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Vice President/ Director of Operations

Strong Technology Background • Strategic Vision • Quality Emphasis • Vendor Management • Training Startup Operations • Solutions Focused • Multi-Product/Site Operations • Former Top Secret Clearance

I have over a decade of experience achieving amazing turnaround results in all aspects of Operational Leadership. I succeeded through a combination of process improvements, the strategic use of technology and inspirational leadership through my active commitment to excellence. Once a Combat Crew Commander for the largest nuclear missile in the free world, I am extremely familiar with large scopes of responsibility and completing demanding objectives within tight timeframes. And as a successful business owner, I understand the pressures of the different roles of ownership and Executive Leadership.

As a constant source of ideas that work, I am always pursuing innovative solutions to challenging problems; I have never sought to maintain the “status quo.” So if you find yourself spending too much of your time fighting fires to keep your business running, let’s have a conversation, because I make those fires disappear.

                  •Impressive Entrepreneurial & Startup Success

                  •Streamline Systems through the Smart Use of Technology

                  •Continual Process Improvement with a Bottom Line Focus

Key Skills:Keen attention to detail, though not a micromanager as a leader  Adept at performance management  Calm under pressure  Calculated risk taker  Communicates easily with people at all levels within an organization from a variety of backgrounds  Active listener that combines diverse ideas  Quickly adapts in challenging environments.

Work experience

Previous Experience Includes:

Applications Analyist Programmer, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

     Installed new technology to chop 6 weeks’ of data entry down to 12 hours.

Application Supervisor, Dodson Insurance

     Created Quality Circle from key business areas that solved a major operational bottleneck issue

     within 60 days with no money spent and an efficiency savings of 576 man hours monthly.

Brought project backlog from 2 months to 2 weeks using cross-functional matrix organizational structure.

Systems Analyist, Business Men's Assurance

     Created a solution to slash reporting time from 3 months to an instant response, building the first data

     warehouse for $100M company, with no prior experience and successfully converting it to a new platform. 

Data Processing Operations, Boeing Computer Services

      Leadership potential discovered early; within a week put in charge of entire data center with

      44 direct reports.

     Redesigned computer application and added an audit trail for Engineering leadership, saving 2.5 FTE

     and cutting cycle time 5-7 days of getting major product out the door. Saved the equivalent of $260K.

     With 24 FTE team, shot productivity up by 4 FTE, eliminated poor performers with no backfill. 

Captain, United States Air Force


Owner/ Principal

Cambridge Cabinetry, Inc.

Purchased and turned around underperforming business, boosting sales by 8% in 2011 in a greatly depressed market down an average of 27%.

Increased responsibilities of General Manager to include Business Development, resulting in joint venture relationships bringing in 28% of all business.

In an industry with little repeat customers, upsold client base to increase projects by an average of 10%, with up to 5 projects per customer. 

Built a loyal, dedicated team with 20% turnover in an industry with an average of 83%.

By focusing on quality, reduced defects by 75% within 8 monthsExpanded product base from 2 to 6 product lines.

Acquired new equipment to save 40% of key labor costsCut an extra 20 hours of monthly labor by purchasing a superior product. 


Account Manager


Brought 40 hours of work down to 8 hours within first 6 weeks by systemizing processes. Consequently able to take on 3 other assignments, performing the work of 2.5 FTE as a Subject Matter Expert in each subject.

Managed budgets up to $3M

Had deep involvement to provide metrics and key performance indicators, delivering them with 100% accuracy to critical pieces of enterprise operation.


Senior IT Specialist

IBM Global Services

Served as a Subject Matter Expert for a $5M IT platform switch.


Software Engineer


Completed an 8-month project in 5 months through smart leadership and team loyalty.

Personal expertise salvaged a potentially failed $4.5M database installation when there was no other option but to go forward.



Master's Certificate in Project Management

George Washington University