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"Big Get" Interviews

People of the Web - videos

As seen on...

Writing Samples

Yahoo News: Breaking News Blog

My role: Blogger, Co-project manager; worked extensively with the front-page programming team to gain promotion on

Sarah Palin: A drag on the ticket? What's with those polls? Obama: One of the cool cats?

Princess Leia hologram reporting for CNN!

States to watch on Election Day

OMG!'s A-line fashion blog

My role: Contributing blogger*

*note use of middle name on byline

Fashion has got a brand new bag

Maria's next acting gig: cartoon character

Yahoo's Year-In-Review

My role: Guest writer for project

Year In Review: Politicians

*a few notes for Chris

As we discussed, many of the original places these videos lived have gone away due to site migrations, etc.  The thumbnail pictures on this page will link-out to the archive pages that are still in tact.

I've also written notes to explain some of our thinking behind the content we created and whether or not we were successful.

I know you wanted to make sure it was clear what my role was in each project, so I've included that in the notes as well.

Happy navigating!