Ervin Moore


Career Profile

FYI, this is a career profile not a resume but a chronological and/or detailed resume is available on request accompanying your contact information and position description.This career profile is an effort to reduce time and correspondence for evaluating my candidacy.


Ervin, mission is to create a high-level of value throughout the organization as an individual and team contributor.During the times of economic difficulties and global tensions strong diverse leaders and focused visionaries continue to lead organizations to greatness.It is critical to think outside of the box, to look at different ways of doing business, to forge strong business relationship ties with clients and vendors.The true value of any organization is in the make up of their leaders who can foster a corporate culture encouraging new ideas and motivate people to continue with strong work ethics.


Ervin, objective is to acquire an executive-level leadership position in a solid company fostering a forward-looking proactive approach, where his leadership and problem-solving skills can be affectively utilized or a Strategist Evangelist championing business situation and developing business solutions with clear value proposition.The position would be responsible for fruition and directing programs that enable the organization to seamlessly transition to new integrated environments.The type of business should include cost reduction, productivity improvement, regulatory compliance and business expansion.Currently, Ervin and his family resides is in Texas (TX), but willing to relocate or telecommute to any city in the US for a stable permanent position.Also, willing to commute for executive-level Advisor / Consultant positions and/or interim CIO / CTO / COO / Enterprise Architect / General Contractor engagements. Basically, any title that equates to an IT executive-level position.

Ideal Job

Ervin, ideal job would consist of being a Technology Advocate accountable for planning, mongering, and directing activities and partnerships related to developing revolutionary applications and infrastructure in support of corporate strategies to gain competitive advantages.Providing direction, leadership and management of teams, including deployment and implementation of goals, policies, procedures, and operations for global technology solutions.Responsible for technology strategies and enterprise architecture across the organization and architectural leadership for projects with broad business impact.Developing the vision for future architecture in consultation with senior business people and technologists across the company and working with architects and technology groups throughout the organization to communicate and realize the vision.Basically, a CIO, CTO, or champion of an Enterprise Architecture Program Office (EAPO), contributing to increased productivity, cost savings, better decision making, and increased profitability.

Executive Summary

Ervin, has over ten (10) years of government and private sector fulltime employee (FTE) experience strategically leveraging technologies, and over ten (10) years of diversified business experience in the information technology (IT) consultancy field with technology architecture planning,compliance initiatives, business need assessments, staffing, application requirements, application scope, implementation management, IT audits, and information security professions. He functions as the Chief Architect responsible for leading the Technical Services practice and the IT professionals. During his business career Ervin has been exposed to a wide variety of business issues, computing platforms in a multitude of n-tier environments on micro, midrange, and mainframe computers.He is experienced in the design, control, security, and audit of information systems, decision support systems (DSS), business support systems (BSS), informational support systems (ISS), operational support systems (OSS), data and voice networks, firewalls, and commercial products.His demonstrated competencies include client relationship building, organizational design and turnaround, program and project management, cross-disciplinary development, problem solving for complex business challenges, and other enterprise architecture, risk management, and security consultative services.Ervin is a take-charge well-polished professional, extremely innovative, intuitive, motivated, and a disciplined self-starter with great people skills.He has delivered revolutionary products, solutions, and services spanning from young companies to large conglomerates.Ervin is highly proficient and has an exceptional degree of ingenuity, creativity, and a positive CAN-DO attitude!

Management Synopsis

Managed 35 headcount (excluding outsource resources) MIS team, yearly operational budget 15 million-dollars, three data centers with 24/7 operations.Managed 28 headcount national and international 24/7 operational support team, yearly budget 35 million-dollars.Managed 42 headcount international R&D and 24/7 IT service team, yearly budget 9 million-dollars.Managed 150 headcount national e-government development and support team for a five-year billion-dollar plus technology program. Managed 82 headcount infrastructure services team for a 350 million-dollar technology initiative.

