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Sep 1998May 2003

High School Diploma / An Honors Diploma

Ali Bayramli Private High School

Lessons are given in English except History, Azerbaijan Lang. and Literature, Turkish Lang. lessons. I was presented certificates of English (Up.Int.), Turkish (Adv.), Computer (Adv.) with an honors diploma. Also I got 3rd place (bronze medal) in state Math Olympiad in 2002.


Ubuntu Linux
Linux is my choice, I use windows to play pc games, and working with some programs which is not compatible with linux.
Microsoft Office
I am expert at MS Word and Excel, but intermediate at Access and Powerpoint. I use other soft for creating presentations.
Microsoft Windows
I am expert of Windows operating System. I used to work with Windows 3.0, NT, 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista and now with WIndows 7.


Proficient in all of the standard office desktop software, CRM applications and design programs.


I am a Tolkien fun, I have read Tolkien's legendarium, including Sillmarillion, The Lord of the Rings, Hiostory of Middle Earth and etc. I call all Tolkiens writings neo-mythology. I also like old and ancient myths and I enjoy researching ancient mythologies.

I like to solve hard math questions and math puzzles. I even had a degree at state math olympiad 2002 (bronze medal). I tink it exercises my brain.

I like surfing web and social networks. I enjoy reading latest news online, watching videos, blogging and share them via social networks.