional history of the nuclear age.

My current pedagogical practice in the multi-cultural women's studies classroom is strongly informed by intersectional feminism (Combahee River Collective, 1977; Crenshaw, 1991) and by Claude Steele's (2011) work on stereotype threat. I have also been somewhat influenced by Donald Schon's (1973, 1978) theories of 'double-loop' learning. I am committed to interactive learning and student empowerment and utilize a reflective feedback practice to constantly improve my teaching. I favor a combination of lectures and small peer-group interactions that reinforce critical thinking about discourses and reading sources.



Master of Arts (MA) Online Education

The Open University

Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University, Walton Hall Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire    MK7 6AA UK

Tel: [+44] (0)1908 655581 | Fax: [+44] (0)1908 654173

Advisor: Senior Lecturer Dr. Robin Goodfellow,

This is equivalent to a US Master's in Education with an emphasis in online pedagogy. It included online graduate tutorials and peer group work with some of the world's leading educational researchers.  It focused on theories of experiential and interactive education, design of assessments to match learning goals, technology-enhanced learning practices and debates, practice-based research in educational technology,  analysis of  different learner styles, distance and online curriculum design, evaluating student support systems and pedagogical practices for quality; and establishing and maintaining interactive, effective elearning groups in Blackboard. Awarded a distinction in final year.


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) History of Sexuality

University of York (World Top 100)

University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1904 430000 | Fax: +44 (0) 1904 43343

Advisor: Professor Jane Rendall,

International, interdisciplinary, cutting-edge tutorials, seminars and readings dealing with the last 300 years of European history. I analyzed the early nineteenth-century archives of a Yorkshire woman who had several female lovers and left a detailed, partially coded journal and correspondence. The journal is the earliest known first-person representation of female-female sexuality. An intersectional, discursive analysis of the texts  yielded rich and multi-layered understandings of how politics, gender, sexuality, race, class and female networks were constructed in this time and place, as well as providing valuable insight into the relationship between private and public consciousness. Since English universities do not have a transcript system, I have attached the diploma to this CV, and can provide foreign equivalency certification.


Master of Arts (MA) Modern European History

University of New Mexico

Department of History,

MSC06 37601 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131-1181  United States

Tel: (505) 277-2451 | Fax: (505) 277-6023

Advisors: Professor Jane Slaughter and Professor Janet Roebuck

Lectures and graduate seminars on world women's history, Europe 1815-1890, Europe 1890-1939, histories of Poland and Eastern Europe, social histories of population and diet in England since the middle ages, social welfare reform since the eighteenth-century, Europe's colonial empires and global colonial resistances, and women and gender in war and revolution.  My Master's thesis included archival work in Yorkshire, and focused on the activities of early nineteenth-century working-class radicals, especially how women's collective resistance and public writing shaped their struggles at the dawn of industrial capitalism. GPA: 3.9.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) Spanish and Journalism

Northern Arizona University

South San Francisco Street, Flagstaff, Arizona  86011

Tel: 928-523-4348 | Fax: 928-523-8950

Spanish immersion; introduction to Latin American and Spanish literature, cultures and history. Fully bilingual. Minor coursework in journalism and photojournalism; rapid, accurate writing under deadline pressure; reporter on student newspaper, The Lumberjack. GPA: 3.4.

Work experience

Jan 2015Dec 2017


Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ohio University, Athens, OH

1. Introduction to Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, with an emphasis on intersectional analysis of liberation movements since the French Revolution. (WGSS1000)

2. Issues in Ecological Feminism, with an emphasis on understanding and using science related to pesticides, nuclear weapons and nuclear power, and global warming.  We use an intersectional analysis to understand why women and people of color are disproportionately affected by these technologies. Strong emphasis on weekly writing assignments and open-minded research.

Aug 2010May 2012

Adjunct Lecturer

Gender and Women's Studies, The University of Arizona

During the Fall of 2010 I developed and taught three 3-credit courses: GWS 444 Women and the Body (15 students), GWS200 Women and Western Culture (75 students), and INDV 102 LGBT Studies (75 students). I worked with a Graduate Assistant in each of the two large classes.

In Spring 2011 I developed and taught three 3-credit courses:  INDV 150 Gender and Contemporary Society, GWS 200 Women and Western Culture, and GWS 444 Women and the Body. (Fall and Spring 2010-2011 constituted one year of benefits-eligible .49 FTE)

In Fall 2011 I taught two 3-credit courses INDV 102 LGBT Studies (160 students) and GWS 150 Gender and Contemporary Society (170 students).

