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my eshop, investing, fitness (ie. cycling, swimming), music, traveling, etc 


To secure a position with a company where I can utilize my diverse experience and skills. I am seeking a position which will challenge me in some way, or enable me to develop my skills further, and which offers mobility or the opportunity for advancement.  


I am a business professional with a broad range of work experience. I have extensive experience here in the USA and from Central Europe in the areas of business start up and development, general management, project management, event management, marketing and sales, HR management (ie recruiting, corportate training & developent), and administration

I consider myself a dynamic individual, with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. I am a self starter, goal oriented, hardworking and able to handle stress. I have excellent interpersonal skills and find it easy to build and maintain good working relationships as well as influence and motivate people. I am reliable, organized, attentive to detail and always strive to be professional in both appearance and approach


Shinichiro Masuda

Ing Jitka Kotkova, MBA

MUDr. Jana Sklibova

Radek Kounicky

Jakub Holec

Stanislav Brhikova

Ing. Pavel Skrivanek

Martin Bergerova

Dr. Radka,MBA Bergerova

Work experience

Jan 2012May 2012

Event Manager

Prague Events
  • Organize events for the general public and companies
  • Responsible for conceptualization, organization and realization of events
  • Create idea or theme, decide on logo, website design, layout and collaborate with IT regarding web development and optimization
  • Search for venue and negotiate price, recruit and manage participants, assistants and outsourced help
  • Search for partners and sponsors, arrange meetings and present idea or vision, negotiate terms and conditions, close sale
  • Manage budget for overall production including venue, stage eqipment, photography and videography, participants, food and beverages etc.
  • Create and manage e-social networking, create and implement internet marketing and outdoor advertising campaigns and collaborate with media and press
  • Post production 
May 2011Dec 2011

New Business Manager

Full Attack, full service marketing & PR agency
  • Responsible for developing and implementing sales strategies for generating new business
  • Manage existing existing client databases and create new ones
  • Write and send business proposals to potential customers and existing clients, arrange meetings, give  presentations, negotiate, cloze 
  • Manage accounts and maintain good client relations 
  • Manage special projects and assist with PR events 
  • Liase aross all departments to ensure timely and quality services 
Feb 2011May 2011

Online Marketing Manager

Full Attack, full service marketing & PR agency
  • Develop and implement online marketing strategies for new and existing clients to increase brand awareness and generate new business
  • Responsible for tracking and evaluation of marketing initiatives and creating campaign strategies aligning with corporate goals 
  • Collaborate with designers regarding e-website presence and e-social networking, cooperate with the sales and client support teams and identify new online marketing opportunities and trends
  • Manage special projects, campaigns and assist with coordination of PR events. 
  • Assist with Translation and writing of  documentation, web content, and press releases
Jan 2005Nov 2010

Manageing Director, Corporate Instructor/Trainer

INPEX, training & development
  • �Provided corporate training and development in companies which included soft skills training and consulting, executive and life skills coaching and foreign language instruction speicializing in business English
  • Responsible for business start-up, development and business operations. Created company image through strategic branding, decided on website, wrote all web content and organized layout, collaborated with web developers on website and search engine optimization
  • Performed ongoing market research regarding educational and training services, cost anaylisis, industry trends and insights
  • Created and implemented marketing and PR strategies, sent proposals and negotiated contracts, competed in tenders, gave presentations, negotiated and closed sales
  • �Assessed clients' needs through questionaires and performance tests, organized small group language courses, 1-2 day soft skills seminars and half-day workshops. 
  • Personally taught  in more than 30 companies, recruited and contracted staff, other instructors, and trainers on a national and international scale, trained and managed entire team
  • Organized international business conference 'Business Economy Politics: the world situation 2009' for top executives
  • Managed accounts and maintained good client relations through ongoing feedback and follow up
  • Managed entire budget and all finances
Jun 2004Dec 2004

Corporate ESL Intructor/Trainer

Jipka - Jazyky
  • Taught individual and group English courses in Exxon Mobil and for the general public
  • �Course instruction and training in General English, Business English, English for Banking and  Finance, International Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Legal English and exam preparation  for  certicifates in English proficiency  
  •  Taught English for corporate soft skills such as Leadership Skills, Presentation Skills, Negotiating,  Time Management, Cross-Cultural Awareness, etc.  
  • �Assessed students’ needs, organize and prepare course content and material, monitor and    evaluate student’s progress through performance testing
Jan 2003Jun 2004

ESL Instructor/Trainer

  • Taught  English as a second language students of all ages and levels 
  • Taught weekend intensive courses for general public and in company Media Edge CIA
  • Instruction consisted of General and Business English,  English for Banking and Finance, International Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Legal English and exam preparation for certicifates in English proficiency  
  • Responsible to course administration including timetable, records of class activity and reporting to Director
Jun 2002Nov 2002

Sales Rep

SOMC Software
  • Sold state of the art home and educational software products via telephone.  Managed sales territory in southwestern US states and some other states utilizing existing account base.
  • Made calls and presented company and products, assessed customers‘ needs,  recomended appropriate software and closed sales.
  • Participated in bi-weekly sales and customer service tainings or workshops
  •  Trained, mentored and motivated new sales reps
Jan 2002Jun 2002

Appiontment Setter

Amazon Processing
  • Scheduled appointments for sale and servicing of  merchant accounts and electronic processing machines. 
  • Managed sales territory in California and some other southwestern US states prospecting for new accounts or utilizing existing account base
  • Made calls, presented company , products and services, assessed customers' needs and advised the appropriate equipment and/or service and closed sale of appointment.
  • Managed existing databases and generated new leads through various search strategies, performed cold calls, and followed up on exisiting leads or interested customers
  • Participated in frequent sales and customer service tainings and workshops
  • Supervised and coached new in house sales team members
Jun 2001Oct 2001

Customer Support Specialist

Kaiser Permanente
  • Handled medical enquiries by clients via phone and triaged calls acordingly.
  • Assessed clients‘ problems  and determined  urgency of call, processed clients‘ info and transfered calls to in house nurse or classified it as a 'call back' depending on urgency
  •  Processed new customer data, managed database, scheduled medical appointments for clients, submitted written reports to medical personnel

Market Researcher

LCG Telecommunication
  • Identified target companies, generated sales leads for company and made cold-calls to potential clients
  • Presented company and services and gathered info via phone,  scheduled appointments and met with business owners,  managers and other decision makers and also visited companies randomly. 
  • Conducted  effective interviews and/or competitive customer satisfaction surveys (questioniars), analyzed data and  reported to sales director.
  • Interfaced with senior management at LCG to develop short/long term organizational goals and objectives.