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Esteban Arias

Cloud Architect / Software Engineer


Software Engineer with over 18 years of experience in IT, with background in areas like Networking, Storage, Compute, Virtualization, Hardware, Software development and Big Data. Passionate about new technologies and challenges always looking to reinvent myself and contribute back to my organization, natural problem solver with deep debugging skills and architectural thinking capabilities, very analytical and always with a positive attitude

Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Advanced Cloud Solutions and Insights as a service Cloud Software Engineer


Software engineer for Advanced Cloud solutions and Insigths as a service, leveraging latest technology to build environments for customers, focus on networking, storage, servers and integration of Cloud technologies, big data tools  and products such as VMware, Softlayer, VSAN, NSX, IBM ICO, Openstack in general and Urban Code deploy, AWS, Blue Box, Azzure using hybrid cloud models working as a Full Stack engineer.

Part of the Open Source project Swift in Openstack with experience in developing focused on Python, having participated in the community with 3 Openstack summit conferences and 3 releases contributions of code.

Jan 2015Present

Big Data Instructor

University of California, Berkeley School of Information

Instructor for Big Data technologies with focus into cloud computing,OpenStack, big storage and large distributed file systems, Hadoop and MapReduce, Scala, R, Apache Spark, Apache Storm and Spark D-Streams, CloudSoft Brooklyn, OpenStack Heat, and Amazon CloudFormation, developing applications and delivering classes for students.

Jan 2007Jan 2011

Developer / DBA and windows system admin

Lebrisse S.A consulting job

Developer for a GPS car tracking system using Google Maps API, 

Developer for a SMS massive alert system, customer engagement

DBA for SQL databases and Windows 2008 system administration

Jan 2010Jan 2012

Implementation IT Architect

PC Central de Servicios (Costa Rica)

Implementation and design engineer for virtualization project with products like VMware, Hyper-V and Oracle VM

Software configuration specialist for Windows platforms including DNS, DHCP, VPN and AD for Windows 2008 and 2012

Architect for desktop virtualization projects with VMware View platforms

Software configuration specialist for Linux systems, including Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat enterprise and Centos, focused on  Firewall's, VPN,  backup systems and general administrative tasks

Networking architect for proprietary solutions in SAN based environments with equipment Dell and HP, responsible for the design and implementation

DBA for SQL based databases, particularly to backup routines and disaster recovery, SQL versions 2003 and 2008

Jan 2004Jan 2010

Software Engineer backup specialist


Certified specialist engineer for HP Data Protector backup platform

Backup and restore of mission critical databases, including Oracle, SQL DB2 and Exchange

Backup and restore of Filesystems, including Linux based platforms and Windows base platforms

Design and execution of Disaster recovery plans, including implementation onsite with customers

Virtualized environments backup specialist focused in VMware technologies

Tape library and File based backups specialist with broad range of products scope for support

Developer for script based backup routines, including shell script, perl and SQL 


Sep 2016Dec 2018

Masters in data science, big data and analytics

University of California, Berkeley School of Information

Initial stages of enrollment

Jan 2006Mar 2010

Systems Engineering 

Universidad Internacional de las Americas Costa Rica


Softlayer Full Stack

IaaS, SaaS, DBaaS, general cloud infrastructure


Amazon Web Services

Brooklyn / Saltstack

Orchestration devops







Storage Netapp

Storage offerings Softlayer



VMware products

Administrator / architect, including NSX, VSAN, Vrealize









Citrix Netscaler

Softlayer HA

Vyatta Brocade

Routers in general

.NET framework



DBA, Backups


General development