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Work History

Apr 1992Sep 2014

Body of Work


Film                                                                                                                                                              TAKE THE REINS             Beach Bystander                   Dir. Emma Barrett                                           Take the Reins Productions

AMERICAN BRED           Mob Henchman                      Dir. Justin Chambers -- American Bred Films   STATE OF DESOLATION  Zombie                                 Dir. Jim Towns -- Shadow Kamera Films      LOVE ADDICT                 Courtroom Spectator             Dir. Charis Orchard -- Love Addict Productions  MOB SHRINK                   Mobster                                Dir. Angelique Rockwood -- Cory Sandoval Films IRIDIAL                           The Traveler                          Dir. Doug Blackwell -- Iridial Productions           MIRACLE ARCHIVES        Journalist                              Dir. Dan Lawrence -- Miracle Productions           TWIN LOTUS                   Naked Factory Worker           Dir. Vasco Xii -- Twin Lotus Productions             LACK OF COCKERY         Theater Patron                      Dir. Josh Mitchell -- Wickid Pissa Productions   WE ARE ALL AMERICANS (AMERICAN HERITAGE PSA)                                                                              LET IT BLEED                   Bar Patron                            Dir. Ben Burke -- Torn and Restored Pictures       SHARKSKIN                     Deli Patron                            Dir. Dan Perri -- Pelican Productions

I LIVE FOR YOU               Mango Buyer #2                    Dir. Monika Lynn Wesley -- BZ Films  THE BANNEN WAY           Nicotine Anonymous Biker      Dir. Jesse Warren -- Sony Pictures MAN OVERBOARD            Concert Soundboard Tech     Dir. Oliver Robbins -- StoneBrick Pictures

DEMOLITION HIGH          Command Post Detective       Dir. Jim Wynoski                                     Artisan Home Entertainment

FROM DUSK 'TILL DAWN   Bar Patron/Stunts                 Dir. Dir. Robert Rodriquez                Dimension Films                                                                                                                                         ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEXT CRAZIES   Mental Patient     Dir. Rane Sevin                    Hopping Goblin  Productions                                                                                                             LEAVING LA/Intermission                            Homeless Man                    Dir. Tom McLaughlin          Warner Brothers

THE ROCKFORD FILES/If the Frame Fits    Homeless Man                   Dir. Jeannot Szwarc -- CBS

MURDER SHE WROTE/Nailed                     Party Guest                       Dir. Anthony Shaw -- CBS  Webisodes                                                                                                                                        Micro-Chip Jones (Chess Match Spectator)                                                                                                   Grace from Above (Wedding Guest)Post-Hollywood Spoof (Hidden in the Heart of Texas)"Naked Director"                                                                                                                                                     Music Videos                                                                                                                                              "Yard Sale"Neon Hitch(Featuring Jenna Jameson)*Yardsale Oddball                                                     "A Midsummer Evening"Yann Tierson(Featuring Andy Dick)*End of World Thug                            'Truck Stop Gospel 'Parker Millsap*Trucker Congregant


Nov 1978May 1980

Hollywood High