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Presently serving as the CEO of redOrbit, Inc., Eric Ralls supplements a strong practical background in business with a long-time fascination in health, space, and technology. Ralls currently applies his zeal for these scientific topics to the internet portal, where visitors can read original content and news updates pertaining to technology, health, space, and science. Ralls’ website contains the latest in the fast-growing technology sector, ongoing space news, a range of articles about health, and the latest scientific developments. Content includes streaming videos, editorials and articles on diverse topics, and featured websites and blogs. Created with the user in mind, Eric Ralls’ enterprise was honored with the Outstanding Achievement in Web Development award from the Web Marketing Association in 2006. The accolade is awarded by judges from 96 industries around the world. For mobile users, Eric Ralls and his team have made the redOrbit app available for the iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platforms. Users are delivered the most up-to-date content wirelessly, offering a completely new way to view articles and videos on topics ranging from video games to astronomy. Prior to starting redOrbit, Ralls was the founder of another internet venture, the similarly focused He operated the company from 1997 to 2002 before founding RedNova, Inc. whose name was later changed to redOrbit, Inc. Eric Ralls is also a partner in Jackrabbit Energy, LLC, a clean energy company focused on utilizing wind power in the northern region of Texas. Ralls entered the venture to promote renewable energy that draws from existing potential energy without harming the environment. 

Work experience

Oct 2002Present


redOrbit, Inc


Thunderbird Business School


Vanderbilt University