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To work in a executive management capacity for a technology, wireless, Internet, or social media company

Leading the company’s technology initiatives and the development of new product lines with responsibility for strategic direction and technology investments

Directing, designing and implementing complex solution deployments company-wide or for multinational clients


Experienced business executive with 15 years expertise in the telecommunications, wireless, internet, web 2.0, social networking, and social media space.

Leader of mission and security critical assignments in government, private sector and Internet companies.

Strategist with a successful history identifying opportunities, delivering solutions and breaking into some of the most competitive markets worldwide.

Developed and launched numerous revenue generating product lines for web sites including sponsorship and online contextual advertising via widgets

Excellent work ethics - organized and disciplined approach to execution and management.

A technologist with fund raising, business development, operations, sales and marketing experience.

Self educated in WiMax/Wi-Fi technology

Work experience

Project Manager/Team Leader

Yurie Systems (Aquired by Lucent)

Top U.S. security clearance, Managed a staff of eight network engineers in charge of mission-critical design and rapid deployment of the ATM over Satellite network between the U.S. Department of Defence, the Pentagon and Bosnia – the first of its kind to support US Troops overseas.Secured the contract for and oversaw design and deployment for the Australian Air Force’s $63 million dollar network – the company’s single largest sale at the time.Provided technical guidance and a wide range of solutions in networking and telecommunications for the U.S. Federal market and Internet Service providers, marketing collateral preparation & presentation to the potential clients.Proposal preparation.

Responsible for design and management of multiple networking & telecommunications projects for U.S. DoD. Projects ranged from RFI/RFP preparation to contract support, business modelling, technology assessment, strategy consulting, and deployment planning. Initiated the vendor selection process and development activities supporting procurement of the equipment

Jun 2006Feb 2009


A highly scaleable social search, networking, and bookmarking platform that showcases expertise, enables collaboration with peers and instantly captures it in searchable knowledge indexes.  It uniquely integrates “social bookmarking” and “social networking” technology with analytical its proprietary “social search” capability to enhance relevancy in search, connections among people to trusted content and their trusted peer networks.  Beyond the portal itself, the technology is targeted to meet the needs of original content publishers and social networks who require tools for better connecting and monetizing their audience and content as well as expanding reach. 


- Raised $1.8 M angel investment (including from the Internet pioneer, Mark Walsh) to instantiate the company.

- Developed and launched numerous revenue generating product lines – plug-in Widgets for Bloggers, web publishers, and social networking sites

- Utilized Searchles’ search platform technology into widgets to connect the like minded users on publisher’s web sites, Revene model based on contextual online advertising via widgets - $3 - $5 CPC

- Established strategic partnerships with leading online media companies including,

- Made searchles the leading social search site in the social media space

Mar 1999Nov 2005


A web-based sales and marketing e-channel for the telecoms and networking industry, covered over 180 categories of products and services in those sectors. Born in the midst of the Internet boom with major institutional backing, it rapidly surpassed its competition to become the most widely used marketing, selling and business intelligence system in its sector – ranked top 5 globally by Forbes 2 years running.


-Raised $5M institutional investment (Lazard Technology Partners) to instantiate the company.

-Developed the business to become cash positive in 2 years of operation – revenue model based on sponsorship and product transaction via the web site.

-Secured some of the largest telecoms companies to our list of clients including Cisco, Nortel, AT&T, and Siemens.

-Designed globally recognized database and commerce platform.

-Designed and developed the first web-based CRM tool for the telecommunications industry.

-Designed, developed and launched numerous revenue generating product lines.

-Established world-class distribution partnerships that provided cost-efficient access to over 1 million users.

Feb 1998Jan 1999

Business Development Manager

NewBridge Networks (Acquired By Alcatel)

Worked in partnership with Canadian-based Spacebridge Networks and US based Comsat – developed a multi vendor solution integrating Newbridge MainStreet 36170 ATM Access switch into Spacebridge product line to provide wireless Internet services for certain Geographical regions within NY, Washington DC, Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver, BC. Developed the technical section of the proposal to sell the jointly built MainStreet 36190 ATM Core switch by Newbridge & Siemens for the FLAG (Fiber Link Around the Globe) project.

Feb 1992Dec 1994

Network Engineer

PRC (Northrop Grumman)

Provided technical support for the development and design of large turnkey communication systems to support public safety agencies.Provided system designs consisting of client workstations, database servers, Local Area Networks (LAN), and Wide Area Networks (WAN).Also developed designs involving the integration of various subsystems including mobile data, wireless communications, automatic vehicle location (AVL / GPS), and geographic map systems.Served as technical team lead while working closely with management to define system design goals and proposal bid strategies.Participated in proposal design reviews and oral presentation of solutions to potential clients.Designed a number of large public safety communication systems including the City of Boston; Virginia State Police; Montgomery County, MD; and Prince William County, VA for their Fire Department, Police, and EMS.

Feb 1991Feb 1992

Software Engineer

Information System Network Corporation (ISN)

Provided technical support for the development and design of software systems to support U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).Provided system designed to prevent frequency interference allocated to FAA.


Sep 1991May 1996


The George Washington University
Jan 1986Dec 1990


The University of Maryland


Social networking, Widget, Online Advertising
Social Media, Search, Social Search, Web 2.0.