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  • 9 years experience - business development, marketing, and creative roles.
  • First Class International Business BA Hons.
  • 12 years at John Lewis Partnership - customer service and sales. 
  • Launched own mobile app business in 2014.
  • Won University of Hertfordshire (UoH) Flare Award.
  • Confident public speaker - Lectured at UoH and London College of Fashion. Presented at AppsWorld, Pure Retail, Innovate UK, and more.
  • Marketing campaigns have received national and international press.
  • Excellent video producer (filming and editing) with AQA certification.
  • Chair of Stevenage Youth Council 2005 - 2006.
  • Member of Hertfordshire Youth Council 2005 - 2007.
  • Hertfordshire Youth Service Award for creative role in development of sexual health bus, website Hertswired, and Youth Charter.


International Business BA Hons - First Class

Internationalisation of markets impacts most companies and organisations. As a result, managers increasingly need a global overview of industry and commerce. This course is designed to provide the managers of tomorrow with the business and management skills, language competence and cultural awareness needed for success in such a global business environment.


Andrew Francis - Head of Dept - Marketing & Enterprise - Business School at University of Hertfordshire

"Matthew is a graduate of Hertfordshire Business School and a really nice guy. Since graduating he has been involved in an innovative business start up project and has aspirations of his own too. Recently he managed "an audience with the new internet pioneers" - an event run collaboratively between Ginicam and the University - exciting stuff.

Switched-on, smart and dependable, I'm happy to recommend Matthew - we need more graduates like him!"

Harry Picken - Digital Marketing Specialist

"I worked with Matthew on a number of projects at University. He is a hard working, committed individual who never failed to give each project a vital boost with his string of industry connections."

Work History


The business developed and launched an iOS and Android mobile application to improve the in-store fashion shopping experience, engage consumers, and collect shopping behaviour data.

Key Responsibilities

  • People Management - Assemble and lead a multidisciplinary team to develop, launch and promote the LGOM iOS and Android app.
  • Brand Management - Ensure branding and message appeals to target audience.
  • Business Development - Form partnerships with 25+ leading fashion retailers.
  • UX / UI design - Deliver a working mobile application prototype.
  • Website Design and Development - Deliver LGOM commerce platform.
  • Marketing - Use latest technology to create and manage campaigns that reach over 150k people. Grow social media reach to over 60k+ people. Manage and assign £5k budget for street campaigns, events and targeted ads.
  • Strategy & Planning - biz plan, SWOT analysis, research, financial projections.
  • Pitching - Raise capital (£25k+ through grants and investment), and convince others to join the team.
  • Public speaking - Pure Retail, Apps World, AMEX, London College of Fashion, Google Campus (Slush & Dreamstakes Fashion).


Tom Mason - Chief Technical Officer - Looks Good On Me Limited

“Matthew is great to work with and an enthusiastic and passionate founder. He is as diligent in his approach as he is strategic and has proven this with the development of Looks Good on Me.”

Warwick Wyatt - Director Reinvent Lifestyle

"Matt is an inspirational entrepreneur. We got in touch with him because of his expertise in app design and project management and to consult us on what we needed to do to build a native system for our web app. His ability to understand the key areas of startups is very good and quickly directed us to relevant resources."

Paul Kemp - Founder of

"Matthew and Tatjana are incredibly inspiring entrepreneurs, full of energy and willing to give back to the startup community. I highly recommend doing any business, deals, Joint Ventures or projects with Matthew and Tatjana."

John Lewis Partnership

July 2005to date


12 years experience part-time at John Lewis Partnership.

Key Responsibilities

  • Customer Service - Won several ‘service recognition awards’ and received multiple customer commendations.
  • Sales - Won (despite being part-time) most ‘add on’ sales competition.
  • Product knowledge - Stay up to date on product assortment.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Use Salesforce Connex platform.
  • Team Management - Assign staff to customers.
  • Training - Train new partners to increase product and system knowledge.
  • Processing credit finance - Hitachi Capital.

PowerFX Systems AB

May 2013May 2014


The business developed the most advanced online DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for producing music

Key Responsibilities

  • Business Development - Source and manage partnerships with music distribution companies
  • Investment Preparation - Prepare business material (biz plan, promo video, financial and user projections) and website.
  • Legal - Investigate legal requirements for setting up music distribution label.
  • Business Strategy - Assist CEO forming plan for company’s future direction.
  • Public Speaking - Pitch the business at STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) and to investors.


Bil Bryant - CEO Soundation Studio, PowerFX Systems AB and CEO, PowerFX.

"In working with Matthew two qualities I admire come to mind: passion and persistence. Matthew is very personable and has great enthusiasm. I certainly recommend his work."

Ginicam Limited

Aug 2012Apr 2013


The business developed a platform for premium live video streams.

