Atsuko Jeffreys

Atsuko Jeffreys


OBJECTIVE A student-centered, data-driven, enthusiastic teacher and researcher gifted with a passion for knowledge about God and student affect seeks a teaching position which enables her to realize her commitment to attain a more effective outcome in the students' learning of methods and techniques for foreign language instruction. SUMMARY OF SKILLS * Twenty-three years of teaching experience cultivating a deeper sensitivity of students' fears and insecurities experienced during the learning process * Able and qualified to teach university-level courses in the field of applied linguistics (language acquisition, TESOL, and psycholinguistics) either in English or in Japanese. * Able and qualified to teach basics of TEFL / TESL involving, for example, the teaching of grammar and pronunciation * Versatility in adapting to different teaching environments gleaned from experiences in traditional classroom and auditorium as well as studios for radio programs * Committed to realistic research design

Work experience

Work experience
2010 - Present

Instructor of Japanese

St. Louis Community College
2006 - 2008

English Education Program Chair, Graduate Division

J.F. Oberlin University, Tokyo
2001 - 2008

Instructor of English

Waseda University
1999 - 2008

Textbook Writer and Editor

Obunsha, Co. Ltd.
1991 - 2008


J.F. Oberlin University
1988 - 2008

Oral Examiner

1994 - 2006

Instructor of English

Aoyama Gakuin University
1994 - 1998

Textbook Writer and Editor

Taishukan Publishing Co., Ltd
1991 - 1993

Radio instructor and textbook writer

Obunsha, Co. Ltd.
1990 - 1991


Bell Educational Trust
1988 - 1991

Researcher and translator

Gill, Park and Park Law Firm
1985 - 1991

Instructor of English

St. Margaret's School
1988 - 1990

Radio Instructor and Textbook Writer

Obunsha, Co. Ltd.


1995 - Present


Temple University
1981 - 1985


Sophia University