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A print journalism major at Hofstra University, I spend a lot of time researching, reporting, conducting interviews, taking pictures, attending various campus events, and writing articles.  This semester, in addition to an advanced news writing and reporting course and a copy editing class, I am taking photojournalism.  Through these class, I have been constantly improving my journalistic insticts and abilities.  Photojournalism in particular has been a growing focus of mine as my future career goals develop.  Some of the photographs I have taken (many more will be added as time goes on) can be seen at

Writing and taking pictures have been passions of mine since I was a young girl.  Deep down, I always knew that I wanted to do both for a long, long time, and as I prepared for college, I made attending a school with opportunities to both write and take pictures a priority.  During the application process, I visited countless schools of all sizes in all environments, including everything from large urban schools to small rural schools before choosing a mid-sized suburban school.

The first few times a friend or acquaintance asked me why I came to Hofstra University, I was unsure of how to answer.  What drew me to school was a multitude of factors that I still have trouble putting into words that are wholly coherent and make sense.  I liked the size (roughly 13,000), the location (just outside of New York City), the campus, my acceptance into Honors College, the somewhat hefty scholarship I was offered, the people I encountered during campus visits, and many other small factors, most of which were shared by other schools I was accepted into.  Maybe it was the over 200 majors offered- just in case I changed my mind about journalism.  Maybe it was the fact that I would be close to three hours away from home but with a good public transportation system to take me home when I did not have a car.  Or maybe it was the moment of recognition I received during an Honors College accepted students dinner for a position I held in high school.  The truth is Hofstra was always more of a safety school for me.  I never doubted I would get accepted, but I also never really planned on pursuing it.  Yet somehow it is where I ended up, and I am enjoying every minute of it.  If I could go back two years, I would have told myself well before April 28 (two days prior to the May 1 deadline) to relax, take a deep breath, and mail Hofstra my deposit.  One thing is for sure: it would have saved me a lot of stress and college worry time.


Aug 2006Present

Bachelor of Arts

I am currently a second-year student with junior standing at Hofstra University on Long Island in Hempstead, New York.  I expect to graduate in December of 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Print Journalism and a minor in English.

Work experience

Feb 2006Present


Ruby Tuesday's

As a high school student, this was my third job in a restaurant, the first two at Friendly's and Happy Days (a privately-owned diner).  A minor when I began working, I could not legally serve alcohol, and thus only hosted.  Once I turned 18, however, I began serving, working in the "tue-go" position, and as the "expo," a position that requires one to make sure every order that comes out of the kitchen is made to order and goes to the correct table.  I also bartended on a Saturday when the restaurant was extrememly understaffed.  Currently, I switch between all of these positions, working during my summer and other semester breaks when I am home from college.

Sep 2006Present

Resident Safety Representative

As a Residential Safety Representative (RSR), my job is to sit in the RSR booth in a dormitory and sign in all visitors.  There are RSR booths in every residential building with at least one RSR on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Feb 2008May 2008

Student Aide

I work as a student aide for Professor Kristal Brent Zook, an award-winning journalist who came to Hofstra in the fall of 2007 after working as an Graduate Professor of Journalism at Columbia University.  Other than run errands and assist in preparing video materials for her classes, I organized her entire professional portfolio and list of several hundred sources and contacts.  I also aided in updating her personal website,

Apr 2003Aug 2006

Student Youth Consultant

Chester County Health Department

Under the direct supervision of Scott Viola, a "Tobacco Enforcement Officer" (also a patrolman for the Sadsbury Township Police Department in Chester County, Pennsylvania), I aided in testing the compliance of various cigarette vendors, including convience stores and pharmies, to tobacco sale regulations.  Specifically, I travelled to different parts of Chester County with one to two other youth consultants and Officer Viola and attempted to purchase tobacco products.  The goal was to make sure all merchants were carding all cigarette consumers who appeared to be under the age of 27, for it is illegal to sell tobacco products to persons under the age of 18.  If a clerk sold me cigarettes, Officer Viola would write him/her and the store each a citation.  On two occasions, I appeared in county court to testify against defendents who sought to fight their citation.

Published Articles


HTML code
I have basic knowledge of HTML code, learned through a computer science course I took.  Currently, I am helping to update a professor's personal website using Notebook++ and writing HTML code.
French Language
I took five years of French in middle school and high school.
Microsoft Office
I have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  I also have basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook and Access.