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I have traveled through more than 40 countries as co-producer / interviewer on an international documentary series. I have founded a film company and directed documentary's for television and for the European Union. And I have started several iconic hospitality and event companies in Nicaragua. 

Work experience

Jan 2006Jul 2006

Internship Corporate Responsibility Project


I worked on a foundation 'De Slinger', encouraging citizens to do their social responsibility of improving society. De Slinger aims to connect and unite  citizens, companies and social organizations. 

Jan 2007Apr 2011

Co-producer/interviewer International Documentary Series; Future Express

Open Eye Filmworks

I traveled by train through more than 40 countries, interviewing co-travelers on their views on the changing world. 

Jan 2009Jan 2010


EH Film-works 

Founded EH Film-works for several documentary projects for television and for the European Commission. 

Sep 2011Jan 2014

Founder and general manager

Encuentros - Global Meetingplace

I founded and managed a hospitality business called Encuentros. A global meeting place with volunteers from all over the world. Encuentros has international cuisine, music and cultural events.  

Aug 2012Present

Founder / General manager

Beachclub Weekend

I founded and manage Nicaragua's most iconic nightclub; Beachclub Weekend. Located on the beachside of the Turistic Centre of Granada, Beachclub Weekend is the place for events with (inter-)national artists and bands, with up to 3000 visitors. Beachclub Weekend has between 25 and 35 employees, depending the season. 

Feb 2015Present


Global Link Tv

Still in its development, Global Link Tv is an online platform for storytellers all over the world, linking social media with public television. 

Aug 2014Present

General Manager / Event-organizer

E Entertaiment

E Entertainment is an event-production company in Nicaragua. It specializes in bringing international artists to iconic venues in Nicaragua. Currently E Entertainment is looking for possibilities to expand to other Central American countries. 


Sep 1999Jun 2005


Amersfoortse Berg

Pre-university secondary education.

Sep 2005Jun 2011

Bachelor Political Science

University of Amsterdam

WIth a major in Conflict Resolution. 

Jul 2010Jul 2011

Master of Peace and Conflict Studies

University of Sydney

Graduated with Merritt. I wrote my dissertation on; The role of the International Criminal Court on the ongoing peace-process in Sudan. 


Natural Leader

I am natural in taking the lead if necessary, but I am also a good listener and can work along with anyone. 


I have a lot of experience with creating and managing projects. 


I have a lot of experience with organizing events from the beginning to end phase.  

Editing and Design Software

I can use a variety of  Editing and design software as Final Cut X, Photoshop and illustrator. 

Communication Skills 

Excellent verbal and written communication. Throughout the years I built up a global network of friends and colleagues. 


I am fluent in Spanish, English and Dutch and proficient in German and Slovenian. 


Apart from being a natural-mediator. I have also specialized during my studies in conflict-mediation. 


Beachclub Weekend is Nicaragua's most iconic nightclub. We have regular international concerts with bands and artists.