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Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Senior Director

Alliance Management

The principal objective of this position is to manage commercial and development-stage research & development alliances that arise from business development transactions with the goal of maximizing the productivity and effectiveness of those alliances and strengthening our relationships with our alliance partners.

May 2001Jun 2012

Senior Director, Global Marketing New Technology

Allergan Inc

Work in area of Neurology or Neurosciences assisting Allergan  in assessing business opportunities in the area of Neurology medicines and treatments.


Conduct the commercial forecast that leads Allergan to making a determination if certain investments in the Neurology space are a worthy effort.


Jan 1995Jan 1998

Master of Business Administration

California State University Sacramento

Completion of degree; original publication regarding graduation project which reflected primary market research about the importance of different company offered services by the pharmaceutical industry to physicians. both physicians and pharmaceutical sales representatives were surveyed as part of this research project and results were compared between the two groups to see what the sales representatives believed were the most important services they provided to physicians and what services physicians reported as being most important to them as received from the pharmaceutical sales representative. This research was published in Health Marketing Quarterly in Volume 17, Number 1 1999 under the title "Value of Services Provided by Pharmaceutical Companies: Perceptions of Physicians and Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives." The authors are listed as Ralph M. Gaedeke, PhD, Dennis H. Tootelian, PhD, Eric E. Sanders. The lit reference for this publication is "Health Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 17(1) 1999 by The Hawthorn Press Inc.

Jan 1990Jan 1992


University of Utah

Worked with Dr. Donald S. Strassberg along with other undergraduate students and numerous graduate students on primary market research testing the ability of men to suppress sexual desires, thoughts and feelings. This research was intended to help the criminal justice system in the evaluation of inmate release and / or rehabilitation related to crimes of a sexual nature.


A marketing and management professional with more than 20 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, Eric Sanders is based out of Newport Beach and works at Allergan, Inc. Sanders serves as Senior Director of Global Strategic Marketing at Allergan, with varied responsibilities ranging from developing business plans to assessing future neurology treatments. To prepare for his career, Eric Sanders enrolled at the University of Utah, where he focused on the field of psychology. He worked closely with Dr. Donald S. Strassberg, a professor of clinical psychology who regularly publishes on the subjects of sexual function and dysfunction, objective personality assessment, and cognitive therapy. As a result, Sanders performed primary market research testing to record the ability of men to suppress sexual thoughts, feelings, and desires, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Following the completion of his undergraduate work, Eric Sanders gained employment as a pharmaceutical sales representative from 1992 to 1995. He exceeded target sales objectives, earning the Rep of the Year award in 1994 and 1995, and then decided to return to school to earn a Master's degree. In 1995, Sanders gained acceptance into the Masters of Business Administration program at California State University, Sacramento. As a result of his studies, Eric Sanders co-authored the study, Value of Services Provided by Pharmaceutical Companies: Perceptions of Physicians and Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, which was published in the Health Marketing Quarterly in 1999. In preparation for writing the study, Sanders and his colleagues surveyed physicians and pharmaceutical sales representatives. The study compared these results to show the differences in the perspectives held by physicians and pharmaceutical sales representatives on the subject of services offered by the latter.An exemplary candidate during college and graduate school, Eric Sanders won admission to several academic honor societies, including Phi Kappa Phi and Golden Key. Today, he lives in Newport Beach, California, where he spends 10 hours a week volunteering with his local congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Spends about 10 or more hours per week volunteering for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Newport Beach First Ward. I currently am in charge of programs related to Provident Living. These include teaching those in the church and the community about being prepared for natural disasters as well as being prepared for a rainy day or times of financial hardship. The involves being prepared with supplies during times of emergency (batteries, water, snacks, battery operated radio, food storage, small amount of cash reserves, etc). I am also involved in supervising HAM radio volunteers who would serve as the communication link of the local church members in cases of emergency. I also work with those who are unemployed ensuring they have access to local employment resources in order to find and secure gainful employment., I am involved with fitness as an active participant and member of the No Excuse fitness gym in Newport Beach California., I am an active in cycling riding the trails of Newport Beach with special interest in the Newport Beach Back Bay trails, I have been involved in organizing volunteers for the someone cares soup kitchen in Costa Mesa, California.

Charitable Affiliations

Active contributor to the United Way Orange County chapter for the last three years and am currently a member of the Tocqueville Society with the United Way consisting of those who contribute $10k per year or greater., (I want to clarify one fact which should read appropriately. I have been a generous contributor to the Orange County United Way for three years, but it has only been this year that I started contributing over 10k per year, making me a member of the Tocqueville Society. Please make sure the bio does not read that I have been a 10k plus Tocqueville contributor for all three years. I have been a generous contributor for three years of which the most recent has been at the Tocqueville level), I have participated in the hearts and hands project which is a multi denominational project held at the LDS church on Dover road in Newport beach and I have been involved in this organization for the last 8 years, I have been a sponsor of the Orange County Down Syndrom Buddy Walk sponsoring Jenna Gorey (daughter of Sonja Gorey) for over 5 years and starting last year, I began sponsoring Connor Chiang (son of Tina Chiang).