Mergers & Acquisitions Synopsis

Managed a 63 million-dollar technology portfolio and IT organizational alignment for an acquisition & merger.Managed an 11 million-dollar technology portfolio and IT organizational alignment for an acquisition & merger.Managed a 187 million-dollar technology portfolio and IT organizational alignment for an acquisition & merger.Managed a 21 million-dollar technology portfolio and IT organizational alignment for an acquisition & merger.

Product / Service Development Synopsis

Architect for a Warehouse Management System (WMS), Material Logistics Management System (MLMS), and Trailer Management System (TMS) in the distribution and manufacturing space.Architect for a Shop Floor Management System (SFMS) and supply chain analytic solutions in the manufacturing space.Architect for Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Management (EM) solutions in the Retail, Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical space.Architect for an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) integration solutions in the energy and utility space.Championed and directed development of custom applications and COTS products, as well as integration of CRM, ERP, e-Commerce, and back-office component, products and solutions for many industries.Established workflows for operational controls and compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g. SAS 70, SOX, HIPAA, HL7, etc)

Key Career Accomplishments

·Provide leadership and strategic direction for the definition, design, implementation, and governance of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA).Directed e-Gov FEA Management Programs (FEAMP) and FEA Framework (FEAF) compliance initiatives (i.e. Clinger-Cohen Act (CCA), Government Performance & Results Act (GPRA) / Chief Financial Officers Act).

·Provided overall direction for information standards to promote consistent, integrated, cost-effective enterprise-wide systems; Implemented departmental policies / procedures and developed standardized methodology for systems development and cost reduction; Implemented technology roadmap and control mechanisms for IT, MIS, and R&D departments.

·Defined standardization strategies for enterprise systems and application architecture; Established and implemented best-in-class processes for monolithic EAI, BI, BPM, B2Bi, EDI, Legacy Elimination, and Legacy e-Transformation.

·Directed technology architecture standardization for a single metadata repository delivering a global business intelligence (e.g. enterprise reporting, data mining, cube analysis, ad hoc query, and report delivery / alerting) and data warehousing approach.

·Championed and implemented technology migration and enterprise integration roadmaps for emerging technologies (i.e., Services Oriented Architecture “SOA”, Web Services, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management) and other enabling technologies.

·Defined technology portfolio and IT organizational alignment for company mergers and acquisitions; Built PMO, EAPO and PS.

·Directed and assisted in complex audits of domestic and international computer installations with large, advanced computer hardware, time-sharing option facilities, telecommunications, and application systems’ database structures.

·Provided risk assessment competencies to analyze clients’ business and IT operations. This includes traditional risk analysis methodologies, control self assessment facilitation, funding and time phasing, and control design techniques.

·Evaluated work performance of staff and conducted detailed analyses; Developed and implemented information security compliance programs; Directed and performed security risk assessments for mainframe, midrange, micros, and in client/server computing architectural environments; Developed and implemented various ESM, company-wide Information Security, Internet Usage and Computer Anti-Virus vulnerability control policies, standards and procedures.

·Championed product development turnaround efforts for a startup organization.Implemented standardized process development procedures for hardware and software development.Led interoperability, standards, conformance, and compliance initiatives.

·Built a startup organizations entire IT infrastructure; Developed integration strategies and solutions with existing data / call center and back-office systems; Implemented advanced technology system methods and procedures throughout the enterprise resolving missed service level agreements (SLA), billing irregularities, and missed project deadlines.

·Developed numerous transition strategies for tightly coupled despaired and legacy systems; Designed and delivered architectural frameworks, business unit blueprints, and enterprise-wide integration solutions for industrial commercial products and services; Designed and implemented various HA storage solutions, EM solutions, ERP solutions, CRM solutions, SFM solutions, POS solutions, CPG solutions, VMI solutions, SCM solutions, and back-office components.

·Created a technology centric sales & operations planning (S&OP) process for demand-driven supply network (DDSN).

·Implemented technology roadmaps for an organization going through a technology overhaul as a part of its business intelligence initiative and other real-time, mission-critical web-centric solution to interface with financial and call center systems nationwide.

