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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

VP, Systems Integration

Dynamic Connections LLC

Developing prototypes and systems of new technologies and applications in the areas of biotech, alternative energy and RF.

* Developing various structures that generate high intensity rotating electric fields in RF frequencies

* Planning prototypes for novel energy harvesting systems

* Participating in development of theory for alternative energy applications

* Developing the IP portfolio

* Evaluating RF simulation tools such as Ansys HFSS and CST Microwave Studio, data acquisition hardware and software such as National Instruments LabView, RF circuit components and lab equipment such as Network Analyzers and Arbitrary Waveform Generators.

Jun 2009Dec 2009

Verification Consultant

Designing OVM based verification components in System Verilog.

* Built bus functional models in System Verilog

* Performed testing with RTL IP and Cadence bus functional models

* Performed compliance tests in Cadence CMS environment

Oct 2003Jun 2009

Director, Systems Engineering

BioVitesse, Inc.

Developed the control and measurement system for rapid detection of live bacteria. The accomplishments included design and development of electronics circuitry and printed circuit boards, development of the prototype software, development of the system architectures and supporting the implementation while interfacing and coordinating with software and hardware engineers, device engineers and mechanical engineers in addition to potential customers and venture capitalists. The system architecture included microfluidics valves, pumps, mechanical slides, pressure and flow sensors on the fluidics side and off-the-shelf controller boards, custom boards for control and measurements and wiring on the electronics side. During this time, work was closely coordinated with mechanical design of the system enclosure and testing of the system was part of the responsibilities both in the lab and customer environments. Further accomplishments included development and maintenance of licensed and company intellectual property including patent applications and responses to office actions in cooperation with patent attorneys and other inventors.

Mar 1996Jan 2003

MTS Design Engineer

Advanced Micro Devices

July 2002 – January 2003: Technology development for a variety of I/O and data processing cores with the purpose of integration in low power 32-bit MIPS processors. May 2000 - July 2002: InfiniBand (IB) and 1/10 Gbps Ethernet project manager * Successfully lead a multi-division team that evaluated and proposed company strategies in the area of server connectivity and IB networking * Led the architecting of an IB Host Channel Adapter plus 10 Gbps Ethernet MAC / TCP/IP accelerator core for integration into a CPU or memory controller * Developed compliance and interoperability standards as AMD's voting member in InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) Compliance and Interoperability Working Group (CIWG) * Led the interoperability subgroup and interacted with select engineers from more than 30 companies to develop a compliance and interoperability standard June 1998 - April 2000: Development of single-chip 12-port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switch ASIC with a 1 Gbps Ethernet port and an expansion port * Successfully participated in architectural development, RTL design, synthesis and block/system level verification * Led and participated in the team that designed and verified one of the four major blocks (including the synthesis and cell placement of the block) * Led and participated in the team that performed chip level verification with random tests and industry standard stress tests * Supported the design team on the architecture, brought new team members up to speed, gave tutorials and presentations on the architecture and design March 1996 - May 1998: Development of 24-port 10 Mbps Ethernet switch ASIC with two 100 Mbps Ethernet ports, one management port and an expansion port * Performed the architectural modeling and performance analysis of the switch * Participated in RTL design, verification and synthesis of the blocks * Led and performed the chip level verification with random and industry standard stress tests * Gave technical presentations on the architecture and functionality of the switch

May 2000Dec 2002

Division Patent Advocate

Advanced Micro Devices

* Evaluated all networking invention disclosures and prioritized them for filing * Evaluated AMD networking patents for foreign submissions * Provided technical feedback to the Technology Law Department * Interfaced between the Technology Law Department and the engineering teams




California Institute of Technology


California Institute of Technology


Middle East Technical University


Results-driven engineering professional with extensive experience in chip design and systems engineering.

  • Inventor of 59 US Patents
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to perform efficiently in a large variety of roles
  • Exceptional presentation and communication skills
  • Experience in operating successfully within industry standards organizations and in geographically separated teams


Chandan Egbert

“Bahadir's strong analytical skills and his ability to delve into the root of a problem without losing track of the big picture make him an excellent engineer and problem solver.”

Peter Newton

“Bahadir was one of the best engineers that I worked with at AMD. Aside from finding creative solutions to challenging technical problems, he was always thinking about how to improve the overall product from a customer's perspective. He had all kinds of suggestions for improving performance, usability and cost, which made him a great asset. More importantly, he approached all issues and discussions with enthusiastic and cheerful optimism, improving the morale of the team and keeping the work atmosphere positive. I would both highly recommend him and gladly work with him again.”

Ching Yu

“Bahadir and I worked together at AMD in the Network Products Division. He was an outstanding and invaluable engineer. Bahadir excels in his own work as well as taking an active role in the overall welfare of the project and the team. He is highly technically capable and well trained at handling all aspects of ASIC design. Bahadir is very practical-minded and is good at applying his skillset in creating simple and yet elegant and always user-friendly solutions to problems. He works extremely well with everyone in the team and is truly caring and considerate. Bahadir will prove to be an extremely valuable asset in any company and will contribute substantially to its success.”

Laila Razouk

“Bahadir is simply one of the best! He is very capable individual with a well diverse areas of technical expertise at the architecture, chip, board, system, and software level. He also has a unique skill in the IP/patent area. In addiion to his technical knowledge, he is an excellent team player, very flexible, and very pleasant to work with. I'm fortunate to have him working wih me now in BioVitesse.”