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I'm taking up Japanese again! ^_^2007 - on going

Status:I have decided to start working on learning Japanese again after about a year of hiatus.  I had stopped because I think I had gotten burned out.  There's only so much of flashcards one can take!I am amazed at how fast it can all come back.  I  was using these flashcards and I needed something more flexible, so I did a Google search and found Flash My Brain. What I like most about it is how flexible it is. Hopefully I won't get as bored as quickly as with regular flashcards!I think what drew me back was that I have been taking a lot of general education courses, while talking and having discussions is all find and good, I think I needed to exercise a different part of my brain for awhile.A little about my skills:I am not fluent. My speaking skills are poorly since I have no one to speak it with but I can do simple sentences (X is Y, etc.) I've been mainly focusing on reading Kana and Kanji and vocab building. I definitely have the Kana learned as I don't need any sort of English phonetics to help me read my vocabulary words.

Pilates and YogaJuly 2008 - on going

Status:I started doing Yoga back in July '08 because I was sick and tired of feeling hunched over all the time.  I would go to the Chiropractor, I would feel better but for only  a day or  two. So I joined the YMCA and took a class at 6:15am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I did this until December when the weather was just too icky to drive down there. However, I still do it at home in my free time. Pilates is the next level after Yoga. I was working at the South Central College Bookstore and they had a textbook that I would see everyday. The pictures were great, the explanations were too so I said, "why not?" I try to do Pilates at least once a day for 10 minutes. My posture hasn't been this good since I was a child! I feel like I'm a foot taller and I wish I had started this stuff sooner.

Walking/RunningMay 2008 - on going

Status:I  had taken up walking a few miles in the mornings last Spring before it got too hot out.  I use a  Garmin Forerunner 201 that I had bought years ago and have finally put to good use!Between April and May '08 I had walked 89.79 miles and burned 18,044 calories. This year I am planning on beating that, to also incorporate running into my routine, and to use the social training website Dailymile to help me achieve my goals.

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Thank you for  taking the time to look at my VisualCV!It is still a work in progress, and will always be a work in progress.  Life is an ongoing project; this website will change and evolve as I do.  However, I do believe that I have the most pertinent information  up and available to you. I will keep adding more and more as the days go by!A Little about myself...I am currently enrolled at South Central College and working on completing the Associate in Arts degree.  Additionally, I have added a diploma for Administrative Assistant. After graduating, I plan on majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Japanese.  I chose Anthropology because I find humans to be so interesting.  Why do we do the things that we do?  Why are we the way we are?  The Japanese minor is because...well...I just think it's a cool language.  It's not a hard language, just different and I like different.  I love how complex our communication and ourselves are. 

I would like to someday either join the Peace Corps or teach English overseas.

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Work experience

Aug 2009Present


Just Art Pottery
  • Posted items to sell on
  • Uploaded pictures, added tags, entered in item descriptions, titles, and prices
  • Created an excel spreadsheet for products
Nov 2009Present

Seasonal Cashier

  • Operated cash register
  • Processed transactions with cash, checks, gift cards,coupons, and credit cards
  • Used the PA system
  • Answered customers questions
Jun 2010Present

Student Mentor

South Central College
  • Serve as the link between students, faculty, and staff
  • Provide support, information, and encouragement to students
  • Help students understand the challenges and opportunities of college
  • Administer for the Student Life and Healthy U Facebook pages
  • Tabled for Student Life at student orientations
  • Talked to students and faculty
  • Writer for the Student Life Facebook page
  • Collaborated for Student Life FAQ video shorts
  • Learned Adobe inDesign
  • Met and set up deadlines
  • Promoted and advertised to get new submissions and staff
  • Contacted student groups and faculty to submit content
  • Met at the set meeting times to discuss the next issue
  • Worked with faculty to promote new programs
  • Managed staff and suggested ideas for topics
Sep 2009Mar 2010

Search Engine Marketer

The New Media Group
  • Submitted Company Information to web directories
  • Entered directory information into Excel 2007
  • Set up accounts at Digg, Twitter, Yelp, Stumbleupon, Delicious, and
  • Posted ads to craigslist
  • Maintained 2 Twitter accounts
Sep 2009Mar 2010

Link Poster

  • Found news articles on the web and posted summaries with links to website.
Oct 2009Oct 2009

Seasonal Customer Service Representative

Costumes Galore
  • Answered Phones
  • Placed Calls
  • Helped customers place orders over the phone
  • Answered customers questions about products and their orders
  • Checked the status of orders
  • Order picked in the warehouse
May 2008Mar 2009

Overnight Stocker

Cub Foods
  • Answered customers questions
  • Stocked shelves and kept products looking orderly and neat
Jan 2009Jan 2009

Seasonal Cashier/Floor Person

South Central College Bookstore

Was only a temporary position during the semester rush.

  • Helped customers find their books and book reservations
  • Answered customers questions
  • Inputed financial aid charges
  • Operated cash register
Aug 2008Sep 2008

Seasonal Cashier

Maverick Bookstore

Was only a temporay positiond during the semester rush.

  • Helped customers find their books and book reservations
  • Answered customers questions
  • Operated cash register
Jan 2004Jul 2007

Assemby and Factory Reconditioning

Johnson Outdoors Inc.
  • Assembled trolling motors through the beginning of the process to the end
  • Trained new assembly workers in
  • Tested and troubleshooted during assembly and factory reconditioning



Working With People
Google Docs
Windows XP
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Office Groove 2007
Microsoft Publisher 2007
MediaFACE 5 Labeling Software
Microsoft OneNote 2007
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Infopath 2007


Microsoft Certified Application Specialist