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-My name: Esraa Shaban Mansour

- A Graduated computer science student at Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University, Egypt.

-Having a good experience with web designing.

-I am very passionate about Web design and as I continue to seek mastery in my work I need professional opinions to    guide me through the process.

- Working individual and in the same time in large teams +15 members with using high techniques

- Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

-working on projects with programming and some Hardware.

- Online trainee in computer science fields on several websites and life eLearning and others.

- One of the best Designers at FCI Assiut with attending and ranking in lots of competitions.

- Seen as motivator, self-confident and sometimes a creative one.

-Working on 5 Projects, 1 using web tools, 1 using assembly language, 1 database project ,

1 using System Analysis project and 1 using micro c .

-member in EGYPower team.

Activities and Societies:

EGYPower team , Smart House team , Databse team (Ekhdemny Shokran ^_^ project ) , and System Analysis team (Resala Delivery project)

My Projects:

1-Smart House Project

it was a project in 1st grand C++ programming competition .
The goal of this project is to relate between hardware and software, and we applied this idea through smart house.
 there are a lot of men important, such as businessmen, like that means, states Hikonoa downright with them and Rriq important flus task required Athafez by Kues.
 Hence we decided to work smart home and the role that, for example, needed Elly inside House enters password even entered the wrong password The password like that remains is a thief and his exhausted send message to the owner of the house by his phone and tell him that's pretty strange in the house and entered the password, even if true, it remains like that of the owners of the house.
we obtained  the third place and first place in the project idea ^_^

2-FCI Virtual Labs using C#, android and web languages

FCI virtual Labs isn't such normal projects, it is a project which provide students interacting with these ELECTRICAL and PHYSIC II lab at faculty of computers and information at Assiut university and getting the best benefits from them, without needing to instructors.

The new in this project is the method with dealing with practical labs in Faculty of computers and information in Assiut, which convert experiments to a collect of videos and slides with assistant desktop, mobile and website programs, with a communication method between students and instructors.

Our program is providing FCI PHYSIC II and ELECTRICAL labs as:
1-A collect of videos for all experiments with a leading one.
2-A collect of slides for all experiments.
3-An android mobile application.
4-A desktop C# mobile application.
5-A container website.

3-Resala Delivery (System Analysis Project)

System to solve problem of donations and assistances while make them more regular
for donations :
Asuit split to areas north,south,east,west , countries and villages
for Assistance :
Build adminstrator system in Resala branch and client system in each charity can Resala treat with it in different area

4- Ekhdemny Shokran ^_^ (DataBase Project)

Project to rationalize strange people Assiut province for the top places in Assiut which they will need someday
We worked on a health point of hospitals, clinics, doctors, health centers

5-Computer Consultation Center Assiut University official website

The official website of Computer Consultation Center Assiut University
I was the Web Designer

     laravel 5.0 php framework , PHPstorm IDE and Cpanel server
     HTML5, CSS3 JS and JQuery

Project URL

6-Occupancy-detection(airfactors) (Big Data Project)

Experimental data used for binary classification (room occupancy) from Temperature, Humidity ,Light, Humidity Ratio and CO2
Ground-truth occupancy was obtained from time stamped pictures that were taken every second.
Accurate occupancy detection of an office room from light, temperature, humidity and CO2 measurements using
statistical learning models. Luis M. Candanedo, Veronique Feldheim. Energy and Buildings. Volume 112, 15 January 2016, Pages 28-39
Data Set Information :
the data set contains 9752 instances and seven attributes
this data set can be used exclusively for research purposes
Ground-truth occupancy was obtained from time stamped pictures that were taken every second.
Attribute Information :
date time: year-month-day hour: minute : second
Temperature, in Celsius
Relative Humidity in %
Light, in Luxe
CO2, in ppm
Humidity Ratio, Derived quantity from temperature and relative humidity, in kgwater-vapor/kg-air
Occupancy, 0 or 1, 0 for not occupied, 1 for occupied status
Source :
Luis Candanedo , luismiguel.candanedoibarra '@', UMONS
web site :

7-Simplex algorithm (Decision Support Systems Project)

Simplex: a linear-programming algorithm that can solve problems having more than two decision variables.
The simplex technique involves generating a series of solutions in tabular form, called tableaus. By inspecting the bottom row of each tableau, one can immediately tell if it represents the optimal solution. Each tableau corresponds to a corner point of the feasible solution space. The first tableau corresponds to the origin. Subsequent tableaus are developed by shifting to an adjacent corner point in the direction that yields the highest (smallest) rate of profit (cost). This process continues as long as a positive (negative) rate of profit (cost) exists.

8-Hyper_market (Information Engineering Project)

it offers an easy, convenient and quick way for the  customer and  staff .also provide  good deals for customers who have more dealings with the institution and it is working to increase profit of organization through the facilities provided by its customers as the customer can order products through the house as well as the customer can cash purchase or through credit card

Web technical skills:

 HTML, CSS, HTML5,CSS3,Javascript,Bootstrap,photoshop,, net beans, Dreamweaver.

Programming skills:

         C++, Java, C#, Database, mysql.

Language skills:

       Arabic and English.

Contact details:
-email :





Graduate Student

Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University

Work experience


Photoshop and Web Designer