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After working in the professional broadcasting world for almost 4 years now, I gotta say, I've found my calling. I began as a simple sales assistant and I started adding hats from there! Front desk receptionist part time in the mornings, marketing consultant, on-air talent, voicing commercials, and even dabbled a bit with promotions. If the printer is broke, for some reason I am the one who always know how to fix it...when a sales rep doesn't know how to double space...I show them....Oh! I also shovel the sidewalks when it snows and will start re-painting the station soon....Just planted some flowers out in front of the station, too! Just call me Erin Doeseverything Shae!

Even with my part time job I can't get away from the microphone. I host Team Trivia and Team Feud at a few bars around the area. It's always nice to hear how I make the night fun and play great music. Just bought a DJ mixer and working my way into that realm as well.

Work History

Matrix Broadcasting

Jan 2013Present

Executive Assistant/Sales Assistant/ Marketing Consultant/Graphic Designer/ On-air Personality/Receptionist 

On-air Saturdays 8a-1p. It's a classic rock station so I play plenty of Aerosmith, Skynard, Tom Petty, Queen, ect...We also have Alice Cooper on at nights, so that's pretty sweet! But that's not the only hat I wear at the station...I also help out the sales reps here by writing up contracts, writing scripts, putting together proposals, voicing commercials, etc.. Then I have my own clients I sell to in which I do about the same tasks. I'm the upfront receptionist 8a-12p, then spend the rest of the day prospecting new clients and being the right-handed woman to the GM.

Team Trivia, Inc.

Mar 2014Present

Trivia Host

I am currently hosting a few different shows around the Northwest Suburbs...Team Trivia, Team Feud, Toxic Trivia, Team Bingo..... In the past, we were doing Toxic Trivia, which is basically like adult trivia. A lot of fun, but then the bar switched it to Team Feud (which is basically like Family Feud but in a bar). I also host Bingo a few times in which I call the numbers using a Bingo Caller on my computer. Pretty simple, yet fun!

Buzztime Trivia

June 2012July 2013

Trivia Host

I got people super excited about playing some stumping trivia at Dave and Busters. With my comedic timing, annunciation, and dynamic voice, I read the questions over a stereo system and kept track of the scores while also playing DJ.


June 2011Jan 2013

Night Manager

I made the tastiest sandwiches you could ever imagine. Was an exceptional night manager making sure everything ran smoothly and oversaw a few employees. I got the store closed at night by myself without burning it down. 

Journal Broadcast Group

Jan 2011May 2011

Television Intern

I interned at TMJ4's, The Morning Blend. I did various tasks such as greet the guests and bring them back and forth to the studio. I made sure all the video clips got up on line after the show, as well as make sure the show was logged and burned to a disk.


Aug 2007May 2011

Shift Manager

I worked at a dining hall on my college campus. I was in charge of the student's who also worked on my shifts. I trained them, worked the pizza station, deli, and grill. I cleaned and maintained the dining room, and helped when necessary in the dish room. Also kept the full-time staff entertained!


Bachelor of Arts - Broadcasting

For  four years, I co-hosted an entertainment show called "One Heck of a Week"...basically a celebrity gossip show complete with a panel at the end. I also worked with MUTV News anchoring on camera as well as taking the role of weatherwoman once in a while. Not only am I familiar with being on-air, but I also worked in the control room in different roles.

I took several broadcasting classes perfecting my skills. 


I enjoyed playing rugby my freshman year and being a part of Women’s Empowerment group where I took part in the Vagina Monologue’s all four years and served on the executive board of the Gender Sexuality Alliance as treasurer and president.  

Master of Uniforms

Took me a while to figure out how to dress myself after graduating....since I heavily relied on the stylish uniforms I wore every day at this private school. 


I am a Traffic Director for Matrix Broadcasting LLC for WZSR and WFXF in Chicago.  I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Ruckoldt in a variety of marketing roles in our office.  She has been an outstanding sales representative in both direct sales and sales support for our team.  She is extremely positive, innovative and tireless in her approach to promoting our stations.

We are very deadline driven and must be flexible in our approach.  She is unflappable even in dealing with last minute requests, changes to orders or needing to be available for appearances.  She is genuine in her dedication to do whatever it takes to make “it happen”.  She is a team player and her energy is contagious. If something needs to be done whether it be shoveling the sidewalks, planting the flowers out front, or painting the bathrooms here at the station, she does it without hesitation.

Ms. Ruckoldt is an asset to Matrix Broadcasting LLC and to our team at WZSR and WFXF.  I believe she will be an asset to any business  she has the opportunity to work with.  Please feel free to call me at 708-567-9800 or email to [email protected].  I would enjoy discussing with you any questions you have.


Paige McCrory

Traffic Director




For several years, I have worked closely with Erin Ruckoldt, who carries many positions here at the radio station and outside of the radio station!  Her work ethic is superb, as well as, her character!  If I was a business owner, she is definitely someone whom I would want working for me!  Please feel free to reach out!


Carla Coulter

Senior Marketing Consultant 

Star 105.5 & 103.9 the FOX

Direct - 815-455-8969

[email protected]





I have had the pleasure of knowing Erin Ruckoldt for the past three plus years in many capacities. I work with Erin at Matrix Broadcasting/ Star 105.5 & 103.9 The Fox.

Erin is a goal driven individual that pays attention to detail. Her common sense and research skills have enabled her to handle any situation. Erin is an empathetic and caring individual who is always willing to listen and offer any help. She exhibits a great amount of energy and creativity.  I hold Erin in high regard and am confident that the skills referenced above would make her an excellent addition to your team

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Yvette Winnecke

Marketing Consultant

Matrix Broadcasting/ Star 105.5 & 103.9 The Fox





MOST OF THESE ARE OLD! But I still wanted to share them.

Random videos I was either in, wrote, directed, or filmed for various things.....mostly all of them back in college. My on-air presence as well as professionalism (and style) has greatly increased since then!

Commercial Demos

Graphic Designs

Random things I created from posters to online flickers.