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Work experience



Jefferson County Public Schools

Moore Traditional School

Teacher - Comprehensive Education, Special Education, English-Language Learners

Subjects: Science, Reading and Literacy

  • Team Leader
  • Experiential Education/Field Trip Coordinator
  • Environmental Education Program
  • Outdoors Club Sponsor
  • Archery Coach

Home/Hospitalization Teacher

Teacher  - Serve as teacher of record for students on extended home/hospitalization leave from school

Subjects: Science, Social Studies, Math , Language Arts, Reading, Special Education


Science Teacher

The Lincoln Foundation

Science  Teacher - Educational Clinics

Teach science enrichment classes to academically talented, economically disadvantaged seventh grade students in the Louisville Metro area.


Aug 2010Present

Masters of Arts in Teaching

Bellarmine University

Dual Certtification in 5-9 Science and Social Studies

Program Emphasis in Multicultural Education

4.0 GPA

Aug 2003Dec 2008

Bachelor of Arts

University of Louisville

Honors Program

Dean's List 

Dean's Scholar

Graduated with Honors

Letters of Recommendation

Certifications and Transcripts


Teaching Qualifications

  • Master of Arts in Teaching degree - awarded May 2012
  • Certified to teach Middle Grades Science and Social Studies (5-9) 
  • Highly Qualified to teach Social Studies (K-12)
  • Two years full-time classroom teaching experience upon completion of 2011-2012 school year

Philosophy of Education

I wholeheartedly believe that every child can be a successful lifelong learner. It is my goal to nurture this desire to acquire new knowledge and skills by providing student-centered educational opportunities for my students. I think that students learn best by “doing” and that their educational experiences should be social in nature. In summation, I believe that learning should be a reflection of life.

As an educator, I act as a guide to facilitate the learning process. My role is to encourage, ask guiding questions, and clarify misconceptions. I do not lecture or require students to simply regurgitate facts. I help my students to develop innovative problem solving and critical thinking skills – the very skills necessary for success in our rapidly advancing global marketplace. The role of a student in my classroom is to actively engage in their own education process, by deciding what he or she would like to learn about and by what means. It is my goal to foster in my students a love for learning and exploration. The way that I fulfill this is through student-centered, inquiry-based teaching techniques. I encourage students to ask questions and seek answers through personal research and experiential education. I nurture the innate curiosity in every child.

I believe in holistic education which not only cultivates intellectual growth, but emotional and spiritual growth as well. Learning must be connected to real life experiences and must be inspiring and appropriately challenging. I believe that true education cannot take place when subject matter is separated from its social and societal consequences, which is why I continually ask my students to reflect on their learning and personal growth. I assist students in setting and meeting personal education goals.

When students learn as part of a community, not only do they learn how subject matter affects themselves and their classmates, and how they affect the world around them, but they also learn about social roles. Every student has an important role to play both inside and outside of the classroom. I seek to help every student find their passion and voice so that they may undertake an indispensible role in our classroom community.

I provide opportunities for student-directed learning by helping children to discover personal and real-world connections to subject matter. By focusing on group work, hands-on activities, and creative projects, I provide students with the ability to form an understanding of subject matter which goes beyond just rote memorization and recall; to work well with peers, and to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, all of which are critical elements of being a productive, contributing member of society. It is my goal that my students develop the cultural competency and communication skills necessary to be successful global citizens.

Awards and Grants

TERC Grant, 2011

Assessing Science Ideas (ASI) Grant provides professional development and content enhancements that support science learning of middle school students with executive function learning disabilities.

TEACH Grant, 2010-2011, 2011-2012

Educational grant awarded to educators teaching a high need subject area in a low-income, Title I school.

Kentucky Colonel, 2006

Inducted into the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels for service to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

University of Louisville Tuition Scholarship, 2003-2007

Academic tuition scholarship


Kentucky Legislative Research Commission (LRC) Internship, 2006

Full-time legal research intern for duration of the 2006 Legislative Session; appointed to the Environment and Natural Resources and Energy Committees

Kentucky General Assembly Internship Program, 2005

Intern to Senate of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the duration of the 2005 Legislative Session

Kentucky General Assembly Internship Program, 2004

Intern to House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for the duration of the 2004 Legislative Session

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

  • Kentucky Education Association (KEA)
  • National Education Association (NEA)
  • National Science Teacher Association (NSTA)
  • Kentucky Academy of Science (KAS)

Related Experience

YMCA Camp Piomingo, Summer 2010, Fall Outdoor Education 2010

Program Director

  • Staff Development / Supervision
  • Outdoor education and Experiential learning

Living Bliss Wellness, 2008-2010

Owner, Consultant, Instructor

  • Raw/vegetarian/vegan catering, consulting, and personal chef
  • Yoga Instructor - after school enrichment yoga and meditation for children with ADD/ADHD
  • Lecture Series

Bluegrass Academy Preschool, 2003-2007

Lead Teacher, 3-4 Year Old Mixed Age Class

  • Curriculum design and Lesson planning
  • Subjects taught: Reading, Math, Spanish

Professional Development

Over 100 hours of professional development during two years teaching experience.

October 2010 - Science Notebooking Strategies; 2 hours

November 2010 - Teaching Earth History; 8 hours

December 2010 - Using the 5 E's in Science Inquiry-Based Instruction; 1 hour

February 2011 - Teaching Earth in Space; 8 hours

May 2011- Implementing Technology in the Classroom (TIP); 6 hours

March 10-13, 2011 - National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) National Conference; San Francisco, CA

April 2011 - Outdoor Education; 4 hours

April 2011 - A Day at the Zoo; 6 hours 

Curriculum and instruction on animal habitat and animal behavior

August 2011 - Organizing the science classroom; 7 hours

August 2011 - CARE for Kids; 7 hours

Building relationships and fostering a positive learning environment

June-December 2011 - TERC Grant; 18 hours

July 29, 2011 - MAGIC in the Middle; 6 hours

New Middle School Kentucky core content standards

September 2011 - CARE for Kids, 1 hour

November 10-12, 2011 - National Middle School Association (NMSA) / Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) National Conference; Louisville, KY


Vicki Lete

Principal, Moore Traditional School

[email protected]

6415 Outer LoopLouisville, KY  40228


David Primm

Assistant Principal, Moore Traditional School

[email protected]

6415 Outer Loop

Louisville, KY  40228


Deborah Sanning

School Based Staff Developer, Analytical and Applied Sciences

[email protected]

6415 Outer LoopLouisville, KY  40228


Jim Whitworth

Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST) Mentor, Jefferson County Public Schools

[email protected]