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Ether Warz is a multimedia performance by two of the most  astronomical storytellers: Sa-Roc the Emcee and DJ / Producer Sol Messiah.  They have transformed the indigenous art of Hip Hop by combining 3 elements of hip hop with imagery drawing from theduo’s personal experience and history to demonstrate the complex and entertaining cross section of socialconsciousness , fashion, and music. They have successfully branded what they do as God Hop.

The God Hop Movement is being brought to colleges / universities and local media centers to engage young leaders and communities to participate in putting socially conscious music back into the world.Ether Warz is the Gospel according to God Hop.

Why Bring Ether Warz to Your Community

1. Educationally Engaging: The Ether Warz soundtrack has strong culturally rich foundation that could facilitate a conversation about a diversity of historically and socially relevant issues.

2. Interdisciplinary and Relevant: Rarely is “Rap” relevant in the cultural, and

economic environment, while also relevant to student life.

3. Creating a Movement : The world is at a crossroad. Good Music or Good Content? After War (ether Warz)comes peace. Sol Messiah and Sa-Roc are on the front line bringing social consciousness back to music and uplifting humanity by facilitating a balanced, responsible, and creative platform for dialogue and learning.


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