In Spring 2012 I developed and taught two 3-credit courses GWS 240 Gender in a Transnational World (hybrid online and face-to-face) and (redeveloped) GWS 200 Women and Western Culture. See attached syllabi.

Mar 2009Dec 2010

Online Editor

Western Civilization and World History, Aplia/Cengage Publishing

This work involved review and editing for Aplia, a division of Cengage Publishing. Aplia publishes online automated quiz/study guides in Western Civilization and World History. My work involved identification of all available online primary sources in Western Civilization from ancient to modern times, as well as reading textbooks and reviewing and editing the quizzes and study materials based upon them. The focus was largely on Spielvogel (2009) Western Civilization I and II and Bulliet (2009) The World and Its Peoples. (Part-time)

Sep 2003May 2010

On-call Thesis Mentor

Women's Studies and History, Prescott College

If a student had an undergraduate or graduate thesis that matched my areas of expertise, I served as a mentor and supervisor for the thesis. I  mentored two MA theses in women's studies, both focusing on gender and environmental issues.

Jan 2006May 2006

Online Adjunct, World History

Lakeland College, Wisconsin

Delivery of a completely online undergraduate course on World History II, Since 1500, including sections on Asian, African, and Latin American histories. Collected and shared relevant online research/articles. Conducted four weekly discussions on pre-arranged topics with 17 students in asynchronous Blackboard environment, arranged for proctored exams at a distance; corrected and graded essay assignments. (Part-time, temporary)

Jan 2005Dec 2005

Adjunct Lecturer

European History, Northern Arizona University

Prepare and deliver online materials and lecture via interactive television to students at various campus locations in Northern Arizona. Topics: H344, Modern European History (since 1900) and POS355, Women, Power and Politics. Duties included lecturing to face-to-face students at the same time students in three other Arizona cities listened via television and were able to ask questions; integrated both Blackboard and Powerpoint technologies into course delivery. (See section on Evidence of Excellence in Teaching - Sample Multi-media Lecture on Suffrage.) (Part-time, temporary)

May 2000Aug 2002

Senior Lecturer

Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sunderland

Coordinator, International Centre for the Study of Violence and Abuse, University of Sunderland. Taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Supervised several MA theses and one doctoral thesis. Served on three examination committees.  Wrote and received grant for a national project on gender, violence and prostitution, from the British Home Office (see Grants section). Total grant income: ca. £175,000. Working with Prof. Marianne Hester and Dr. Catherine Donovan, Sociology Department. (Full-time; returned to US at parents' illness)

Aug 1996May 2000

Associate Lecturer

Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University

Developed and taught an MA program on violence against women and children. I taught all modules on the MA. This position also involved acting as a liaison between student researchers and the non-profit and government agencies they were evaluating. Taught social science research methods and supervised approximately 40 MA theses. Conducted field research on violence and gender. Working with Prof. Jalna Hanmer, one of the founders of women's studies in Great Britain. (Full-time; moved to Sunderland when research centre moved there.)

Jan 1996Jun 1996

Adjunct Lecturer

European Women's History, The University of York

For the MA in Women's Studies, design and delivery of new postgraduate seminar on identities, subjectivity and agency as related to class, gender, race and sexuality in Europe, ca. 1780-1980.  Joint appointment, Women's Studies and History. (Part-time, temporary)

Sep 1987Jun 1991

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Western Civilization I & II, University Of New Mexico

Gave lectures in the Western Civilization I and II courses taught by Prof. Janet Roebuck.  Held office hours, tutored students, marked essays, submitted grades. I also gave a few lectures to classes in the Women’s History course taught by Prof. Jane Slaughter, as well as in English History, 1600-1945 and European History, 1780-1945 when the professors were unable to attend and asked me to fill in. (Part-time, temporary)

May 1970Jan 2010


Anthropology Research and Cultural Resource Management Positions

January 2003-2010, Consultant with the Havasupai Tribe regarding the publication of 48 oral traditional stories collected by anthropologists Leslie Spier and Erna Gunther from 1918-1921. After five years of discussions with the council, community members and elders, the tribe gave its official permission for publication of these cultural materials in June, 2009. This resulted in a collection which I edited and researched and wrote a chapter for, (2011) The Sacred Oral Tradition of the Havasupai, Albuquerque, UNM Press. This work was entirely voluntary. Half of the royalties go to the Havasupai Tribe and half to the Robert C. Euler Anthropology Scholarship Fund at Northern Arizona University. The Tribe retains the copyright to these stories.

