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Technology/computer programming: I'm learning Prolog and enrolled at UC Berkeley (extension) forintroductory courses to C language and Python.

Learning languages: my newest adventure is Arabic. (I'm a bit of a polyglot: I've studied Hebrew, German, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Italian, and Japanese.)

Puzzles: Sudoku, word games (particularly Bananagrams)--I like them all.

(American) Football: I will throw all of my support behind the San Francisco 49ers as long as they are not playing the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots. 


I am looking for a job where I am challenged and can grow with the company. I am driven, perceptive, and meticulous, and I love learning new things and putting them into action.

International Experience

Traveling: South Korea, China, Iceland, Norway, Israel, Germany, Mexico, Italy, England, San Marino, Scotland, Australia, France, Spain.

2010: Germany Close Up: The American Jewish Committee partnered with the German government to bring young Jewish adults to Berlin as a means of facilitating a deeper understanding of how modern-day Germany has advanced (and ameliorated) from its Nazi regime. 

2009: Summer semester study abroad in China: I lived in China for three months, studying Mandarin and wondering what exactly was the meat being sold on street corners.

2005-06: High school study abroad in Italy (total immersion): I attended an Italian public school, lived with an Italian family, and dreamed in Italian. My fashion sense improved as well.

Three Words That Describe Me

CURIOUS: If people weren't meant to ask questions, they wouldn't have invented a punctuation mark (or intonation pattern) for it.

PERSISTENT: Like a bulldog, but with better teeth, and less likely to bite.

JOCOSE: Because why be just "cheerful" when you can be an atypical adjective instead?


English Language Teaching, Oxford University Department of Education: May 12, 2012

First Aid Pediatric Plus (CPR, AED, First Aid): June 30, 2012

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (RRCAN, Oregon): June 30, 2012

Basic Food Safety (Food Handlers' Card, Oregon): July 6, 2010


2013: I started Arabic classes mid-January and am doing some online computer programming courses. So far it's shaping up to be a pretty good year.

2012: I officially graduated from Oxford University! Almost all of the graduands followed along with the ceremony, which was impressive as it was conducted entirely in Latin. I also started to work at a preschool in Portland, learning about the Montessori method and practicing my colloquial Spanish. And, of course, I moved down to California. Traveled to: England, Iceland

2011: Handed in my Master's dissertation in August--what a relief! I also rowed in the Christ Church, Torpids, and Summers VIIIs regattas for Wolfson College Boat Club. Traveled to: Italy, San Marino; lived in England

2010: Finished my Bachelor's degree! I graduated from McGill and then matriculated to Oxford (where I began to row). In between, I served as the foreperson of a grand jury (which lasted for a month!). Traveled to: Mexico, Israel, Germany, Norway; lived in Canada and England

2009: I spent the summer at 北京大学 (PKU), learning to bargain and how to ask "is that spicy?" I also took a neurolinguistics seminar, which I really enjoyed, and continued to study Mandarin after I returned to Montréal. Traveled to: China, South Korea; lived in Canada and China

2008: I started to work part-time at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library at McGill as part of their work-study program. This was also the year I decided to major in linguistics. Traveled to: Israel; lived in Canada

2007: Graduated from St. Mary's Academy in Portland, OR! I took 6 AP exams my senior year, which was a little crazy. Calculus was involved. Additionally, I was an assistant instructor at my ballet company. I also moved to Canada and began my undergraduate studies at McGill University! Traveled to: Scotland, Italy; lived in Canada

2006: I spent the first half of 2006 living in Italy as a foreign exchange student and the second half adjusting back to speaking English and American fashion. (Italian fashion at the time involved sequins.) Traveled to: France; lived in Italy

2005: Moved to Italy at 16 knowing only "pizza," "mozzarella," and "mafia" in Italian. Crazy? Maybe a little. A totally cool experience? Definitely. This was also the year I got my driver's license. Lived in Italy

2004: Won an essay contest--and a college scholarship--through my Driver's Education class as a freshman. 

