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Work experience

Jun 2010Aug 2010

IT Intern

CUNA Mutual Group

At CUNA Mutual Group I was put on the End User Computing Administration and Operations team where I participated in writing scripts using VBScript and PowerShell to deploy applications to all corporate workstations using SMS. I also participated in the project to switch from SMS to SCCM.

May 2008May 2010

Counter Operations

Geek Squad

As a counter operations agent for Geek Squad, I basically make sure everything stays organized.  My main duties include making sure our database coincide with what is in our inventory, keeping customers informed with the status of their unit, researching problems in our service order database, and other similar tasks.  I also did technical support for desktops and laptops with both the Windows and Mac platforms.


Sep 2007Present

Computer Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has had a great Computer Science program in the past.  My experience was not different from what I had heard, fortunately.  With the Computer Engineering Comprehensive major, I was able to learn about not only engineering the hardware side of computers, but also the software side.  The Computer Engineering curriculum at Eau Claire is great at bringing out well-rounded graduates, and I am very satisfied with the knowledge I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve made while going to school in Eau Claire.


Tic-Tac-Toe/Connect Four

This is a program created in the Fall of 2008 for a Computer Science class.  It is Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect Four both implemented with AI to play against you.  It ended up working pretty well.

My Website (in progress)

This is my newly created website that is still very much under construction.


I have worked for over a year as a technical specialist that helps people solve problems they're having with their computers. I am planning on graduating in 2011 with a Bachelors of Computer Engineering, and after an internship, I plan to get a full time job developing, working in infrastructure, as a network administrator, or a similar job.

Hobbies & Interests


I enjoy working with operating systems that include many distributions of Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac.  Also I like to develop and see a project go from ground zero to fully functioning.  When it comes to my interest in hardware and software, it's a pretty close tie.  Both seem to intrigue me the same, and it never seems go get old.


I absolutely love the outdoors.  When my two big interests are mixed, and I'm sitting outside with a laptop, I wouldn't rather be anywhere else.  I enjoy many types of activities including camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, riding ATV's and more.

I also have a big interest in music.  I like to play a few instruments like guitar, saxophone, harmonica, and piano, although I'm not a master of any of them.  I also like to sing and have fun doing it in groups of people.