Key Responsibilities

  • Business Development - Secure trials with potential clients - Disney, Creative Artist Agency, Linkedin etc.
  • Marketing - Form an effective Marketing Strategy to target investors and influencers
  • Raise Capital & Public Speaking - Source investors, pitch, & secure funding. Ginicam secured £1million in investment.
  • UX Design Specialist - ensure the user journey was simple and engaging
  • Event Management - Internet Pioneers attended by 150+; Launch event; Investment Evenings
  • Press Release - Write and distribute press release using Gorkana and journalist contacts.


Glen Richardson - CMO at Fruugo (managed Matthew at Ginicam Limited)

"Matthew is fearless, he'll jump into any project at any stage at any level and hit the ground running. Despite his self-confidence (which is a good thing) he's always watching and learning from others who have more experience. I'm a little jealous of Matthew actually, I wish at his age I was hanging with people at the top of their game! I mean, I've been in the game for 14 years and Matthew's just arrived yet he's accumulating a killer network! Matthew sat (and contributed) at the same board table with MP Grant Shapps, Fazer from N-Dubz (cool guy) and even the Deputy Chairman at Carphone Warehouse. I have VERY high expectations of him. Remember this name folks: Matthew Blakemore."

Roberto Torres - Software Engineer Analyst at Accenture (previously developer at Ginicam Limited)

"I work with Matthew at Ginicam Limited and he has very good insights about trend topics online related to young people. Very proactive, he is always finding new tools online and new webpages with useful contacts, information and services. He is creative, enthusiastic, helpful, and understands and cares a lot about the student and academic world.

James Eder - Founder & Chief Collision Creator @ (invited to be a speaker at an event organised by Matthew on behalf of Ginicam Limited)

"Earlier this year I was invited to take part in 'An audience with the new internet pioneers' being held in the Auditorium at the University of Hertfordshire. I was very impressed with how well Matthew managed the event. It had some very interesting speakers, was very well organised, ran smoothly, and was well promoted online and around Hertfordshire. I found the networking after the event very useful. I can certainly endorse Matthew for his event management skills."

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

July 2012December 2013


The charity is dedicated to improving the lives of young people aged between 13-25 with life limiting illnesses.

Key Responsibilities

  • Songwriter - Wrote two songs targeting popular events (Olympics and Christmas).
  • Project Management - Organised: singers (for second track from West End); recording; production; and distribution.
  • Marketing - Achieved radio airplay and interviews on BBC radio, Heart, and BobFM.
  • Press Release - Secured local press coverage and celebrity endorsements (George Michael, Philip Schofield etc).
  • Video Production - Achieved over 100,000 streams via Youtube on each track.


Debbie Pezzani - Charity Co-Founder at Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

"I would recommend Matthew without hesitation. He is a very talented and hard working individual. He has spent the summer volunteering with the charity and in this time has used his creativity to write and record a song and make a video with the teenagers we support. Matthew then went on such an effective publicity drive that not only was the song heard by over 130,000 people but it has resulted in some very exciting long term links and networks being created for the charity. We at Teens Unite are all incredibly grateful to Matthew for his enormous contribution."


The business targeted small companies and large corporations to provide their staff and customer rewards program.

Key Responsibilities

  • Business Development - Secure new clients (AXA, Renault etc) and reward providers (Praktica etc).
  • B2B Marketing - Produced and distributed B2B marketing materials.
  • UX Design - contributed to new user journey for reward redeemer, client management, and reward providers.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Use salesforce to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Press release - Write and distribute press release using Gorkana.
  • Public Speaking & Networking - Represented MRC at conference events in South East England.


Tina Thomas - Managing Director of My Rewards Company Limited

"I have worked closely with Matthew on several projects over the last 18 months. Matthew has a very enthusiastic, helpful nature. He is continually searching for new innovative ways to develop business and is extremely ambitious. He has single handedly set up websites and developed a network for their delivery to consumers and businesses. Matthew articulates very well and this lends itself perfectly to his strong presentation and communication skills. A valuable member of the team."

Erasmus Portal

Jan 2010Aug 2011


Developed website to assist new international students attending the University of Hertfordshire.

Key Responsibilities

  • Website Development and UX/UI Design - Develop website to be simple to navigate and work in multiple languages.
  • Research and Testing - Present Beta version of website to international students in focus group and get their feedback.
  • Business Development - Source partnerships with local business to provide deals for international students.
  • Public Speaking - Present the website to over 50 international partners of the university during Europe Week.

Paradise Wildlife Park

Jan 2009Jul 2011


Paradise Wildlife Park (PWP) is a family-run animal park that is the No.1 tourist attraction in Hertfordshire.

Key Responsibilities

  • Marketing - Form email, press and social media marketing strategy, manage campaign delivery on time within budget.
  • UX Design - Work with developers to optimise website ticket sales UX - increased sales by over 300%.
  • Project Management - Manage implementation of new interactive device and podcast for zoo visitors.
  • Social Media - Produce and distribute photo and video content.
  • Press Release - Write and distribute - achieved national (The Sun), and international (Aftonbladet, etc) press.
  • Public Speaking - Brand representative on Hertfordshire Tourist Board.

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