Network Operator

Orlando Public Schools

  Network Operator    Configure and install Cisco routers and switches.    Connect and trouble shoot routers on Frame Relay T-1, Multilink, and Metro Ethernet.    Build and support Fluke Enterprise Performance Center screens.    Provide configuration and connectivity for a converged network.    Capable of multitasking and selecting priority problems.     Interface with and act as liaison between local school technical support representatives and network in the district office.    Offer training and share knowledge with local school technical support representatives.    Initiate Cisco TAC request and RMA’s.    Share knowledge with others on the Network team.    Handle service request assigned to me in a timely manner and assist others on the team.    Assist other team members as needed.    Use test equipment: Fluke: One-Touch, Etherscope, Work Group Analyzer with Optivew software, Enterprise Performance Center  with ReporterAnalyzer and SuperAgent and Protocol Expert to solve network issues, Cisco Works, and STM-8.