2003: Began high school at St. Mary's Academy as one of only six freshmen in Honors Advanced Algebra. I also began to dance ballet en pointe, and I took Japanese at a local community college in eighth grade. Traveled to: Australia 

1988: I made my entrance into the world, apparently beginning at 3 a.m. during a snowstorm. What can I say? I had the dramatic timing down right from the start.


Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
As a student, the MS Office suite was a lifesaver. As an adult, it's indispensable. 
  Living in Montréal, I became very good at spoken and colloquial French (a necessity in Québec if you intend to get any service whatsoever, anywhere). I took (and passed!) the French language AP exam in high school; my written French is also quite good. My first-year seminar at McGill University was a literature course taught in French.  
  I was a foreign exchange student in Italy in my junior year of high school. I was more than once mistaken for a native speaker; one woman demanded to see proof of citizenship before believing I was American.  While I used to speak with an accent particular to my region--an Italian from Milan could tell you I was from the greater Rome area, and a Roman could tell you I was from the Frosinone area, and someone from Frosinone could pinpoint my village within the region with eerie accuracy-- my heavy use of Spanish in the past year has colored my pronunciation. Given half a day in Italy, though, I can get it back, to the point where people drop proper Italian and start slurring out dialect in conversation as if I were a native again.   
  I minored in Hispanic Language and Literature in undergraduate My last position required speaking exclusively Spanish in the work environment  

Work experience


Montréal, QC, Canada: Spanish II, McGill University

Portland, OR, USA: SAT preparation

Feb 2013Present

Educational Content Intern


I edit and create content for educational games on a mobile platform. 

Feb 2012Oct 2012

Teacher Assistant (Spanish language)

Montessori of Alameda

Bilingual preschool: I taught in the infant, toddler, and prekindergarten environments. 

Sep 2011Dec 2011


Bonamici for Congress Campaign

I participated in the phone bank (English and Spanish) and stuffed envelopes.

Nov 2010Jun 2011

Crew Member- Women's 2nd VIII

Wolfson College Boat Club

As a member of the Wolfson College Boat Club, I rowed in four regattas and practiced up to seven times a week with my teammates. I tried out for and was accepted to the Women's 2nd VIII boat at the end of 2010.

I was "7," a position that necessitated following behind one person, with precision in both timing and position, and required that I be extremely technically correct so that the three people behind me on my side of the boat could follow me exactly. No one fell out of the boat so I'm counting it as a success.

Jan 2010Jan 2010

Crisis Simulation Staff Member, UNSC

McGill University Model United Nations Assembly

As a crisis simulator on the Model United Nations Security Council, I developed ficticious crises across a variety of media (newspaper articles, memoranda, video programs, etc.). I was part of a sub-team that worked on a simulated humanitarian crisis in Côte d'Ivoire; I also led a small team that constructed an artificial terrorist attack on a water supply that affected Syria, Lebanon, and Israel.

Aug 2008May 2009

Student Navigator

McGill University Library

Technological assistance and supervision of students. My duties ranged from making sure no one was eating in the library to fixing a keyboard that had (seemingly autonomously) switched its input to Arabic.


Jan 2013Present

Continuing Education

Skyline College
Jan 2013Present

Continuing Education

UC Berkeley Extension
  • Introduction to C Languages
  • Python Programming
Oct 2010Aug 2011

Master of Science

University of Oxford
  • Member of St. Cross College; Honorary Member of Wolfson College
  • Dissertation: A systematic review of the efficacy of intervention studies on the development of literacy skills in language minority children educated in a second or foreign language
  • Supervisor: Dr. Victoria Murphy
  • Member of the Research in English as an Additional Language (REAL) discussion group, Department of Education
Sep 2007Apr 2010

Bachelor of Arts

McGill University
  • Finished BA in 3 years
  • Minor: Hispanic Languages and Literature
  • Electives included anthropology, German, social psychology, English folklore, Mandarin, music, philosophy, political science, and French literature.
Jun 2009Aug 2009

Peking University (北京大学)

  • Summer semester 2009

  • Intensive language course--equivalent to one year of university-level Mandarin

  • Traditional Chinese calligraphy class (extracurricular)