May 2008-January 2009 Archaeological Technician, EcoPlan, Cordes Junction Project (Antler House Village). Conducting data recovery at a large prehistoric village (mostly Pioneer and Colonial Hohokam).  Responsible for scientific excavation of various units in the village, proper collection of artifacts, and field notes. Assisted in properly gathering and preserving dendrochronology samples. Later, assisted in writing and editing of various mitigation/clearance reports.February 2008-May 2008 Cultural Monitor, Archaeological Consulting Services (ACS), $1 billion Transwestern Pipeline Project, Phoenix Lateral. Inspecting for unanticipated eligible cultural discoveries along natural gas pipeline right-of-way from Ashfork to Phoenix. Reporting previously unrecorded or mis-recorded sites in right-of-way corridor.

2002-2004 Tribal Anthropologist, Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe. Stewardship and management of Yavapai tribal cultural resources; responsible for tribal consultation/correspondence with federal agencies; design and supervision of surveys and excavations; writing and editing of clearance/mitigation reports for the State Historic Preservation Office; supervision of crew members; author and editor of final reports on surveys and excavations. Teaching and mentoring in tribal para-archaeology program, including regular weekly volunteer day at the Sharlot Hall Museum, where we cataloged various archaeological samples, mostly prehistoric ceramics and historic bone collections. Taught Southwestern archaeology sequences and archaeological method to the two tribal-member para-archaeologists.

1991 Archaeology Crew Chief, Transwestern Pipeline Project, archaeological mitigation between Ashfork and Kingman, Cerbat and Cohonina Traditions.  Supervision of ten archaeological crew members. Office of Contract Archaeology, University of New Mexico. (Summer, four-month position)

1970-1978 Archaeological Assistant. Participation in Black Mesa Archaeological Project Field School, four months each summer. Dug kiva ventilation shafts; helped haul dirt, screen for artifacts, cataloged sherds, groundstone  and lithics in the field laboratory.  Assisted in properly gathering and preserving dendrochronology samples. Archaeological Assistant (1977), full summer surveying Bright Angel Peninsula on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon with Dr. Robert C. Euler and Susan Chandler. Identifying, mapping and recording sites in Ponderosa pine forest. 


Fully bilingual, English and Spanish.


By Catherine A. Euler, Ph.D:

(2011) editor and author, with Frank Tikalsky, The Sacred Oral Tradition of the Havasupai. Ch. 3, History, Leadership and Language. Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press.

(2009) A Survey of US191 In Chinle, Apache County, Arizona. EcoPlan Report Prepared for the Arizona Department of Transportation.(2004) A Survey of Eight Sites on Skull Valley Ranch, Including Preliminary Analyses of Ceramics From A Possible Hohokam Pithouse Village. Published by the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe, Prescott, AZ.

(2004), ed. Three Prescott Tradition Sites on the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Reservation, Prescott, Yavapai County, Arizona.  Published by the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe, Prescott, AZ. Final report of Excavations and Analysis Submitted to the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office.

(2002) A Brief Survey of Definitions of Distance Education. Published by Plymouth University CertED/PGCE Course. [] And by Leeds Metropolitan University, Teaching Resources Compendium for Higher Education,

(2001) with Val Balding, Jalna Hanmer, and Debbie Wigglesworth. ‘Women’s Movement: Citizenship, Migration and Processes of European Integration.’ In: Women in the European Union, Eeva Raevaara et al, eds. Published in English, French and Spanish by the University of Helsinki, Finland. Website:

(2001) with Berit Bareksten, Jalna Hanmer and Hildur Ve, ‘Women and the Family in Europe.’ In: Women in the European Union, Eeva Raevaara et al, eds. Published in English, French and Spanish by the University of Helsinki, Finland. Website:

(2000) 'The irons of their fetters have eaten into their souls' - nineteenth-century feminist strategies to get our bodies onto the political agenda. Chapter in: D'Cruze, Shani, ed. Everyday Violence in Britain, C. 1850-1950, Harlow, London and New York: Longman.  Reviewed in: Journal of Social History, Spring, 2003, by J. Carter Wood and by Lynn Abrams, International Institute of Social History, February 2002. (See Writing Sample)

(2000) with Daniel Welzer-Lang. Developing Best Professional Practice for Reducing Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Sexual Exploitation in Militarised Areas of Peacetime Europe. Report for the European Commission, Daphne Project No. 98/043/WC. Published by Leeds Metropolitan University, with assistance from the European Commission and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Geneva, Switzerland. Distributed to all EU heads of forces.

