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CultureInterests in science fiction and genealogy

SportsFootball (goalkeeper of East Fulham, UK) / PSG season ticket holder

OthersFirst Aid Diploma


Are you looking for an external Business Development Senior to cut costs?

Are you seeking a professional in Alliances to sign partnerships agreements?

Do you really have time to manage your company & close your leads?

Do you have to replace ASAP, for a short term period, a valuable Sales exec?

If you have answered Yes once, you might want to hear about ERWOOD:


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May 2008Present



ERWOOD helps start-ups swiftly and efficiently hit the market by providing suppletive workforce in order to:

        - Benefit from the skills of Senior Sales resources without impacting budget;

        - Procure Transition Management;           - Sell the technology for real;         - Sign strategic partnerships;         - Create and Animate channel segments;         - Market Business Development strategy and more...


ERWOOD's portfolio includes: - GB & Smith (since Sept 2010): Global Business Developer

- Librelio (2011): Business Referral

- (1st Semester /2010): seller for this portal - WidgetAvenue (2009): Business Referral - Revevol (2008): BizDev & Alliances for Google Apps Ecosystem - Software AG France ( from 11/2008 till 6/2009: France & Italy SI Alliances Manager - Kalia Lei (2008): Alliances Manager for Communication Agencies;


Assistant Manager to the Business Development Manager

Walt Disney France

Conducted a project on a French Mobile phone


Start-up: Implementation of a Cable Channel in France

Survey for the build-up of a French Sci-Fi Channel



Arthur Andersen Audit

Auditing missions

Jan 2007Jan 2008

EMEA OEM Manager

Assima France Sas

Establishing connections with Top European software publishers to add our e-learning software bricks.

Jan 2006Dec 2006

EMEA Alliances & Sales Mger for Localization Product

Assima France Sas
Establishing Alliances (SI, Software publishers) + Direct Sales
Jan 2002Dec 2005

EMEA Alliances & Sales Manager

WizArt France Sas
Alliances (SI, Software publishers) + Direct Sales + Business Development + Marketing + Management
Jan 2001Dec 2001

EMEA Alliances & Sales Manager

WizArt UK Ltd
Alliances (SI, Software publishers) + Direct Sales + Business Development + Marketing + Management
Mar 1998Dec 2000

UK,Ireland& Nordics Country Manager

WizArt UK Ltd

- Sales (Cold phoning, demos, POC, Negos)- Management (junior sales + Tech resources)- Marketing operations (exhibitions,mailings,sponsoring)- Legal (contract drafting & reviews)