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I have a degree in Safety at Work since 1999, and from date on I have been working in the Construction Industry and in Public Works Contracts. As my Curriculum Vitae clearly shows, I am vastly experienced in every type of Construction Work, and I am fit hold the position of an Advanced Technician and/or a Coordinator in the Occupational Safety field. As a professional I work with will, zeal and dedication, and my sole intention is my professional fulfilment, while raising awareness towards the benefits of this field. I can successfully balance the interests of the production in course and the Occupational Safety and Health legal requirements. I have a strong team spirit, a personal trait that was reinforced as a rower in Sporting Clube Caminhense. I have solid written and spoken communication skills, developed during my graduation years and reinforced as a professional in every occupation and position held. I am also resilient to multicultural environments, a characteristic that was developed during my work experience in Madeira. Amongst other responsibilities, I perform construction site audits, tutor training sessions, develop security plans, organize safety meetings, lead on-site safety officer teams and coordinate the security department I have a strong competitive spirit; I am highly motivated to the practice of sports and to face new challenges.

Work experience


Safety Coordinator


2008-present day: Safety Coordinator in the Consultancy to Inspection of Building Contracts of the Madalena do Mar Branch - RAMEDM - Estradas da Madeira, S.A. - (V.O. 70.000.000€). 1st Stage Tunnels and 2nd Stage;

2011:Adjacent Slope to E.R 223 (Regional Road) - Access to Jardim do Mar - Calheta - RAMEDM - Estradas da Madeira, S.A - (V.O. 5.000.000€);

2009-2011: Safety Coordinator in the Consultancy to Inspection of the Rehabilitation Contract of the old bridge over the Porto Novo stream - RAMEDM - Estradas da Madeira, S.A.;

2010-2011: Safety Coordinator in the Consultancy to Inspection of Building Contracts of the Integrated Viaduct in the Street Construction connecting Barreiros and Caminho do Pilar - Funchal Municipality - (V.O. 12.190.000€);

2010-2011: Safety Coordinator in the Consultancy to Inspection of Building Contracts of the Regional           Veterinarian Lab and Food Safety - Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (V.O. 5.500.000€);

2009-2010: Safety Coordinator in the Inspection of the Remodelling Contracts to the Adduct Systems of Rabaças, Ribeira Brava and Câmara de Lobos, as well as the Adduct System of Camacha - Santo da Serra - IGA - (V.O. 18.745.000€);

2007-2009: Safety Coordinator in the Consultancy to Inspection of Building Contracts of the Express Lane of Fajã da Ovelha - Ponta do Pargo - RAMEDM - Estradas da Madeira, S.A. - (V.O. 57.000.000€). 


Advanced Technician on Health and Safety at Work (ATHSW)

Novos Rumos

Advanced Technician on Health and Safety.


Safety Coordinator

Norvia/Elsamex – Consultores de Engenharia S.A.

Safety Coordinator to Contractors for SREST, Soccer Field at Porto da Cruz, 1st Stage; Road Connecting Junction from Cota 40 to the access lane to Cota 200 (V.O. 10.000.000€);

Construction Site Safety Coordinator, Costa do Sol VIII Undertaking;

Construction Site Safety Coordinator, Soccer Field at Câmara de Lobos;

Safety Coordinator at McDonald´s Madeira. 


Coordinator of the Department of Safety at Work

Somague Engenharia Madeira S.A.

Coordinator of the Department of Safety at Work, directly controlling and implementing the Safety and Health Plans at the following construction sites:

 Maritime - External Pier at Caniçal; expansion east pier containers; Seafront Machico; Seafront Caniçal; Expansion east embankment; Natal Stream; Garajau Seaside Resort; Lugar de Baixo Marina 1st and 2nd stages; Complementary Works at Porto Caniçal; Seafront Intervention at Ribeira Brava; Seafront Intervention at Ribeira da Boaventura; Implementation of Salt Pools.

 Roads - West Access to the Funchal City circular to Cota 200; West Access to Santo Amaro.

 Tunnels - West Access to Funchal harbour.

 Civilian Construction - Housing Cluster at Vila Formosa; Forum Madeira; Funchal Centrum (peripheral containment); Civic Centre at Quinta Grande; Health and Social Security Centre at São Vicente; Public Building at Ribeira Brava; Ivens Street Apartments; Commercial Building at estrada monumental; Madeira Wine and Liqueurs Factory; Restaurant and Garden at Trincheira; Health Centre at Santa; Housing Cluster at Palmeira. 


Advanced Technician on Safety

C.C.O.P Alberto Martins Mesquita & Filhos S.A.

During that time, I performed various tasks associated with its activity, such as, audits to all Company Construction Sites, Training and Awareness Courses, implementation of safety plans, participation in the Monthly Reports on Security and Statistical Indexes, etc. During one year, I've been full time Security Technician at the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport. Construction Site, "Implementation of Technical Buildings and Maintenance." I have been at the island of Madeira for two months coordinating construction sites for this company, in the area of ​​Safety at Work.


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Instituto Superior da Maia (ISMAI)


Coordination of the Department on Safety
Safety Plans Implementation
Training Courses
Construction Sites Auditing