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Personal Initiative

When I was writing The Walking Dead article, I tried contacting a couple of the actors on the show. I reached out to IronE Singleton, who plays T-Dog on The Walking Dead. I tweeted him and he tweeted back and gave me a link to set up an interview. I visited the link and sent him an email. I was really stoked, I prepared some really great questions for him. I mean, he is an actor on of the most popular shows on cable. The only problem is that I didn't receive the email for the interview until the day we published the paper. So, although I didn't get to put an interview with Singleton in the paper, I took the initiative and almost got the interview. 



Employed at Ohio Wesleyan

Employed at The Columbus Zoo

Mock Trial

2nd Semester Goals

For my second semester of Talisman I really want to help others. I meet deadlines, I get my pages done on time, and I produce what I believe to be quality work. The one thing I can fix in regards to myself is attention to detail. But my main focus will be to help others. I tend to get my work done quick and learn new skills fast, and I want to use this to help my fellow staff members as well. 

Staff Improvments

Attention to Detail:

As a whole, Talisman produces quality articles, catchy headlines and crisp looking pages. But we tend to leave out little things that can truly set us apart.Deadlines:

Talisman staff really needs to meet deadlines. People tend to forget that when you're working together like this, when you don't do something, we all have to make up for it.


I feel like the staff doesn't work together nearly as well as we could. If we communicated better and treated each other with more respect, I fell like Talisman would be a much smoother environment. I feel like the music is something that bothers a lot of people. We need some kind of system for playing music.


The best memory of Talisman this year was probably distributing the first issue of Talisman. It was cool to see everyone in the school so excited to see the paper that I was a part of. The best part about that was people complimenting my stories later after they read them.

That or all of the the times Bushra punches me....

Best Work

My top 3 submissions for this issue would probably be my article on The Walking Dead, the Rush album review and my design for the exchange students graphic. 

My first article "The 'Dead' Rise for third season... but not on dish" which can be found here was one of my best. I felt that for the first issue, the article really showed my strength as a journalist. I got some really good interviews and I thought I did a good job describing the show and getting people interested

The next article was a review called "Long awaited Rush album validates classic status" found here was another article I was really proud of. That article I did a lot of research on of my favorite bands. I didn't just throw out random things, I went out and researched the band and put the details I thought were most important. I was slightly critical of the band, but I also gave them lots of credit where it was deserved, which I feel is a journalists job. 

When I was designing page 8 of issue 3, I designe this graphic. I received the the pictures and the information for the people, but the graphic was very bland and wouldn't fit on the page the way it was set up. So I changed up the boxes and moved around the pictures. When the graphic was done, it fit on the page really way and looked really good, I was proud of it. 


Designing newspaper pages

Work experience

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Staff Writer

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Food Service

Ohio Wesleyan (Chartwells)
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Columbus Zoo
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