Ernesto Jessurun

Senior ict administrative employee

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2013 - Present

Administrative employee Backoffice technical support


The main activities consisted of managing orders that are problematic to the clients of KPN.  I analyzed, detected and resolved problems for the clients to further the process of them being fully connected to the KPN network. Unique cases need unique solutions and that is what I do for the clients. I do it with care.

Jun 2010 - Nov 2010



As an intern I was involved in the full production process of an educational television quiz for kids named Avastars Live. In the months leading up to the live shows I organised auditions, preserved contact with stakeholders and was tasked with the aquisition of props for the live show. I monitored the daily ratings of the show and during the live process I was instructed to make the call sheets and support the general production process.

Sep 2008 - Apr 2009

Customer Support employee


Inbound Support desk.

 Inbound support employee for a housing corporation. Activities consisted of making payment settlements for clients with due rent and I supported the customer when they called in with questions.

I handled all sorts of problems for the client. The main goal was to do whatever we could for the client with all the tools we had to our disposal. I had an administrative function where I logged al my incoming calls in the system and organized them for future reference. 

Jun 2002 - Feb 2003

Callcenter agent

Tele experience

Outbound sales representative. I was selling subscriptions to potential customers for newspapers, internet providers and mobile phone companies. 

Apr 2004 - Jan 2007

Promotion team member


We were a team of friends working for the popular DJ/MC duo called The Partysquad. Work came down to handing out flyers at parties and events as well as making photos and atmosphere reports about said parties.

May 2005 - Jan 2006

Callcenter Agent

Call4u B.V.

Activities consisted of approaching potential B2B customers in order to recruit them for new jobs. A headhunter of sorts. Trying to get potential employees to ply their trade somewhere else.


Sep 2006 - Jul 2012

HBO Communication, Media and Music


I have a professional secondary level of work and perception though I did not graduate fully. 

Sep 2006 - Mar 2008

Propaedeutic Diploma


I Succesfully attained my Propeadeutic Diploma by passing all my exams and projects of the first year in college.

Aug 2000 - Jul 2005

HAVO Diploma

Scholengemeenschap Reigersbos

I succesfully graduated on a Higher development level. This diploma enabled me to directly go to college.




Customer-facing applications, customer-touching applications, Customer-centric intelligence applications. I am able to understand and use these methods and systems.

Microsoft Office

I am able to process and edit documents using all tools available by Microsoft Office

Video editing

I am able to make videos with a semi-professional camera and edit those videos with the program Final Cut Pro.

Character Skill set

I am socially adept and I have strong communication skills. I am able to implement various marketing tools when needed. I can play in to the needs of the customer and provide quality support. I am equipped in spotting the possibilities for cross and up selling new services or products. My focus in the work field is always pointed to serving the customer.