(2000) "Razvijanje najbolje vojne profesionalne prakse u pogledu nasilja nad zenama na i u blizini vojnih baza" (“Developing Best Professional Military Practice With Regard to Violence Against Women on and Near Defense Estates”), Temida 2 (2000):75-79. (Peer-reviewed, translated into Serbian, Belgrade)

(2001) Report on an International Scientific Conference on the Environmental Consequences of the Balkan Crisis. Medecins du Monde-Greece.  Athens, Greece 26 January. Published online at:

(1999) with Karen Parker, JD. Depleted Uranium Munitions: The Uses of Radiological Weapons As A Violation of Human Rights. Joint Intervention by the International Peace Bureau and International Educational Development. Presented in person to and officially published by the United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Fifty-first session, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland (August). Available online at:

(1998) with Zohl de Ishtar, 'Man-made Ionizing Radiation as Violence Against Women and Children,' In: A Report on the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Women's Citizenship, Brighton, UK 10-15 November, 1996. WOVA, University of Bradford, UK.

Letters of Reference

Degree Transcripts


Evidence of Teaching Excellence

Course evaluations and syllabi

Writing Samples

Statement of Research Interests

Intersectional histories of sexuality and consciousness

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Intersectionality as a Guide to Pedagogy

Conference Papers and Conference Organizing

Conference and Seminar Presentations by Catherine A. Euler, Ph.D.:

  • 2013, Competing Theories of Low Level Radiation Harm: A History of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR). Southwest Uranium Conference, Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • 2012, Female Worlds of Race, Class, Masculinity and Sexual Practice: Intersected, Agentic and Nomadic Subjectivities in the Anne Lister Archive (Europe, 1806-1856). Gender and Women's Studies Faculty-Graduate Seminar, University of Arizona, Tucson.
  • 2011, The Sacred Oral Tradition of the Havasupai. Presentation to the Docents of the Arizona State Museum of Anthropology, University of Arizona, Tucson.
  • 2001 ‘Points of scientific dispute on the effects of depleted uranium weapons.’ Paper presented to the annual meeting of Medecins du Monde. Athens, Greece  26 January.
  • 2001 ‘Possible pathways and consequences of contamination with inhaled insoluble depleted uranium in Iraq and Kosovo.’ 10th Annual Conference on Human Health and Low-Level Radiation, Reading, Berkshire, May.
  • 1999  ‘Class, Gender, Politics and Sexuality in Anne Lister's Female Networks, Yorkshire 1830-1840.’ 11th Berkshire  Conference on the History of Women, University of Rochester, New York.
  • 1998  ‘Purity and Violence: Frances Power Cobbe, Josephine Butler and the Homes for Friendless Girls.’ Cultural Studies Department, Northern England History Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.
  • 1997 with Jill Liddington, 'The Coded Sections of Anne Lister's Journal,' University of Leicester Women's Studies Conference, UK.
  • 1996 ‘Man-made Ionising Radiation as Violence Against Women: Genetic Anomolies and Other Health Consequences of Nuclear Testing in Australia, Nevada, the Sahara, Kazakstan, the Pacific, and Lop Nor.’  International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Women's Citizenship, Brighton, UK, 10-15 November 1996.
  • 1995 'Anne Lister's Yorkshire: lesbian community or female networks?' London Lesbian History Group, London, UK.
  • 1994 with Jill Liddington. ‘Anne Lister: Moving Between Worlds of Class, Gender and Sexuality.’ Paper presented at University of Leicester Women’s Studies Conference, UK.
  • 1989 ‘Women’s Workrooms Under the Unemployed Act of 1905,’ Phi Beta Kappa Conference, University of Arizona at Tucson.

Conference Organizer:

  • 2001 First International Conference on Depleted Uranium, Manchester, England.
  • 2001 European Women’s Studies Network Colloquium, Leeds, England.
  • 1999 International Conference on Militarism and Gender, Leeds, England. This conference focused on gendered analyses and activities related to militarized groupings. Geographical areas represented  included Europe, the Pacific, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Papers were accepted from academics, project workers, peace activists, policy makers and military personnel.
  • 1996  International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Women’s Citizenship, Brighton, England. With  2500 delegates from 137 countries, it was at the time the largest gathering of international feminists since the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing.

