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PErsonal Statement

I'm a BOH graduate from Otago University, New Zealand and have a passion for the heath industry. I enjoy working with people in a team environment and am keen to contribute to the community by improving oral health with prevention education, and the clinical skills I have gained. With my dual degree I have the flexibility of two scopes of practice; allowing me to see patients from all areas of life. This requires confidence in skills such as communication, organisation and professionalism, which I have developed during my years of study. 



OTago university, new zealand

Dual degree in Oral Hygiene and Dental Therapy

Registered with the New Zealand Dental Council + Annual Practising Certificate (APC)

Local Anaesthesia Administration

Smoking Cessation - Quit Card Provider


Southern District health Board

Level 4 CRP Certificate


St Hildas collegiate

NCEA Level 1,2,3 
University Entry gained 2010
Cultural Blues Award

Work experience


otago sports depo

Due my passion for fitness, I am enthusiastic and can relate easily to the sporting clientele . I help customers find what they are looking for; whether tailored to  specific sporting equipment,  clothing or corporate orders. The skills I have developed at Otago Sports Depo are; communication, cash handling, merchandising, taking customer orders and stock taking.


private families

I have been looking after children for more than 6 years and have experience and confidence in caring for children from 2 months to 14 years of age with many  families. I am interactive with the children’s activities to keep them entertained or on task, which requires organisation, commitment and enthusiasm. I'm responsible for day to day activities such as cooking & feeding, bathing, personal safety, putting to bed and tidying up after play times. 


HAMilton Island, Australia

In this busy hotel there was a strict adhesion to time management and maintaining high standards. Given a task sheet at the beginning of the day it was important to plan time wisely and create the most efficient method for each day. Working semi-indepentently I gained confidence, time management, efficiency and gained an understanding of various cultures. 


Coco gifts 

Looking after the customer to help them find what they were looking for was my number one priority. Other key skills demonstrated at Coco Gifts were; merchandising, stock taking, cash handling and ordering stock.


Hamilton island, Australia 

Building a rapport between customer and host was the main focus. I was expected to have immaculate presentation, be approachable and organised. Helping customers from booking activities, personally greeting them at the airport, to ensuring their stay was hassle free, was what I provided at the Beach Club as a reception host.


Clinical oral hygiene 
  • Radiographic surveys
  • Comprehensive history analysis and dental charting
  • Fluoride treatments  
  • Debridement,  stain and plaque removal from above and below the gingiva
  • Provide a holistic approach to oral health
  • Oral Hygiene Education for the patient to make improvements at home 
  • Maintain a clean, sterile and enjoyable environment where patients feel comfortable
  • Determine recall and referrals.
clinical Dental therapy
  • Radiographic surveys
  • Local Anaesthesia Administration 
  • Sealants
  • Restorations and crowns
  • Extractions
  • Calculus, plaque and stain removal 
  • Oral hygiene instruction and education
  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Determine recall and referrals
  • Dental charting and extensive history analysis
  • Building practitioner - patient relationships
  • Booking appointments
  • Building good co-worker relationships
  • Computer programming - Titanium, Excel, PP, Email

  • Appropriate presentation
  • Appropriate communications with patients and co-workers
  • Confidence in clinical practice
  • Time management
  • Booking patients
  • Time management
  • Efficient dental history and charting interpretation
  • Preparing and processing the sterilisation equipment
  • Ensuring standard procedures are met
  • Vigilant with infection control

Personal Summary

Interests: Health and fitness- I'm currently competing in body sculpting competitions where strict training and nutrition play an important role. I enjoy  leisure sports such as snow skiing, biking, dancing and swimming.

Volunteer Work: I have a love and respect for animals which has endeavoured me to give back to the community via the NZFB and SPCA. I often help my mother fundraise for the Blind Foundation (NZFB) and helped to train guide dog puppies. I also have been a "Dog Walker Volunteer" for the SPCA giving exercise and attention to those dogs who do not have a home. 

Mobility: Full Drivers Licence (no driving convictions)

Immunisation Status: Fully Immunised against - Hep A&B, Tetanus, Measles, Polio Pertussis, Mumps, Diphtheria, HIB Rubella.