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To created a visually pleasing and informative online portfolio for potential future employers.


Welcome to my professional online portfolio. My name is Erin Mungo and I am Longwood University Graduate with a degree in Communication Studies and a concentration in Public Relations and Organizational Communication. The purpose of this online portfolio is to give potential employers a chance to see some of my hands-on work from my college and internship experience, get a better idea of who I am as a person, and to view my most up to date resume all in one easy and convenient place.

Personal Logo

As you can see, my personal logo that I chose is a sandcastle. When I was thinking about my personal work ethic and what I value in professional work settings several themes became apparent; first, as individuals we can only do so much, but as a team working together, we can accomplish so much more. Working in team-oriented environments is very important in today's workforce; knowing the importance of team work, how to work well with others and being able to compose effective solutions are vital to public relations, event planning, and any other occupation that deals with clients. This importance is represented in my logo through the individual grains of sand that come together to make a masterpiece: the sandcastle.

My second theme is balancing structure and creativity. When tackling a task professionally, I envision a solution that is both creative in nature and structurally sound, meaning the idea is "out-of-the-box," or at least thought of from a different perspective that one would assume, and that common sense is used when determining the solution or idea. By common sense I mean that the solution fits the circumstances, appeals to or addresses all parties involved, and is plausible. This is represented in my logo through the image of the sandcastle with a strong base, beautiful structure, and creative design.

Enjoy perusing through my professional online portfolio. For a list of references, questions, or comments feel free to contact me. My contact information is listed above. Thank you!


Aug 2007May 2011

Bachelors Degree of Art

Longwood University

Within my major, I concentrated in Public Relations and Organizational Communication.

Sep 2003Jun 2007

Honors Degree

Smithfield High School


Bill Stuart

Lois Chapman

Judy Winslow

Constance Rhodes

Professional Portfolio

Work experience

Oct 2011Present


Smithfield Inn Bed & Breakfast
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I am a very organized person which helps me to be efficient and remain on task.
Microsoft Office
I have used Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel extensivly since high school. I also completed a computer class during my sophmore year of college where I was taught how to successfully utilize each program within Microsoft Office.