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A VisualCV success story featuring Caroline

Ben Temple | January 9, 2017


Caroline is a marketing communications specialist based in the Netherlands. Her focus is on recruitment marketing - in her own words:

“My job is to engage and attract the world’s best talent to come and be a part of the organization I work for.”

Deeply involved in the recruitment process, Caroline understands what makes for a great candidate and how applicants can make the best case for themselves.

“What I love about VisualCV is that it allows me to tailor my CV specifically to the job I’m applying for. I like to put the focus on different things depending on the job. VisualCV makes it easy for me to create a unique and well suited CV that makes me stand out from the crowd.”

The Challenge

When Caroline heard about her most recent job through a professional connection, she knew that her passion for working with people, communications, and marketing made her a perfect fit. However, she worried that communications is a popular field and Caroline knew she would be facing strong competition.

The Solution

Caroline used VisualCV to create an eye-catching CV for her application. As an entry-level applicant in a field with lots of competition, Caroline knew that she needed a CV that would attract the attention of recruiters. Further, she knew she had to make it as easy as possible for that recruiter to scan her CV for important information. VisualCV empowered her to present her experience and passion in a concise and engaging way.

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