Honors, Awards and Scholarships

  • Full Overseas Student Research Award, covering four years of tuition for the doctorate, University of York
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of New Mexico
  • Distinction, MA Online and Distance Education
  • Employee Certificate of Merit, University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center



  • Evaluation of the Tackling Crime and Disorder Associated with Prostitution Initiative. UK Central Government (Home Office). Principal Investigator: Prof. Marianne Hester. 2000-2003 (Value: £175,000 British)
  • The European Commission Daphne Initiative: Measures for Combating Violence Against Children, Young Persons and Women Project No. 98/043/WC. Principle Investigators: Catherine A. Euler, Ph.D. and Daniel Welzer-Lang, Ph.D. 1998-2000       (Value: £15,000 British)
  • Ten small social services grants for food and financial assistance for homeless and impoverished clients in Yavapai County, AZ (Directorship, Open Door, Coalition for Compassion and Justice) 2006-2007  (Value: $30,000 US)

Professional Service

1988 Committee to Enhance Diversity at the Women's Center, University of New Mexico

2000-2002 Committee for Undergraduate Examinations, Sociology Department, University of Sunderland, UK

2000-2002 Curriculum Design Committee, MA Gender and Development, University of Sunderland, UK

1996-2000 Chair, Curriculum Design Committee, MA Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

1998-2002 Reviewer for Women's International Studies Europe (WISE)

Community Service

2012-2013 Activist (volunteer), in conjunction with members of the Havasupai Tribe, to shut down a uranium mine at the Grand Canyon near a site considered sacred by the tribe. We started our own small non-profit group to help with this effort. The mine endangered the Havasupai water supply. The energy company stopped drilling the mine in November 2013, though began to drill again in 2016.

2005-2007 Director, Open Door Social Services Program (FT). An outreach program of the Interfaith Coalition for Compassion and Justice. Serving the poor and homeless in the Prescott area. Responsibilities included managing 100 volunteers and three paid staff, overseeing a $125,000 budget, a soup kitchen, government commodities program, clothing room, and conducting social services casework with financial assistance monies. 

2004-2005 Teacher, Adult Continuing Education, Salvation Army Computer Center (PT).  Prepared curriculum and materials to teach digital photography,Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Internet Explorer to adult students from the community.

2006 Teacher, Kestrel High School (PT). Taught all Microsoft Office programs, as well as critical thinking and searching skills when using the internet; also taught first and second year Spanish students, integrating multi-media technology into their assessments.

Professional Memberships

  • Phi Beta Kappa History Honor Society
  • American Historical Association
  • Women's Studies Association (US)
  • European Women's Studies Network (EU)

Courses Taught

Ohio University (3/3, 3/3, 2/3)

          Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

          Issues in Ecological Feminism

University of Arizona: (3/3, 3/3, 2/2)

           Transnational Feminism

            Gender and Contemporary Society (Intro. to Women's Studies)

            Women and the Body (Upper Level Feminist Theory and Philosophy)

            Women and "Western" Culture (Intersectional History)

            LGBT Studies - Intersectional History of Sexualities

University of York, UK: (3)

    Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality: Identities and Politics in Europe Since 1780 

Lakeland College, Wisconsin (Online): (3)

   World History II 1500-Present

           (Including Asian, African, North American and Latin American histories) 

Northern Arizona University: (3/3)

            Modern Europe 1900-Present 

            Women, Power and Politics (Gender in political science) 

University of Sunderland (UK): (3/3 for two years)

MA Gender, Culture and Development courses:

            Women, Cultural Relativism and Harmful Traditional Practices

            Recent Global Feminist Thought

            Feminist Research Methodologies

University of Sunderland, Undergraduate:

            Introduction to Social Policy (UK)

            Labor, Poverty and the Welfare State: History and Modern Policy

            Masculinities and Femininities: New Theories (Inter-disciplinary)

            Writing the Senior Thesis: research, notes, and organization

Leeds Metropolitan University, MA Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations courses (3/3 for 3 years):

            Evaluating Interagency Approaches to Domestic Violence

            Gender, Violence and War: History and Modern Policy

            International Gender Politics 

           Gender, Violence and Abuse: Global Statistics and Theories

            Research Methodologies and Ethics

                  (Feminist, Historical and Sociological Research Methods, Including   Ethnographic Participation, in US often considered an anthropological method)


University of New Mexico, Graduate Assistant Occasional Lectures:

            Women's History (Worldwide, Ancient and Modern) 

            History of England, 1600-Present 

            European History, 1780-1945 

            Western Civilization I and II 

Writing Supervision/Advisor: 8  B.A. theses, 40 M.A. theses, 1 Ph.D. thesis

      College preparation courses taught:

            Using the Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

            Understanding Browsers, Searches and Email

            Thinking Critically About Internet Information

            Digital Photography

            Spanish I & II