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Erol User grew up in Istanbul, attending public school and then the private St. George’s Austrian High School. In 1979, Erol User enrolled in Istanbul University, ultimately graduating with a double major in finance and management. Moving to the United States, Erol User began studying business at Harvard University, earning a Master of Business Administration in 1986. After moving back to Turkey, Erol User served the Turkish government and in a historic motion, helped bring the prime ministers of Turkey and Greece together for the first time ever, an endeavor that earned him The Outstanding Young Person Award in the category of Contribution to World Peace. Erol User also worked for the World Bank Group and helped establish the Turkish division of Citigroup Inc. before joining USER Corporation, one of the largest lending banks in Turkey. Under the direction of Erol User, USER Corporation provides clients with advisory services regarding mergers and acquisitions, privatization, equity transactions, and debt finance. With vast sector coverage, USER Corporation assists clients in many industries, including textiles, real estate, finance, insurance, and food and beverage. With Erol User as President, USER Corporation has received Awards for Excellence in mergers and acquisitions from the European Marketing Research Center. In 2010, Erol User graduated from Vienna University of Technology with a Master of Science in Renewable Energy. He often presents speeches on energy-related topics. In a speech on sustainability, Erol User discusses the five sustainability principles: the material domain, the economic domain, the domain of life, the social domain, and the spiritual domain. Through a speech to the Vienna Economic Forum, Erol User addressed how to move toward sustainability, increase energy efficiency, and the security of energy supply. Additionally, Erol User touches upon alternative energy in his presentations, such as its potential in Austria. In his free time, Erol User enjoys reading, playing golf, and scuba diving. Erol User dedicates himself to philanthropy and directs his efforts toward global environment issues, children’s rights, and ethical economics, even publishing a book called Ethical Economy: A New Marketing Idea.

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