·Designed material logistics management systems (MLMS) and trailer management systems (TMS); Delivered the clients’ first commercial product in the warehouse management system (WMS) space and implemented at their customers largest manufacturing and distribution center; Developed functional system requirements for supply chain analytic solutions, e-Business / e-Commerce / e-Procurement conduits, and various upcoming development projects.

·Designed, developed and implemented various BSS, DSS, ISS, OSS solutions and revolutionary products for a five (5) year billion-dollar plus e-Gov (private sector e-Commerce equivalence) technology program that reduced operational staffing needs.

Industry Experience

Aerospace, Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Telecom, Utility.

Leadership Experience

Technology Innovations, Technical Prospective, Organizational Design, Organizational Turnaround, Strategic Planning, Optimizing ROI, Cost Reduction Strategies, Business Continuity / Acumen, Program Management, Customer Service, Knowledge Management, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Team Building, Managing Operations, PMO, and P&L

Roles / Positions Held

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Development Officer (CDO), Enterprise Architect (EA), Chief Technology Architect (CTA), IT Strategist, Partner, Principal, Management Specialist, Systems Developer (commencement)

Professional Experience

·Confidential; CIO / CTO, Vice President of Technology

·Telecommunications Org.; Enterprise Architect, IT Chief Technology Architect over Global Infrastructure Services

·Consulting Firm; Principal, Chief Architect over Business Integration

·Consulting Firm; Principal, Chief Architect over Enterprise Products and Solutions

·Government Agency; Management Specialist, Enterprise Architect over Enabling Technologies

Technology Portfolio

·Development Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, VB, Shell Scripting (Bourne, Korn, PERL, PHP), PL/SQL, 4GL, ESQL, Pro C

·Software: Microsoft (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Word, SharePoint), Visio, Interleaf, ERwin, CVS, PVCS, Cognos, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Rational Software, FileNet, Informatica, DSTWare, Citrix, Lotus Notes/Domino, Genesys

·Protocols: LAN (TCP/IP, Token-Ring, FDDI, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet VLAN); WAN/MAN (IP, DHCP, DNS, T1, T3, OSPF, Frame Relay, PPP, VPN, ATM); Other (TCP, UDP, HTML, XML, XSLT, LDAP, NFS, SS7, IVR)

·Integration Sciences: EAI, BPM, B2Bi, API, IPC, RPC, ORB, SOAP, UDDI, WSDL, CORBA, COM, .NET, JSP, PHP, MQ-Series, MOM, WebLogic, WebSphere, Vitria, TIBCO, Tuxedo, RIA technologies (Flex, Flash, AJAX)

·Monitoring / Management: Checkpoint, Apache, Netegrity SiteMinder, HP Openview, IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol, EMC Data Management, Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), Veritas File System (VxFS), SMS, Hyperion / Brio

·Methodologies: CMM, ITIL, Booch, Popkin, Zachman, FEAF, DoDAF, TOGAF, JAD, OOAD, PDLC, RAD, SDLC, UML, XP

·Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), Windows (XP, 2000/3), Mainframe (IBM OSx, MVS), Linux, VxWorks

·ERP / CRM: SAP, J.D. Edwards “JDE”, PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne “E1”, Siebel, Oracle Financial, Vantive

·Rules & Regulation: HIPAA, HL7, JCAHO, SAS 70, ISO, SOX, UL, FDA, RFID, EPC, ISO

·RDBMS: Oracle, Informix, Sybase, SQL Server, Server (TSQL), DB2, MySQL

·Computing Environments: Compaq, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, SUN, Unisys

·Voice / Data Environments: Avaya, Cisco, Nortel

·Security: DMZ, PKI, NAT, SSL, TLS, WTLS

·Storage: SAN, NAS, EMC Disk Subsystems


·Masters in Information Science and Technology

·Bachelors in Information Science and Technology

·Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

·Capability Maturity Model (SEI-CMM)

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2000 - Present

CIO/CTO, Vice President of Technology


Responsibilities for global IT strategic planning, alignment of IT plans to corporate strategy, IT governance, financial management of the IT resource, infrastructure operations, outsourcing, application development and acquisition, project and portfolio management, change management, staff and organizational development, disaster recovery, security, compliance, and contracting & vendor management.