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Work experience

Jan 1991Feb 2009

Senior Manager

The Bank of Korea

Job Experience


Senior Manager, International Department Sep.2007-Feb. 2009

(Study at University of Freiburg, Germany) Sep.2003-Sep. 2007

Manager, International Department Sep. 2000-Sep. 2003

Manager, Pusan Branch May 1999-Sep. 2000

Manager, International Department July1998-May 1999

(Study at University of Freiburg, Germany) July1997-July 1998

Deputy Manager, International DepartmentJan.1994-July 1997

(Military Service, Korean army) July1993-Jan. 1994

Junior Economist, Statistics Department Feb. 1991-July 1993

Joined Bank of Korea (Reserve Bank of Korea) Jan. 1991

Detailed Job Description

International Department (Jan. 1994 – Feb. 2009)

(International Planning Team: Aug. 2008 – Feb. 2009)

(1)Monitoring of foreign exchange banks' foreign currency funding environment and foreign

currency liquidity conditions

(2) Monitoring and supervision of foreign exchange banks' foreign currency prudential

ratios(foreign exchange soundness guiding ratios), in cooperation with the Financial

Supervisory Service

(3) Regulation of commercial banks’ foreign currency loans to residents. For example, drawing up of official measures such as "Ease of Restrictions on Use of Foreign

Currency Loans to Residents" and "Abolition of Restrictions on Rollover of Foreign

Currency Loans for Use as Working Capital"

(4) Planning of instruments for foreign currency liquidity supply to foreign exchange banks.

For example, worked on introduction of competitive auction swap facility in foreign

currency funding market, and on implementation of program of foreign currency loans to

foreign exchange banks secured by export bills purchased

(5) Planning of reciprocal foreign currency swap agreements with other major central banks,

such as FRB New York, People’s Bank of China and Bank of Japan

(International Finance Research Team: Sep. 2007 – Aug. 2008)

(1) Building econometric model for determining equilibrium KRW exchange rate, so as to forecast future exchange rates and assess the current exchange rate level

(2) Analysis of key economic determinants of high volatility fluctuation of KRW

(3) Revision of Korea’s Macroeconomic Early Warning System

(4) Analysis of relationship between covered interest differential and foreign investment in

Korean bond market

(5) Analysis of determinants of foreign direct investmentin Korea, and preparation of future

policy recommendations

(Foreign Exchange Review Team: Sep. 2000 – Sep. 2003)

(1) Review and authorization of foreign exchange transactions related to foreign trade and

capital movements between residents and non-residents, in accordance with the “Foreign

Exchange Transaction Act” and the “Foreign Exchange Transaction Regulation”

(2) Authorization (Permission, Declaration) of various financial derivative (including credit,

equity and fixed-income derivative) transactionsof Korean financial institutions with


(3) Supervision of money changers and foreign exchange brokers

(4) Ex-post examination of foreign exchange transactions in accordance with the “Foreign

Exchange Transaction Regulation”

(Foreign Exchange Planning Division: Jan. 1994 – July 1997; July 1998 – May 1999)

(1) Planning for management of South Korea's official foreign exchange reserves

(2) Formulating of prudential regulations on aspects of commercial banks’ foreign exchange

operations, such as:

1) Control of commercial banks’ foreign exchange positions

2) Regulation of commercial banks’ foreign currency loans to residents

3) Control of reserve requirements for foreign currency depositsof

foreign exchange banks

4) Supervision of offshore banking activitiesof foreign exchange banks

Statistics Department (Feb. 1991 – July 1993)

(1) Collection and compilation of major Korean economic statistics, such as money and

banking statistics, producer price index, and balance of payments

(2) Assisting in carrying out of economic research on national and world-wide economic

activities, to help Monetary Policy Committee formulate monetary policy effectively

and advise the South Korean government on various economic policy options


Sep 2003Jul 2007

Ph. D.

Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg, Germany
Mar 1987Feb 1991

Bachelor of Art

Yonsei University

GPA: 3.52/4.0