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Master Science

Universidade do Porto

The Physics Department is part of the Science Faculty of the University of Porto. This Faculty inherited the activities initiated in the 18th century at the old Aula Náutica (1762) and carried on by the Real Academia da Marinha e Comércio (1803) and the Academia Politécnica (1837). With the creation of the University of Porto in 1991, the Academia Politécnica was transformed into the Science Faculty, with an Engineering School.

By the end of the sixties there was a substantial increase in the activity of the Physics Department, namely because of PhD's undertaken by lecturers at prestigious foreign universities, which reflected in the research activities and curricular renovation of the Physics degrees. At that time, essential infrastructures for experimental research were created, and support services such as workshops and the library were expanded. The number of lecturers continued to grow regularly, now with PhDs from the University of Porto. During the last few years, the Physics Department has atracted a considerable number of lecturers and researchers of internationally recognized status, both portuguese and foreign. The Physics Department is proud of having educated physicists with high standard careers at other Universities, both portuguese and foreign, as well as in the Industry.


Work experience

Feb 2011Present


Multimedia Coordinator of astroPT (website about Science in general, Physics and Astronomy in particular)

Creator of the astroPT Magazine, astroPT channel in YouTube.

Colaborator in the Education and Physics subjects in the website.

Sep 2012Present


Escola Secundária Professor Doutor Flávio Resende

Professor do CEF, 8º, 10º e 11º anos.

Diretor de turma de um 10º ano.

Sep 2009Aug 2012

Physics Teacher

Escola E.B. 2,3/S de Arcozelo
Sep 2008Aug 2009


Escola 3/S Pintor José de Brito
Professor de CFQ do 7º, 8º e CEF.
Sep 2007Aug 2008


Escola E.B. 2/3 da Correlhã
Professor do 7º, 8º e 9º anos. Subcoordenador do grupo de Física e Química.
Sep 2006Aug 2007


Escola 3/S Pintor José de Brito
Professor de CFQ do 7º e 8º anos. Professor de Área de Projecto.
Sep 2005Aug 2006


Escola Secundária José Loureiro Botas
Professor de CFQ do 7º e 8º anos. Director de Turma e professor de Formação Cívica. Professor de Física e Química do Ensino Recorrente.
Sep 2004Aug 2005


Escola E.B. 2/3 de Frazão
Professor de CFQ 7º e 8º anos. Dinamizador do Clube de Ciências.
Sep 2003Aug 2004


Escola Secundária Fontes Pereira de Melo
Professor de CFQ 8º e 9º anos. Professor de CFQ Sec. Recorrente.
Sep 2001Aug 2003


Colégio Nossa Senhora da Boavista
Professor de CFQ 7º, 8º, 9º e 11º anos. Director de Turma. Composição Gráfica do Jornal do Colégio. Webmaster sítio do colégio na internet (
Sep 2000Aug 2001


Escola Secundária Alexandre Herculano
Professor do 10º e 11º anos.


Labs proficiency
Laboratory management: organization, inventory, and more; collection and processing of experimental data.
Computer and Internet
Many skills using computer (at work, labs, etc) and many interfaces. Skills in office, photo edition and manipulation, vector design, with a large knowledge in many softwares. Skills in audio and video (hardware and software). Skills in webpage (edition and creation), social networks, using and implement web applications.


I have been teaching along 10 years. I acquired a Master Science in Physics Teaching. Expertize in data collection at labs and data manipulation using computer software. Experience in image treatment, design, photography, desktop publishing software, design, music composition and execution, internet, webdesign, translations, vectorial design, experiments at labs, many general and specific software.



Physics, astronomy, photography, education, internet, webskills, gadgets, music, video, guitar.



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