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B.Sc in Communications&Electronics Department

Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

o Accumulative Grade: Good.

Project       Electrocardiography from electrical viewpoint (ECG).
o Grade: Excellent.

Jan 2011Feb 2011

Certified International employee from Harvard International Training Britain.

Practical Experience

Feb 2015Present

Trainee RF Optimization

Etisalat Misr.

Salesman for UPS devices in Solar Energy Company.

Courses & Training

2014-2015 Six Months Professional Training at National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) Modern Wireless Track (2nd Rank)

o On Job Training at Etisalat Misr                                   (2 Months)                      
 2G/3G Optimization
      2G&3G KPIs
      Tems Drive Test
      U2000 Huawei Software
      Business Object Ericsson Software
 2G/3G Planning
      MapInfo
      Atoll Planning Software
 CS/PS Core Network Teams
 2G/3G Capacity & RAN equipment Teams
o Project : Deployment Scenarios for Cognitive Radio over LTE Network         
 Cognitive Radio
 CR over LTE 

o Technical Training                                                                            (9 Weeks)
 2G, 3G/HSPA & LTE Networks.
 WLAN, Wi-MAX & Tetra Networks.
 Wireless Network Planning Concepts.
 EDX Planning& Optimization Software.
 N+ course.
o English Conversation                                                                       (2 weeks)
o Soft Skills                                                                                                (4 weeks) 

2014 Six Weeks Work Force program (WFP) for youth development (3rd Rank)

   Three English conversation levels.
oDel Carnegie seminar
   Communication skills & Body languages.
oMaharaty course
   Effective Time Management.
   Coping with change & Presentation skills.
   Business writing and Office management
   Problem solving and decision making.
o. EQP (Employment qualification program)
   Value and business.
   Business plan& Executable project.

2011 Mobile Package

 (GSM, GPRS& UMTS)                             (Jelecom)

Microsoft Certified IT Professional course

(MCITP, Infra Part)   (self -study)

CCNA Course                                                                                   



 Languages:   English: V.Good commend of both written and spoken.
Computer: Good Knowledge of MS Excel, Word, Power point, Outlook, C& C++ Programming Language.
 Soft:   Motivated, Energetic, Self-discipline, Organized and Leadership.

Extracurricular Activities& Achievements

Volunteer in fund raising for Sahabet El-Kheer CharityOrganization.

Active volunteer in Resala CharityOrganization.

3rd Rank in WFP Scholarship

2nd Rank in NTI Scholarship.